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[ORIGINAL]Tough Love [R][AB]
« on: Mon, Aug 01, 2005, 09:44 PM »
Author: Babydoll619
Title:Tough Love
Rating: R for language
Disclaimer: I own all characters. There are no vin-related characters
Summary: How it all begins. Cressy and Jason are being sent back to their past.
Feedback: ALWAYS!


      Two co-workers; Dr. Angelo and Dr. Kellison were working on an experiment. They work for a secret military force. They were cloning scientist; they never attempted to clone a human until the deaths of their wives. Dr. Angelo’s wife died giving birth to their daughter, whom died at birth. Dr. Kellison’s wife died in a car accident right after giving birth to their dead son. Both men were devastated; they became so dedicated to their work. Until months after, they found out with the blood DNA their wives left in the lab, their own blood and the body structure of the babies, they could clone their original children. First, Kellison volunteered to try it on his son.
      After few weeks of creating, Jason was brought home on July 18th. Jason had the ability to grow just like a normal human being. Four months later with all the appearance of a growing healthy baby boy, Kellison wanted to see if a girl would do the same. So Angelo agreed and on November 26th, Cressy was brought home. Three years of keeping the secret closed and kids separated; both men introduced their kids and observed their behavior.

Ten years later…. Cressy and Jason were taken away from their fathers’. The doctors had broken the rules. They weren’t supposed to experiment on humans not even on themselves. The men were killed and the children were taken away to special training. Cressy was sent to an all female dangerous elite school in California and Jason to an all men’s in New York.

Chapter One: Going back

*1000 hours; March 5th; twelve years later; secret location in California.*

   “Pvt. Angelo?” C.O. Lucent trying to spot her from the troop.

   “Yes, Ma’am?” saluting her.

   “AH, Pvt. Angelo, Excellent strategy yesterday with the night task! So your chose is to pick up your weapons of choice, head down to the dark testing unit. AND GOOD LUCK! We know you’re the sharpest and fastest from our troop. NOW GO SHOW THEM HOW FUCKING GOOD YOU ARE! Right girls?”

   “Go Angelo, Go” all in cheer and applauding.

   “Thank you, Ma’am! AND I will show them!” saluting and getting a gun, a knife and her night vision goggles.

After twenty minutes later….Cressy entered a dark facility.

*intercom* “Okay, Pvt. Give name, name of commanding officer and weapons of choice”

   “Pvt. Angelo, Cressy Angelo. Commanding officer Madam Lucent. Gun and knife.”

 *intercom* “Alright, testing will start in…ten nine eight seven six five four three two one… (Buzzer)”

      Cressy went through a dark faze, she turned on her night vision and began to hunt the enemy. She shot the cardboard enemies, stabbed the jump outs and attacked with bare hands (boxed); all acquired in the testing. She had beaten the record time every time she was tested. She was the top soldier and student in the school. Later that week, she graduated and went straight to the military unit where her father worked.

*1000 hours; March 14th; same year; secret location in New York.*

   “Private!” Major Hicks yelled.

   “Seems like you’re busted, Jason” soldier teasing.

   “Relax. Okay? I’ll be back.” Walking towards Major Hicks. “YES Sir!” Saluting him.

   “Walk with me!” they stepped outside to the forest. “Jason, you’re a bright man. You’re strong. Have a strong and great built upper body. You’re an excellent mind in school. In Fact, you’re actually graduating on top. You passed all tests and had beaten records that soldiers haven’t beaten in a long time…”

   “Sir! Excuse me for interrupting, but I know all of that. And I’m not quite getting your point!”

   “Yes…well, my point is that you’re being relocated back to where your Father worked. God bless his soul, anyways, his old team will be there waiting for your arrival and have a top mission for you. SECRET MISSION! CONFIDENTIAL!!!

to be continued...
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Chapter 2 rated R for language
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Chapter two: Reuniting

*1100 hour; March 20th; secret location between borders of Carolinas.*

Cressy walks into room 3456, where she sees Jason sitting at the table. They were both send there to meet Dr Sanders.

   “Excuse me! You don’t remember me do you?” a voice comes from behind Cressy.

   “No!” both said.

   “I’m Dr. Sanders! I worked with your fathers’ right before they died.”

   “Wait! What exactly did you work on with my father?” Cressy asked.

   “Cressy, I worked with them on everything! Well…up to their last three experiments.” Sanders saying calmly as possible, not trying to tell them the secret.

   “And what the fuck would that be?” Jason said rudely.

   “I’m not authorized to give that information. You will soon find out! This brings me to informing you to your mission!” Leading Cressy to sit down at the table with Jason. He gives each of them a folder containing their first of many missions. “As you know, we are the most dangerous organization of this country! We need two minds! Male and Female minds! You see there…the enemy has stolen a list of all illegal weapons and blue prints that lead to a highly private building that not even half of this organization knows where it is! The General has ordered you two to go in and come out with what we want back!”

   “Why? I mean why two people?” Cressy asked.

   “We checked all private military schooling and the two of you are at the top of your class!”

   “I have no problem with your chose but I can retrieve the weapons and prints by myself!” Jason turning towards Cressy.

   “Like hell you don’t! Who the FUCK do you think you are? You ain’t macho man! You fuckin’ ASSWHOLE!!!”

   “Mr. Kellison AND Ms. Angelo, please we both need you to do this! Work together or we will be forced to replace you.” Jason and Cressy turned to each other now knowing who each was. Sanders left the room leaving them to get acquainted.

    “So, little Cressy returns!” Jason said rudely. He puts his feet on to of the table and crossing them.

  “Good to see you too, Kellison!” Getting up and walking towards the window.

   “Whoa! No more Jason? Alright I can handle that!”

   “Look MOTHERFUCKER! I’m here to do the job alright! I DON’T need your fucking bullshit. WE are going to do this together! Whether you like it or NOT! YOU GOT ME?” still looking outside the window.

   “Yeah I got you! But it’s good to see you again.” Putting his feet down and starting to walk towards her. “So…what have you been doing?”

   “Training to be the best!” Turning to face him.

   “The best for what? I mean…”

   “What? You mean I can’t do what you do? For your information I’ve graduated early! I’ve directed all training missions! I’ve done some alone, okay! I’ve fired, injured and beaten most of me troop! I can handle anything on my own! I don’t need anyone telling me I can’t do it because I have tits and a pussy! I probably can beat you in anything I put my heart to achieve!”

  “Alright! Fuck, I just meant it nicely! Well anyways, if we’re doing it together just let me do me part my way and I’ll let you do yours, your way.” They talked a bit more and then left for their rooms.

to be continued...
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Now this is a great idea! Love it! :rock
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Chapter 3 and 4
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Chapter Three: Retrieving evidence

*2305 Hours: March 22: Houston, Texas-Abandoned Warehouse.*

   “Alright,” Johnson said, “Mission is to go in, retrieve anything we need and get the fuck out of there. Understand? Good!” The team nodded and got their guns ready. “Ok Angelo, you’re up! You’ll check the hallways, eliminate anyone that gets in your way and give us the clear. Then wait for Kellison and the team. We’ll handle the rest!” Cressy wanted to retrieve the blue prints and weapons…Of course she didn’t protest because she was the only woman there. And no one else would have her back, so she let it go.

   Five minutes later…Cressy and two other soldiers climbed up the roof. One soldier opened a window, while the other helped her go in the building. Then Cressy entered alone; she turns on her radio and lifts up her gun as if ready to shoot. The warehouse was dark, with a lot of boxes and crates spread all over the first and second floors. Cressy checks every room on the second floor and opens quietly anything that is locked. “Second floor is clear, Johnson. I’m going to check first floor!” She talks into the radio. “Good work, Angelo! We have you on radar and we also read that the weapons and prints are on the first floor.” Cressy begins to walk down the stairs and quietly. She hears muffled noises and soon discovers that they have company. She whispers, “Sir, we’re not alone!” “Alright, then do what you have to do. We leave evidence.” Cressy climbs down the last step and she’s grateful that a large crate is covering her. She sees about fifteen men plus two who she clearly recognized as the stealers.

   ‘The good thing is that these fuckin’ losers are spreaded all around’ she thought. In ten seconds she killed three men. By snapping their necks; in another few seconds she had killed another four men. Cressy had mastered how to kill in one swift move.

   A minute has passed and Cressy had four including the ‘stealers’ left to go. ‘Come on, Cressy! Give me the clear to get this! Shit I should’ve been the one to do this!’ Jason kept thinking. He always liked the part to kick the fuckers’ asses. He loved to be sneaking around and finding the evidence.

   Two minutes and Cressy gave the team the clear. She knocked the important men unconscious and shot the other two with her silenced pistol. “Great job Angelo! Just let us boys handle the rest.” Johnson said proudly.

   “Thank you, Sir!” Cressy stood by the doorway looking towards the outside.

   “Yeah, LET US BIG BOYS handle it!” Jason said loudly across the room.

   “Really? Well it seems like you big boys just missed the party!” She said looking over her shoulder.

   “Hmm…too bad you won’t have the chance to join us over here and get these AMAZING weapons! (Looking in a trunk)[b]WOW[/b]….this is beautiful! Right, Angelo? Wait…you can’t see them!”

   “You know WHAT? …” She turned around and started to walk over. She pulled up her gun and pointed to Jason; when she noticed two of the soldiers were having trouble opening a trunk behind. Jason’s first instinct was get his gun but was too late when he felt the bullet’s air pass right beside his right ear.

   “THAT’S ENOUGH! KELLISON! ANGLEO! Give it a rest! Cressy you did a fantastic job! And as for you, Jason I think you should appreciate that she got this done without ever hearing a sound outside.” Johnson appeared from the second floor. “Now, Taylor and Richards take these two men in the vehicle. We need to take them back to headquarters for investigation.”

Chapter Four: Strong Affection

*1100 hour; April 20th; secret location between borders of Carolinas.*

   “So Cressy, how does it feel?” Miranda sat next to her. They were outside on the field waiting their turn to practice shooting.

   “What do you mean?” looks at her confused.

   “Yeah, how do you feel working with those HOT men? Especially Jimmy, Roots and oh my god JASON!” She thought they were hot and sexy but she didn’t want anything with them. Well maybe Roots.

  “EWW…Roots and Jimmy, they’re A-OKAY! And Jason! Don’t let me start talking about him!” Cressy liked him but she noticed that he had changed.

   “Why? I mean word has it that your fathers’ worked together. And you two grew up with each other.” Miranda didn’t understand their past. She only knew what was said around every one.

   “Look…yeah our dads’ did work with each other. But things change alright!” She stood up to get ready.

   “Okay,” Miranda noticed the smirk on Cressy’s face when she said the last part. “So, changing the subject back to Roots! You think he likes me? I saw him at the breakfast table alone and also saw he kept looking at me from across the room.”

   “Roots, huh? Well he’s nice!” looking over her shoulder.

   “Really? What else?” She widened her eyes and sounded very interested.

   “Umm…well” Cressy paused to think. She turned to face her and Miranda was really close to her. Cressy stepped back a bit to continue. “…Roots is the kind of guy who…. (She paused to really think how Roots actually is like but can only think of the way he works in the team) umm…actually I don’t really know! I mean he does the job well! He gets it done! I really only talk to him about the missions we’ve done. I’m sorry for coming up short…ask Linda or Diana! I don’t talk a lot about the men here!”

   “Figures!” Miranda knew what she was talking about. But she was quite disappointed that her friend doesn’t really talk about her past or past relationships with her.


Same time; same day; same location; But indoors in library/computer room

   “Seems like this fucking world is hell.” Roots commented as he read a news article.

   “Yeah tell me about” Jimmy said looking up from his book.

   “Roots! Jimbo! How you guys livin’?” Jason said walking in the corner table. He was holding a notebook.

   “Jason! Pretty good! Say what the fuck do you have there?” Roots said.

   “Yeah?” Jimmy said walking towards to sit across from Jason at the table.

   “Well boys! Just felt like writing!” Jason said looking back from Roots and Jimmy.

   “Writing? What fuck? You sick or something?” Roots joined them at the table.

   “Yeah and what? I want to write, then I’LL FUCKIN’ write!”

   “About what man?” Jimmy was curious “About Angelo?”

   “WHAT?” Jason was shocked that he said that.

   “Hey it’s cool! We know you have a thing for her! OR TWO!” Roots started to laugh. Jimmy joined him.

   “FUCK YOU TWO! DON’T get me started on her! She thinks she’s all that. I’ll bet she’s like that cuz she hasn’t been laid.”

   “Yeah whatever. You say that now….but come on get serious. What’s the deal between you two?” Roots asked.

   “Nothing much! Both our mothers died. Separately. Our fathers’ worked together and we grew up together. We’ll until we were thirteen, our dad’s died and we were separated. Now twelve fucking years later….we are here!” Jason was very serious.

   “That sucks! To lose both your parents.” Jimmy said understanding. He lost both at the same time.

   “Yeah! Bad thing is that when I saw her again… I immediately recognized her. She looks just like I saw her twelve years ago. I feel like a fucking little pussy! I mean filled with these emotions for her and I hate her at the same time!”

   “I know exactly how you feel, man! I mean you know Miranda I barely know her but I have this fuckin’ feeling.” Roots said.

   “Well don’t say a word about this you got me?” Jason knew that his boys got his back.

Roots and Jimmy nodded. They went back to the previous thing-Roots reading the newspaper, Jimmy reading his book and Jason writing to Cressy in his note book.

Working on chapter five....
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Chapter five: Arguing

   “Johnson, they have to know!”

   “No. They work like any one of us.”

   “I know. I’ve seen them. But they are experiments!”

   “SANDERS! They might be freaks or experiments. WHATEVER! But they are two breathing souls.”

   “I know, but Cressy and Jason have to know before it’s too late. They are their fathers’ creation!”

   “So…they are anyway! IF they find out, THEY will destroy anything in their way, Gloria!”

   “Not if we tell them in private and away from anybody they can harm.”

   “WE? I’m not doing this! This is YOUR idea!”

   “Johnson, you were apart of that.”

   “Yes, I know. But I swore to God that Angelo and Kellison would live normally! They’ve been with us for nine months now! Nine! No one knows! As far that I’m aware, no one can’t tell the difference. They all think they are the originals. They must not know!”

   “But…” She was cut off.

   “NO!” Johnson left the room.

   Johnson walks down the hall to the elevator. Dr. Sanders catches up to him. They wait in silence watching a few soldiers pass by. They get in when they see Roots and Jimmy going down.

   “They have to know.” Sanders whispers to him.

   “NO!” He said loud enough that Roots and Jimmy turned around. “At ease, boys… Dr. Sanders they will not KNOW!”

   “You can keep them from knowing, but when the time comes for them to get married and have children, THEY will have complications.”

   “You think I don’t know that! I watch how they communicate. A—Ke—just drop it! For now!” Sanders dropped the subject and waited to get off. It was Johnson’s floor and before he got off he just looked at the two young men and left.

*Library/computer room*
   “What you reading?”

   “Hey Miranda…um…just a file”

   “Oooh…who about?”

   “My Father!”

   “Oh! But why? I mean…don’t you know everything about him?”

   “Yeah, you could say that but I still want to know…Besides I always read about him every year around this time of year. He was born and died today.”

   “I’m sorry Cressy. I didn’t know….”

   “Hey it’s ok!”

   Just then Jason walked in looking around.

   “Well look who it is?”

   “Hi, Jason!”

   “Hey Miranda. Hi Cressy!” He said walking up to them.

  “Hello!” She said never looking at him.

  “Look, um…just wanted to… (Looks down) give you this.” He hands over a wrapped frame, like a present.

   “Thank you…”She opened it and it was a picture of them when they were little with their parents’. “Wow! I…I-I…”

   “Y-You don’t have to say anything. Besides I know it’s hard to deal with…well you know!” He walked away and left.

   Roots and Jimmy appear from the elevator and see Jason walking towards them looking sad.

   “Hey man, you ok?” Roots asked.

   “Yeah. Yeah, so where you guys been?”

   “Oh, nowhere! Just checking out Linda. Hey get this, Johnson and Dr. Sanders were arguing right now!” Jimmy said.

   “Really? They dating or what?”

   “Nah, man. They were arguing about two people…” Roots said.

   “Yeah! Sanders want them to know something and Johnson doesn’t.”

   “Why?” Jason was interested.

   “Who knows!  All we know is that whoever they’re talking about will have a fucked up future.” Roots replied.

   “What do you mean?”

   “I mean that sanders said this, ‘you can keep them from knowing, but when the time comes for them to get married and have children, they will have complications’. Then they stopped talking.” The boys talked a little more them headed for dinner.

to be continued...
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(No subject)
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Very interesting. I like it.

Tasha  :write
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Chapter six: the letter
*Albany, New York; 1000 hours; April 26th* Song Sonny by Funeral for a Friend ‘Hours’ -album

  Dearest Cressy,

   Hello, my beautiful daughter. If you’re reading this, well it means that you will soon find out my biggest secret. The secret that has been hidden from you for so long! I’m truly sorry for ruining your future, my sweetheart. I only did this for.....I only, well to be honest I did this for me. So that me and Charles can be happy again! The deaths of your mothers’ broke us to pieces.

   This is hard for me to write. I truly hope that you can forgive me and Charles but we both love you two, so much we couldn’t bear telling you this. My dreadful regret is for not telling you sooner and not being there when you find out. My apologies, my beautiful daughter! I hope you can remember me by this:

You are bleak,
You are beautiful.
No matter what they say,
In this light,
Tired childish games.
Swept us all away,

Sing it out,
Sing it out for all of us.
This strange,
This wonderful.

Its grip chokes us all,
It takes time,
More than we have
So what have we done?

Sing it out,
Sing it out for all of us.
It takes time,
Please tell me what we’ve done.

It takes time,
Please tell me what we have done.

Sing it out,
Sing it out for all of us.
Sing it out,
Sing it out for all of us.

   Please do remember me! I will always love you my beautiful daughter! And when you know, you will know what to do. Goodbye for now.

                                                                Yours truly,
                                                                   Your Father, Vincent.

    ‘Now how in the hell am I going to give this to Cressy. Johnson doesn’t want them to know. Think Gloria, Think! Some how you have to fly back and give this letter to her! She needs to know. Wait, I fly back, give the letter, she’ll know and Johnson? I can tell him, it was Vincent’s last words to his daughter. Yes, that’ll do!’ Sanders grabs he luggage to aboard the plane to go to the Carolinas.

*Secret location, Carolinas; 1200 hours; April 28th *

   *Intercom* “Angelo, Cressy Angelo and Jason Kellison please report to Dr. Sanders office”

   ‘Oh no, you don’t Gloria! You are not telling them!’ Johnson rushed to the office.

   Cressy and Jason arrived at Dr. Sanders’ office at the same time when Johnson appeared right behind them.

   “Hello! Please sit.”

  “Gloria! YOU are not going to do this!” Cressy and Jason looked at each other not knowing what was happening.

  “Mr. Johnson please excuse us! I’ll tell immediately. (She looks over to Cressy and Jason) Now….I just wanted to say I’m deeply sorry for the anniversary of your…well you know. I just wanted to talk to you both about them. But since we don’t have privacy we can talk later, one on one. Oh Cressy, your father wanted me to give you this! I’m sorry I couldn’t give to you sooner I lost time for finding it!  My apologies!”  After they left the office.
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:help  :bow
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I take it it's been a while since you wrote this story.
Well written material every now and then takes a back seat. But always in the back of your mind somewhere as an unfinished hint.
I would love to read more if you should decide to start adding to this.
I am curious as to whether or not the 2 main characters end up being related. It's the only thing I can logically come up with when the sentence, "you can keep them from knowing, but when the time comes for them to get married and have children, they will have complications,"  it tells me that there is alot more to be said about thir past.
I could be misinterpreting the story or the characters. if I am please tell me.


Just my brain.
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well thank you for reading tis was my very first one i hav eever written but i don't think i'll be continuing this. ;)

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Major life usually really is.
And I will definately stick with you.
No worries there mate!

Just my brain.
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