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[HOUSE]Just The Three of Us[NC-17][SLASH][ONG1-16]
« on: Thu, May 31, 2007, 06:22 AM »
Author: Furyan Goddess
Title: Just The Three of Us
Rating: NC17 Language and sexual content SLASH MMF
Fandom: HOUSE M.D/AU more alone the lines of season 2 Wilson/House/Cameron
Disclaimer: Don't own anyone from House and I make no money on this
Summary: House/Wilson and Cameron make a life together  
Pairing: House/Cameron/Wilson
Archive: Yes
Feedback: Yes, always... I LOVE LOVE LOVE feedback... I beg for feedback.. it makes me happy :)  
Author's Notes: I wrote this 2 yrs ago so some of the stuff on the show may have changed.  This strats out as heavy smut but turns into a love story

It was hot.  Too damn hot.  July was always hot, but this was insane.  Allison Cameron decided to hold a 4th of July party at the last minute.  She had plenty of food, beer and soda and everything went off with a hitch.  When it got dark, the local fire hall set off fireworks that could be seen from her back yard.  

After the show, the crowd started to thin, leaving only her, House and Wilson.  They were sitting at the round outdoor table.  House and Wilson sat surprisingly close with all of the extra room.  She sat across from them, just looking, watching them together.  

It was odd, something she had never noticed before.  Their slight touches.  The way they were completely at ease with each other.  She had heard the talk, rumors about a possible relationship, but this was something else, something deeper.  They were like kindred spirits.  Like two halves of the same whole.  Wilson make up for House’s inability to show any emotion and he was non judgmental and caring.  They were better together than apart.  House was the steel that ran through Wilson -   his strength when the job of watching many of his patients die, almost daily, consumed him.  

House chose that moment of silent reflection to laugh and she was lost.  She had always wanted him, but in that moment she fell in love with him, and she also fell in love with the man who gave him a reason to laugh.  Wilson.  Was it possible to love two men at the same time?  Maybe not, probably not but what if they were only whole as a package.  You can’t love one with out the other, there are just too many pieces missing.  

“James, can you do me a favor?”  She asked him with a small smile.

“Sure, what do ya need?”

“I want you to kiss House.” she told him.  

House chocked on his beer and Wilson let out a gasp and said, “WHAT?”

“You heard me.  Kiss him.”  She could feel the weight of House’s blue eyes on her; she shifted her gaze to meet his.  “I finally figured it out.  Why House couldn’t open up to me.  It isn’t about Stacey or whatever her name is.  It isn’t so much about the leg and his bitterness, it is because of you.  He can’t commit without you, and you can’t stay committed without him.”

Wilson continued to stammer for words, but a small, slow smile touched House’s lips and then finally made it to his eyes.  It was the first time she had ever done that, made him smile with his eyes.  “I’m assuming,” she continued, “That most women would object to this, so it remains a secret.  The only thing that is left in its wake is shattered dreams and broken hearts.”

They were both looking at her now.  Wilson finally calmed down and collected himself.  House was eccentric, people would expect this out of him, but it was Wilson that would catch them all by surprise.  

“How long?” she asked.    
“Eight years.”  It was House that answered her, which was a shock in it’s self.  

She slowly nodded, taking it all in.  Wilson looked nervous, but House still held himself with the same detached calm.  He somehow knew she wasn’t going to tell anyone.  “You both still like girls though, right?”

“Girls are icky.  They have cooties.”  House replied like a nine year old.  She laughed.  

Wilson rolled his eyes and replied, “Yes we still like girls.  I have been married three times for God’s sake.”  Then it hit him what she was actually asking.  House was right; he could be very thick-skulled sometimes.  Cameron and House were in the middle of a pretty intense stare down contest.  Jim sat back in his chair and watched he already knew who would win.  There was no real contest.  He was shocked to see how long Allison lasted under that pinning stare.  

Allison didn’t know what to do next.  Was that a yes?  Was she allowed to join their little boy’s club?  Sighing, she stood and walked into the middle of the yard.  They would need time to talk about it.  

As she stood looking up to the sky, her mind reeled.  What was she thinking?  Why was she even considering this for?  What was wrong with her?  Was she really that lonely that she had to join an established relationship?  

The air grew heavy and a few rain drops started to fall.  She loved the rain, especially after such a hot day.  It felt good and she planned on standing in it.  She felt a hand slide around her waist and pull her close.  

She leaned back into him, feeling his lean body press against her, the evidence of his arousal pressing into her lower back.  “I’ve always wanted to make love in the rain.”  She whispered to him, tilting her head to offer her neck.

James started to nibble on her neck and it felt wonderful.  It had been too long since she was with a man.  His hands were soft and gentle, coaxing a reaction out of her, instead of forcing her.  She turned then and kissed him.  His lips were soft and he had a slight taste of beer.  

The rain was falling heavier now, soaking through their clothing.  James started too nibbled down her neck and nip at her collarbone.  She turned her head to see House watching them, his eyes burning with need.  She could see the state of his arousal and found it erotic.  She pulled off James’s shirt and threw it to the ground.  She ran her hands along his flat stomach.  Her tongue darted out to tease a flat, pink nipple.  Jim gasped.  He quickly removed her bra, shorts and finally her panties followed, leaving her naked.  She could feel two sets of eyes on her, the heat was searing.  She felt she would burst into flames right there in the rain.  

James kissed her again, this time lowering her to the wet grass.  His mouth explored her, drawing a rosy pink nipple into his mouth, sucking her.  She moaned and held him to her.  After nipping gently on her other nipple, his mouth made a hot trail along her tight stomach, over her razor sharp hip bones to rest in the apex of her thighs.  

“Brazilian waxes are most sexy,” he muttered.  His hot breath teasing her core and she was writhing beneath him, raising her hips in hopes he would take her with his mouth.  

He held back, slowly his finger traced her soft folds, parting them.  His finger slipped in causing her to cry out with bliss.  “Oh God, Wilson, please,” she begged.  Finally his tongued stroked her, long, slow and fully.  A squeak escaped, egging him on.  

The taste of her was maddening.  Warm, spicy honey.  His fingers continued to pump inside her as his tongue stroked.  She felt her shutter, grabbing her hips he pulled her close and drank in her juices as she went over the edge into an earth shattering orgasm.

Kissing his way back up her body to her mouth, he slowly he entered her, filling her so completely she gasped with pleasure.  He could still feel the aftershocks of her orgasm, griping him, milking him.  He kissed her softly and pumped her slowly.  Raising her hips up to meet his, she clung to him.  She kissed underneath his jaw and followed his line of sight to House.  

At sometime he had moved his chair closer and sat there, watching, burning, needing.  Wilson withdrew from her and walked over to him.  Stepping beside him, he offered himself to House.  The moment Greg’s lips closed over James, all three of them let out a moan.  She sat there a few moments watching.  The sight was the most erotic thing she had ever witnessed.  Greg gripped Jim’s hips, pulling him closer.  Jim’s had fists full of his hair, hanging on to something solid as House took him to the stars.  Suddenly he pulled back, gasping, “Not yet,”

Cameron crawled over on her hands and knees and started to work on Greg’s pants.  He lifted his hips off the chair to help her slid them down.  He was now soaked, making the job slightly more difficult than normal.  

Allison grasped his shaft in her hand.  He was huge, even larger than Wilson.  Thick, hot and pulsating under her fingertips.  Looking up into his blue eyes, she slowly took him into her mouth.  When her lips closed over him, James slipped deeply back inside her.  She groaned the sound sending vibrations through House’s shaft, straight to his spine.  

His finger’s gripped her wet hair, not demanding, but not gentle, either.  Wilson’s hands were holding her hips as he pounded into her.  His thrusts became hard, quick and deep.  She could tell they were kissing over her, the thought causing her body to start to spasm.  Jim felt it first and gasped, pumping a few more times hard.  House thrust into her mouth, holding her head still for his assault.  They climaxed together, Wilson buried deeply inside her, spilling himself against her womb.  House, filled her mouth with his hot and tangy fluid, teasing her tongue.  When he was done, she turned and kissed Wilson, sharing House’s flavor with him.  He greedily drank it in.  

The rain had stopped as they slowly untangled their bodies.  Sighing in contentment, Allison and James lay naked in the grass.  “I think we gave your neighbors a show.”  Wilson commented.
“They are 80 and deaf.  God that was fantastic.” she sighed.  She got grunts as responses.  “Perhaps we should go inside, where it is dry?”  Wilson got up and helped her stand.  He bent down and grabbed their now soaked clothes.  “Hum, looks like you two will have to stay until you dry off.  My dryer is broken... may take a while.”  She smiled at them sweetly and walked, naked ahead of them.  

House and Wilson just looked at each other, “Shit.” they muttered together.

By the time they made their way into the house, Allison had retrieved some warm fluffy towels for them and a nice cold beer.  “Now, that’s a good serving wench.” House replied.  

She shot him a look over her shoulder.  “Keep that up and you’ll be sleeping on the couch.”

“But Mommy, I’m too big for the couch, my feet hang over the edge.” he whined.

“Well, you better stop being a naughty little boy, or Jim here will get all the pie.”

“Nice!” he said, shaking his head.  

Wilson just looked at them and laughed.  “If I had known how sexual you were, I would have suggested this a while ago, Allison.”

“Ah, better late than never.  Anyway it is better this way, I understand it now.  Before all I could see was House’s lies.  Now I see they weren’t lies so much as not strictly the truth.”

“So... you have figured out the mystery that is Gregory House.”  He smiled.  It was good to have someone understand.  

“If you two are done being girlfriends, perhaps we can move this to the bedroom.”

“Only if you will be my boyfriend.” they said in unison.  House knew then he was in deep trouble.  He got up, grumbled something under his breath, causing them to laugh even harder.
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Cameron had a California King bed.  The biggest you could buy.  She knew now why she was drawn to it, the sheets were outrageously priced.  But three grown adults took up a lot of room, especially one as tall as Greg.  

Greg was in bed already, naked, when she and Wilson came back.  Thank the sweet lord.  She crawled in between them and lay down.  She turned to face House with Wilson spooning up behind her.  She ran her hand along his jaw, something she had been dying to do since she met him.  

“This could get awkward.” he mumbled.

“Only if you let it.” she replied as she tasted his skin.  His heat was scorching, igniting the fires of passion again.  Her hands roamed his body, feeling his muscles, the light dusting of hair on his chest.  He was so sexy, so manly; she had to have him inside her.  

She straddled him, kissing a blazing trail up his chest to his lips.  Their lips met in a heated frenzy, nipping, tasting, devouring.  She slid down onto him, impaling herself with his large shaft.  Allison moaned and rocked back.  House cursed and gripped her hips tight enough to bruise the tender flesh as she rode him.  Wilson lay on his side, watching, stroking himself in time with Allison’s movements.  

She rode him hard, throwing all caution to the wind.  She had wanted this for so long, the feel of him inside her, the taste of him on her lips.  Jim being there only added more spice to the moment.  She had never done this sort of thing before, but God it felt right and somehow naughty at the same time.  She shuttered and climaxed, pulling Greg and then Wilson, of his own accord, over the edge with her.

She collapsed onto House’s chest, completely sated and deliciously sore.  She heard him wince slightly and slowly rolled off him.  Wilson was there handing him his pills.  It was like they just knew what to do for each others comfort.  There she lay naked, sandwiched between two of the most powerful men she knew, one being her boss.  The smell of sex so strong in the air that it in itself was erotic, but she couldn’t find one scrap of embarrassment.  Not one shred of regret.  She was happy, her body felt like rubber.  She drifted off with a small smile on her face, between her two men.  


House woke up early, the pain intense in his thigh.  He turned his head and saw Cameron and Wilson tangled together and rubbed his face.  What did they do?  This was not good.  He got out of bed, wrapped a towel around him and limped toward the kitchen.  

Grabbing a bottle of water he sat on the couch and closed his eyes.  The sun hadn’t even come up yet.  He was tried and drained.  He was sick of living in pain.  Sick of living in fear of his relationship with Wilson being discovered and he was sick of pretending.  A soft hand touched his shoulder and he jumped.

“Hey, you ok?”  Cameron’s voice, as always filed with tenderness.  He nodded once.  “Listen House, I know this is.... um.... different, but I think it can work.  And even if it doesn’t, I would never betray your trust and say anything.”

House regarded her with his eyes, looking so deeply into her that she felt naked and exposed.  Just want he planned.  Finally he sighed, wondering why it was easier to talk when the sun wasn’t up.  It was then that he and Wilson had some of their best conversations.  He said, “I’m just so tired.  I can’t sleep, the pain just doesn’t let up.  Jim worries all the time that I may do something stupid.”  

“Will you?”  She asked softly.

“I’ve thought about it.  It would be better for everyone involved.  I’m too much a coward to do it.”

“See, Greg that is where you are wrong.  Doing it would prove you are a coward.  Living daily with what you do, that proves how strong you truly are.  I’m not sure James would be able to deal with it.  You give him a reason to keep going, and I think he does the same for you.”

He looked away again, not able to meet her eye.  How did she know that?  Maybe he really had underestimated her.  For someone so young, she was surprisingly insightful.  She patted him on the shoulder, gave him a quick kiss on the forehead and went back to bed, leaving him to his musing.  


“Is he alright?”  Jim’s voice broke the stillness of her bedroom.  

“Yeah, he’s just tired and in pain.”

She heard his shuttered breath, “I wish I could help,”

“You do, more than you know, James.”  Their eyes met and they both had sheen of tears.  Wilson finally had someone to share his fears with; someone who understood what it was like, why he stuck around.  And Cameron, well she finally felt a part of something.  She found a way to help House, by helping Jim.  For that alone, she knew he would be eternally grateful, he just may not say it.  


The morning after is usually an awkward time, fake smiles, avoiding eye contact, but that didn’t happen.  Cameron woke up a few hours later, the light shining in through the window.  Stretching she noticed that House still wasn’t in bed and Wilson was taking up most of the room.  She smiled and got up.  She ran their clothes through a quick wash and started breakfast.  

Waking past House, sleeping soundly on the couch, her heart turned over.  He looked so peaceful in his sleep.  The lines of pain and strain were gone from his face, giving him a younger, healthier look.  His eyes fluttered open and locked with hers.  Once again she was shocked by the depth of their color.  The purest blue she had ever seen.  

“Hungry?”  She asked him with a small smile.

“Coffee?”  His voice was horse and deeper than normal.  She found it sexy.  Nodding once, a habit she had picked up off of him, she made her way into the kitchen.  

Her house was large and mostly one level.  A few steps here and there to changed levels or rooms.  Her grandfather had built it and willed it to her when he passed.  She loved it.  It was not your normal floor design.  She must have taken after him, going against the normal way of doing things; not content unless you have a challenge in front of you.  She was smiling, thinking about her grandparents when Wilson came into the kitchen.  

“Hum, does anyone know where my pants are?” he asked.

“In the dryer.”

“I thought you said it was broken?”

“Oh, come on, everybody lies.  Didn’t House ever teach you anything?” she joked.  He just rolled his eyes.

She set two steaming mugs of coffee on the table.  One black, one with lots of cream and sugar.  Turning back to the stove she finished up the eggs, dished up the potatoes and bacon.  “I made you steak and eggs Jim, I didn’t know if you ate pork or not.”

“Well, thanks...,”

“Hey, how come I don’t get steak?”  House whined.

“You are not Jewish, my boy.”

“So.  Wilson eats ham all the time.”  House whined like a 5 year old.  She found it oddly endearing.  
“Oh really... hum, just for that, he has to split his steak with you and then no more special treatment.” she chastised him.  House smiled, Wilson scowled.

As they sat around the table, she said, “This was fun, we should do this again.”  Nods all around.  The dryer buzzed, “Well boys that would be your clothes.”

“Finally, I was starting to feel like a stripper with this towel wrapped around me.”  Wilson said while standing up.  Cameron grabbed the corner of his towel and pulled it away, leaving him standing there naked.  He dove after her; she squealed and tried to hide behind House.  

“Oh no, I’m not getting involved in this one.” he said as he got up and limped toward the dry clothes.  

“Traitor!” she yelled after him.

“I’m not a traitor, I’m remaining neutral.” he called over his shoulder.  

She was watching his retreating back as Jim lunged for her again.  She screamed, and twisted away at the last minute, running down the hall.  She was quick, but Wilson caught up to her and pinned her against the wall.  

“If you wanted me inside you Allison, all you had to do was ask.” he muttered in her ear as a hand pulled down her pajama pants.  

“I don’t like asking.” she told him.

“But you do beg for it, don’t you.  You were begging for it last night too.”   He slipped a finger into her hot core; she was already wet and ready for him.  

She gasped and cried out, “Please,”

Wilson wasted no time, quickly lifting her up by her hips and plunging inside of her.  She gasped and clung to him.  Jim pounded into her, hard and quick.  

“Hurry it up Wilson; we are going to be late for work.”  House called down the hall, already dressed.

A few more thrusts and he sent them both over the edge, crying out their pleasure.  

A ringing phone broke through their sex induced haze.  “Yeah,” House’s voice followed.  

“What are his symptoms?  Yeah.  Start an IV and draw the blood.  And call Cameron.  I know, just call her.”  He hung up the phone and snickered at her.  

“It’s my day off.” she told him, her hands on her hips, trying to look angry, but failing miserably.  The phone rang.  House laughed.  

“Hello?”  Cameron answered.  

“It’s my day off, Foreman.... I don’t care what House said.... Dammit, that man is an asshole.  Tell him I will be in later.  Yeah, see you in an hour.”  She hung up the phone and rounded on House.  

“Greg, I really need to clean up this place.  I do not need to be there today.”

“Patients take precedence over personal lives, Allison, or anything else.” he told her.

“Yeah, everything except Gameboy and General Hospital.” she snipped back.  

“Touché” he said with a smirk.  Yes he was teaching her well.  
“If you two are done with the foreplay, perhaps we can go so I can shower before work.  I smell like a whore.”

“Oh so now I’m a whore?”  Allison slapped him on the chest.  Wilson shuddered, House snickered.  

“I... I... I didn’t say that... It’s just...”

“Relax Jim, I was just teasing.  Anyway, I have to call my boss and tell him that I will be late.”

“I hear he doesn’t like that.” House said.

“Yeah well, he’ll have to get over it.”  She laughed, pushing the both out the door.  This was going to be interesting indeed.
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This is funny knowing i love this series it's one of the few i'll actually watch on TV
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O M G!

I just found this and I have to say, OMG.

I love this show and I'm not usually for House slash cuz House and Cameron are supposed to be together, lol
but you did wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!
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Cameron walked into the conference room.  “You’re late.”  House said to her.  

“Well it was my day off.” she muttered to him.  He just shrugged and started the meeting.  At some point Wilson snuck into the room... “Chase, you get the history.  Foreman order the MRI and CAT scan.  Cameron, draw the blood and cultures.” And with a nod, he dismissed them.  

Wilson lingered behind, and said to House, “Is that really the same woman from last night?”  House nodded silently.  The difference in Cameron at work and at home was actually amazing.  She was always caring and gentle, but at work she was very reserved and defensive.  At home she is open and confidant and sexy.  Very, very sexy.  They both let out a shaky breath at the thought.  

“So what do we do now?”  Wilson asked.

“Enjoy it while it lasts.”  House said as he walked down the hall.  


Cameron was bent over the microscope, examining a slide when she felt him behind her.  Her heart fluttered and she stood up straighter and turned slightly.  His left hand brushed her hip as he moved her out of the way.  It took everything in her not to burst into flames right there.  His eyes locked with hers for the briefest second then examined the slide.  He left without saying a word, her cheeks flamed with heat.  Foreman noticed.  He noticed everything.

“What was that about?” he asked her.  


“You and House?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.  He was just looking at the slide.” she told him, willing her hands not to tremble.  

“Right.  And looking at slides with your boss always makes you so hot?”

“I’m not hot,” she gasped out.

“Your face is flush Cam, and you are a terrible liar.  I know you like him.  I won’t say anything, but I think you should get that idea out of your head.  He will never let you in.  Never.  And you are going to be the one with the broken heart.  I don’t want to see you end up like him.”  Foreman told her.

He liked Allison, as a friend.  He saw something inside her you couldn’t fake; compassion.  She would make a wonderful doctor, if she could learn to control it.  Right now, she was too soft.  

He didn’t know about the hurt she kept buried deep inside, the fact she’d lost a husband at and early age and the fact that she was more like House than he could ever comprehend.  

“Thanks for being such a good friend Eric.” she said, kissing him on the cheek, “but I’m a big girl and I can take care of myself.”  With that, Cameron turned and walked away.  


The week dragged on, days blurred into late nights eating Chinese food and pizza in House’s office.  Wilson and House followed her home one night to relieve some stress, and it had worked, very well.  They all started out the next day with a fresh, clear brain, but it didn’t help.  Nothing helped.  The patient continued to slip.  

Allison was on shift that night; everyone knew it was soon, she pulled the short straw.  House called twice to see if it had happened yet, and she told him she would call when it did.  Thirty minutes later, he received the call.        

He picked up the phone, knowing it was her.  Jim was there with him, waiting.  “You ok?” he asked her.  This case hit her harder than normal.  He tried to argue with her about staying, but she insisted it was her turn and if they weren’t sleeping together, he would never question it.  She was right, and that disturbed him.

“Yes,” her voice barely a whisper.

“You want us to come over?”  

“Yes, the key is under the frog.” Then the phone was dead.  She was gone.  

“How is she?” Wilson asked, concern clouding his voice.  

House just shrugged and said, “She wants us to come over.”


By the time Cameron pulled into her driveway, they were there.  She could see Wilson waiting at the window for her to pull up.  She tried to smile, but a tear slipped down instead.  Her heart was breaking.  The man reminded her so much of her husband, even looked like him.  It just opened all the old wounds she thought were healed.  Maybe you never truly healed after something like that.  

She took a steady breath and opened the door.  Wilson was there, waiting to touch her, to pull her into his embrace.  House was standing in the kitchen, leaning against the bar.  Their eyes locked and held.  Their rock, which was House.  Strong and steady.  It was funny how everyone thought he was the weak one, due to his leg and the addiction to the Vicodin, but in truth, he was stronger than all of them.  

He didn’t say anything to her; no words were necessary, that was what Jim was for.  He knew what to say, how to say it and when.  House just dropped a kiss on her head and handed her a hot cup of tea with lots of honey and a drop of milk.  Just how she liked it.  She smiled at him awkwardly and ran a hand over his cheek in a silent thank you.  

She curled up on her favorite fluffy chair and sighed.  “Do you want to talk about it?”  Jim asked.  

“Did Greg tell you?” she asked him.


She nodded in response, “What’s to say, really?  It was like watching him die all over again.  They looked the same and even acted the same.   This time I swore to myself I wouldn’t let him die.  I would do everything I could, but it didn’t matter.  It will never change what is.  It will never change the fact that he is gone.... they are both gone.”

“But we’re here.”  

It took her a few seconds to realize that it wasn’t James’s voice that said those words, it was House’s.  She turned and looked at him, his eyes revealing more than his words.  All three of them knew pain, deep, gut wrenching pain that could shatter your soul if you let it.  It had almost happened to House, but Wilson was there, holding on for dear life, pulling him back up over that edge.  And now she was too, putting her weight behind Jim, but she slipped, and they both were there to pick her up.  

Her heart fluttered, she wasn’t alone.  She could feel the solid weight slipping off of her chest, making her heart light and her head dizzy.  She loved them.  This sick little world they lived in was perfect for them.  “Let’s go to bed.”  She said, reaching out a hand for both of them.
They all walked into the bedroom and undressed in silence.  Her voice broke the quiet, “I want to watch you two make love.  I need to see love in its purest form.”  A few moments passed, and then Wilson reached out for House.  Cameron settled herself on the chair.  

He ran his hand down Greg’s chest then finally lowered his head.  He first kissed his lips, softly, coaxing House to respond.  He kissed his neck and nibbled on his collar bone slowly working his way down Greg’s flat tummy to his throbbing heat.  He took him all of him into his mouth, causing them both to moan.  

Greg’s hands tangled in Jim’s soft hair, holding him gently as his hips rose up to thrust into his mouth.  After a few minutes, House pulled James away, panting hard, trying to regain his composure.  Their eyes locked and James asked, “Did that feel good?” - knowing full well it did.  After eight years, he knew how to touch him.  

Jim reached over and grabbed the lube and applied it to House’s throbbing member.   Straddling Greg, he slowly, gently eased himself on this his hard shaft.  Allison moaned and they both turned and looked at her.  The sight was so erotic, so sexy she was ready to cum herself.  

Wilson started to move gently and gestured for Cameron to join them.  She walked over slowly, enjoying the view.  Jim ran his hands through her hair and kissed her.  House ran his hand up her inner thigh to her moist heat, pushing a finger inside her and causing her to gasp.  

Removing his finger, he urged her on top of him with a nudge to her hip.  She climbed in front of Wilson also straddling House.  

Jim ran his tongue down her back, nipping and tasting her flesh as Greg pulled her to him, lifting her so he could taste her core.  She threw her head back with pleasure when his tongue flicked over her swollen clit.  The slow, lazy caresses with his tongue were driving her mad, taking her to the peak and then pulling her back.  Behind her Wilson was moaning with pleasure and desperately trying to hold on.  

“House please,” he begged.  House thrust his hips up causing Jim to gasp as he slid a finger into Cameron, finding her G-Spot.  His tongue flicked quickly over her swollen nub as a second finger entered her.  

“Oh God, Please” she cried.  With one final thrust and flick of the tongue, he sent all three of them over the edge at once.  Their mixed cries of pleasure filled the room, erasing the pain and heartache of the day.  

Afterward, Allison lay with her head on House’s chest, running her fingers through the dusting of hair on his chest.  The sound of his heart beating evenly under her ear was soothing to her frayed nerves.  Wilson’s arm was draped over her, holding her tightly to him.  He placed a small kiss on her shoulder and sighed.  She felt safe, protected and loved and she hadn’t felt loved in a really long time.
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« Reply #5 on: Tue, Jun 12, 2007, 08:01 AM »
Wow...just wow.

I'm speechless!!

Great work!!!
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More??  ......please???
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part 4
« Reply #7 on: Wed, Aug 01, 2007, 10:54 AM »

Two months had past with things continuing pretty much the same way.  House still snipped about this and that, complained that there was no piano and about how Wilson was a kept woman.  Wilson settled into home life.  He helped Cameron with the cleaning and also did most of the grocery shopping.  

Somewhere along the line, her house had turned into their house.  No one, especially Greg would admit it though.  They spent most of their time there.  Wilson had taken over a spare bedroom as his study.  He needed the space for his lectures and research.  Running the Oncology department took a lot of time and energy.  

House paced a lot, also watched a lot of TV but he did do a fair amount of reading.  Cameron even purchased him an X-Box.  His eyes sparkled like a child’s when they got it hooked up.  He made them all stay up to 3 am playing re-match after re-match of Grand Theft Auto.  

On one particular day in September, House was out of sorts.  Really out of sorts.  He was grumpy, snappy and just plain mean.  He was short with Cameron and snide with Wilson.  But it was Foreman and Chase that got the brunt of it.  By the end of the day, the only one that could be found in the Diagnostics Department was House, lying on the floor, listening to his records with the blinds drawn and the lights off.  

Allison gathered her stuff and left without a word.  Something was bothering him, but he was not ready to talk about it, at least not with her.  When she arrived home, she started dinner to try and take her mind off of it.  Wilson and House showed up 15 minutes later.  

They sat around the dinner table, no one said anything, and no one really ate anything.  House yelled, “You need a FUCKIN’ piano.  I’m going home!” throwing his fork down and leaving, slamming the door behind him.  

Allison sat there stunned.  “What is wrong with him?  What did we do?”  She asked Wilson.  

“It’s not us, sweetheart.  Today is six years since the infarction.”  James filled her in about the last 5 years.  She nodded silently as a tear slipped down her face.  Her heart broke for him, but he could never find out.  He would see it at pity instead of love and he couldn’t stand to be pitied.  


James and Allison both went to bed early that night.  The house was too quiet.  They didn’t make love, and they couldn’t sleep.  Nothing was right without House.

“We need to get him a piano,” Allison said softly.

“For his birthday.  It is coming up soon.”  James agreed as he pulled her into his embrace.  

“Is he going to be alright?” she asked.  

“I hope..., try to get some sleep Allison.” he muttered into her hair.  


Wilson’s phone rang at 1 am.  It was House.  He opened it without saying anything, “Come get me,” His speech was slurred and hoarse.  

James got out of bed, his movements stirring Cameron and she muttered something to him.  He kissed her on the cheek and told her to go back to sleep.  

James drove over to House’s apartment.  As he entered, he saw his best friend, his lover, his life at his worst.  He was drunk and looked like hell.  Their eyes met across the room.  House’s were blood shot and glassy.  He looked sad and lost, just like six years ago.  Wilson’s heart broke.  

“Hey,” he said.  House grunted.  “You ready?”  Another grunt.  

“I can’t sleep.”  House informed him.  

Jim walked farther into the room, “That is because you are sitting in a chair.”  He glanced at the empty bottle of scotch and sighed.  

House smirked at him, “You disapprove of my beverage of choice?”

“You’re killing your liver.  Between the scotch and the pills, Christ Greg, you’re going to be in liver failure in no more than five years.”
“Yeah, probably, but you’ll were be there to donate yours.  You’re always here to save me from myself...” he slurred.  It had been along time since Wilson had seen House this bad and it was depressing.  

“It’s not just me this time.  You scared the hell out of Cameron.”

With this, House rubbed his hands over his face and said, “Right.  Cameron.  She ok?”

“She is trying to be.”

A quick nod and he tried to stand.  Wilson was there, as always, to slip an arm around his waist and help him up, to keep him from falling.  Pulling him back from the edge, time and again.  “Take me home Jim.  I’m tired of being alone.”

“You were never alone, Greg.  Not then, not now, not ever.  Allison and I are here.  We aren’t going anywhere.” Greg just regarded him with his cool stare and then his signature nod.  


Allison woke alone; an odd sensation and one she didn’t care for.  She heard the front door open up and the thump of House’s cane.  The muffled voices of House and Wilson.  She quickly jumped out of bed and rushed to them.  

House looked at her and gave her an awkward smile.  “Allie, I’m home, baby.”

“Yes you are.”  She told him as she and James helped him back to bed.  The undressed him, which wasn’t as easy as it sounded.  It wasn’t that he resisted, it was the fact he was so big and didn’t help them at all.  

That night, House slept in the middle, surrounded by love.  


House’s birthday was two weeks later.  He came home from work to find Wilson painting Allison’s toe nails.  

“You really are gay, aren’t you, Wilson?”  He grumped at him.  

“Not any gayer than you are.”  Jim shot back.  

“Oh don’t mind him; he’s just jealous because I didn’t ask him.  He did them last week.”  Allison informed James.  They both laughed at House.  

“Shut up.” he said, cursing under his breath.  This made them laugh even harder.   He paced, “You need a piano.”

“So I have heard.”  Allison replied absently.  “Greg, can you go into the study and get me my book?”

“Why can’t you do it?” House whined.  

“My toes are wet.  I don’t want to mess up the nice job Jim did.”  She told him.  

“Then Wilson can get it.”

“Hello, I’m comfortable, besides you are already up pacing.” James said.  Allison had her legs spread over Jim’s lap as the snuggled on the couch.  

“Sure, send the cripple.  Lazy bastards...”   He mumbled under his breath as he walked down the hall.  “Greg, get me this, Greg, get me that...”  Then silence.  At the sound of the first note, Allison and James looked at each other and smiled.  

They let House play the first song then went in to join him.  He was sitting at the piano bench, his hands caressing the keys.  They walked up to him, one on each side of his shoulders and both said, “Happy Birthday.”

House nodded, not trusting his voice.  It had been along time since he felt like crying, but this was one of those occasions.  Jim and Allison were too good to him.  What did he ever do to deserve this kind of love?   He wasn’t sure, but he planned on enjoy it.  

Looking now, I see House is pretty OOC but hey, sometimes it's fun being able to get them do do what we want them to do.. :)  

I have more... chappies.
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« Reply #8 on: Fri, Aug 03, 2007, 08:49 PM »
House looked at her and gave her an awkward smile. “Allie, I’m home, baby.”

I loved that! I just want House and Cameron to get together, lol.

Good work! I'm glad to see you have more chappies!! :rock
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« Reply #9 on: Tue, Aug 14, 2007, 08:06 PM »
wow great story i love house fics.  i never see a realtionship with the three of them it's different but definetly in good way.  of course i've three ways but not a realtionship.  can't wait for more.
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« Reply #10 on: Sun, Oct 14, 2007, 11:46 PM »
Is there anymore to this story??? I would like there to be!! CUZ I LOVE IT!!

PLEASE PLEASE please please post more!! :D
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« Reply #11 on: Tue, Mar 25, 2008, 07:58 AM »

October.  Allison’s favorite time of the year.  Halloween. Leaves changing colors, the slight nip in the air.  For House and Wilson, also one of their favorites, football.  They maybe doctors, but they were men dammit, and real men love football.  

Wilson was trying desperately to finish up the last of his work in the study.  House was plopped down in front of the TV with Allison’s head in his lap, reading a book.  He was gently stroking her hair, making her more sleepy than in the mood for reading.  

“I invited Foreman over for the game.” he informed her.

“What?”  She asked somewhat sleepy.  

“You know, Foreman, game, beer, perhaps some pizza?”  House muttered as he flipped the channels.  

“You invited Eric over here?” Her eyes searched his face questioningly.

“Yeah.  Is that a problem?” House snipped at her.  “Am I not allowed to invite people to my home?”

Allison was so shocked that she didn’t notice that fact he had called her house his home.  “Well, he is going to figure it out.  He already suspects something.”

“So...”  House said.

“Soooo, YOU aren’t the one sleeping with two men!”  Her heart was pounding frantically.  She loved them both, but she was also intelligent enough to know that most people wouldn’t understand this.  

“Nooo, but I am sleeping with A man, is that enough?  And a woman for that matter.”  He regarded her with one of his stares.  She just looked at him, her mouth agape then started to laugh.  He wrinkled up his brow at her, puzzled by her reaction.

Wilson stood in the door way, watching them.  “So, what’s going on in here?  First I hear you two yelling and now Allie is laughing like a fool.”

“House invited Foremen over for the game.”  She informed Jim.  His eyes quickly jumped to Greg’s, searching for the truth.  

“Oh God! Greg, what were you thinking?”

House was getting agitated.  “What is the big deal.”  House barked as he got up and walked into the kitchen.  He grabbed a beer for him and Wilson and gestured toward Allison.  She shook her head no.  

“Um, the big deal is that Foreman isn’t stupid.  He is going to realize that this is Allison’s house.  We are both here, living with her, doing God knows what to her, and each other.”  Wilson was not ashamed of his relationship with the two people in the room, but nervous at other people’s reaction.  

“I don’t care.  I’m sick of hiding.  I’m sick of pretending that I don’t lov....” House trailed off, catching himself before he admitted something he couldn’t take back.  “I’m sick of lying.”  And with that, House went back into the living room, and back on the couch.  

Allison and Jim regarded each other for a moment until the door bell rang.  Wilson just shrugged and walked over to the door.  Taking a deep breath, he muttered, “I hope this is what you want House.”  He got an answering grunt before he swung the door open.  

“Hi, Dr. Wilson.” Foreman said with a small smile.  

“Call me Jim.  Come in.”  

Foreman nodded and said, “Ok, Jim.  Allison.  Dr. House.”

“Greg.”  He replied, engrossed in the pre-game.  “Come on in, you’re letting all the heat out. It cost a fortune to heat this place.”

“Like you would know.”  Allison snorted at him.  

“Well, with the open floor plan your grandfather built, I can only imagine.”

Eric stood there watching the exchange between them.  His puzzlement growing with each comment.  “So who actually lives here?”  

“Me.”  All three of them responded.  

“OK, let me rephrase it.  Who OWNS this house?”

“That would be Allison.”  Wilson was the voice of reason.  He took the case of beer Eric was holding and asked, “Can I get you anything?  Beer?  Chips?”

“Yeah, beer would be great.”  Eric mumbled as he looked around the room.  

“Give me your coat Eric, I’ll hang it up.”  Allison suggested.  

“Have a seat, the game is about to start.  Allie, I ordered some pizzas earlier, the money is in my wallet, they should be here around half time.”  

House was acting completely normal, but also completely different.  Eric hadn’t really spent anytime with him outside of work so he wasn’t sure how he usually acted.  Eric was stunned.  Allie?  What was with the nickname.  He had never heard House use a nickname with anyone before.  He knew not to ask, he would get House’s death stare, and probably thrown out on his ass.  

Wilson showed with three beers and a bag each of chips and pretzels.  Allison brought in some dip and herself a mug of hot tea.  She sat down between them, all three of their bodies touching, leaning on one another.  Foreman noticed, but was quickly distracted by the game.  

The Steelers vs. the Browns.  Steelers were favored. They were always favored over the Browns.  

“I got a thousand buck riding on this game.”  House said, shocking everyone but Wilson, who had a grand on it himself.  

The door bell rang, “Pizza’s here.”  House announced.  

Allison made a move to get up, but James stopped her, “I’ll get it.”  

“So where is Chase?” Eric asked.  

“He’s still on my shit list, maybe next game.”

“Greg, that isn’t very nice.  You need to let it go, it has been months.”  Allison cooed to him.  

He rolled his eyes and said, “Fine.  Call him.  He only lives a few miles away.  But he isn’t getting any pizza.”  No one made a move to pick up the phone.  

Eric took a piece of pizza and then looked at them.  Really looked.  “What is really going on here?  You invite me over, disregard Chase like he has the plague, and the three of you are sitting there like one big happy dysfunctional family.  Am I missing something?”

“No, I would say that about sums it up.”  Wilson replied.  

“What does?  Is House and Cameron dating?  Is it Wilson and Cameron?  Or perhaps Wilson and House... or is it all three of you?  That’s it isn’t it?  All three of you “live” here.”  He laughed at himself.  “God, how did I miss THAT one?  No wonder you don’t want Chase here.  He would be all up in your face about it.”  

House just looked at him with those blue eyes.  Cameron squirmed and Wilson watched the half time show.  “What? Isn’t anyone going to answer my question?”  

“What do you want to hear Eric?”  Allison asked him.  “Do you really want the truth?  Can you handle the truth?”  Foreman nodded at her.  “Ok, the three of us are together.  Have been since July.  We are very happy and I am very much in love with both of them.”  The last bit of her speech surprised even her.  She had never told them how she felt; she was afraid of what House would do, and with Wilson?  He just seemed to know.  

“Allison, come on.  You're better than that, better than this.”  He told her.  This got him a stare out of both men, House’s eyes burned a hole in him.  He could see the rage seething under the surface but it was Wilson that had him taken back.  The kind, always gentle Wilson looked like he was ready to rip Eric’s throat out.  “Look, I don’t mean to offend anyone, this is just... different.”

“Different works for us.” Allison confirmed.  “How can I ask for better?  We are all damaged in some way, but together, we make a whole.  There are many who strive their whole lives to achieve what we have here.  I don’t expect you to understand, but if you plan on being my friend, you have to accept this, us.”

Foreman just looked at them, “Fine Cameron.  It’s your life, but I just don’t want to see you hurt when this goes down in flames.”  And that was that.  End of conversation.  Everyone turned back to the game like nothing ever happened.  


Allison sat there, her fingers twisting together.  Her stomach had started to hurt and she could feel the waves of nausea starting to wash over her.  Her skin grew clammy and she closed her eyes, trying to collect herself.  

Stress, she told herself.  The confrontation with Foreman was the first in a long line.  Her parents would find out some day, probably soon.  They were coming in town for Thanksgiving.  She took a deep breath, and House looked at her.  He could tell something was wrong.  He had that look in his eyes.

Allison tried to smile, to reassure him, but he wasn’t fooled.  Maybe it was the pizza making her sick.  Yeah that was it.  

“I’m think I’m going to run to the store,” she said standing up quickly.  She had to get away from House’s knowing stare.  “I’m not feeling so hot.  I think I maybe coming down with a cold or something.  Foreman, can you move your car?”  She tried to act casual, but her hands were shaking.  


“Just take my car.”  House told her.  She blessed him a faint smile when everyone looked at him like he had grown a second head.  House NEVER offered his car to anyone.  Wilson drove it once, and only because House was in too much pain to do it himself.  She made her way to the door and he called after her, “Hey wait, don’t I even get a kiss?”  She laughed and rolled her eyes but came and gave him his kiss.  

She bent down over the back of the couch and captured his lips with hers.  He lingered longer than normal and trailed a finger over the hollow of her throat.  Yes, he knew something was wrong and he was offering the only comfort he could.  Wilson sighed and she laughed.  Placing a quick hard kiss to Jim’s mouth she left.  Foreman just shook his head and mumbled something to himself.
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« Reply #12 on: Tue, Mar 25, 2008, 03:50 PM »
YAY!!  I'm so glad you updated!! I had been going through withdrawls!! Thank you thank you thank you!!
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« Reply #13 on: Tue, Mar 25, 2008, 03:54 PM »
You're the only one that reads this... LOL.  I can probably just send you the fic... no one else seems interested. The show has changed so much since I wrote this.
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« Reply #14 on: Wed, Mar 26, 2008, 03:00 PM »
HAHA I don't care if anyone else reads it lol I LOVE IT! I'm like one of the BIGGEST House fans out there!! I love that House and Cameron are together even if Wilson is in the mix lol if you want to just send it to me that'd be alright or whatever lol
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« Reply #15 on: Wed, Apr 23, 2008, 12:32 PM »
 :dream  :rock
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Re: [HOUSE]Just The Three of Us[NC-17][SLASH][ONG1-16]
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Re: [HOUSE]Just The Three of Us[NC-17][SLASH][ONG1-16]
« Reply #17 on: Sun, Sep 14, 2008, 04:53 AM »
LOL... ok, didn't think anyone was reading... I'll dig more up.

Thanks to Sil for siggie!

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Re: [HOUSE]Just The Three of Us[NC-17][SLASH][ONG1-16]
« Reply #18 on: Sun, Sep 14, 2008, 09:08 AM »
This is really cheesy and not like the stuff I write now... but, I wrote this in '05, so, bear w/ me.  

Allison stood in the personal section of the grocery store just staring at the boxes in front of her.  She really wasn’t sick now.  It was just her imagination.  What was she doing here?  She tried to walk away only to turn around and grab a box and hurry to the self check out.  She rung up her purchases, ginger ale, crackers, cereal, yogurt and one home pregnancy test.  

She moaned to herself, this can’t be happening.  Not now.  It was just nerves and stress.  She told herself again.  When she got to the car, she shoved it into her purse, away from prying male eyes.  
The drive home seemed long, and the weight on her chest only increased with each passing minute.  What was she going to do?  She already knew she was pregnant, she just knew it.  The test was just a visual, to tell the brain what the body already knew.  After this, there would be no denying it.  She would have to face it, face House and Wilson, face herself and her parents.  God, sometimes life just sucked.  

When Allison got home, the men were engrossed in the game.  House and Wilson were pretty drunk, but Foreman was drinking soda.  He had to drive and most likely pick up House’s slack tomorrow.  During the next commercial break Greg came in for a beer and another bag of chips, “How’s my baby?”  

She froze.  “What?”

“My baby, my car.  How is she?  You didn’t scratch her or anything?”  He was looking at her weird, trying to work out her reaction, but the beer had fogged his brain and dulled his normal sharp thinking.  

Cameron had to fight down the bubble of hysterical laughter that threatened to erupt from her.  

“Fine House.  I would never hurt your baby.” She walked over to him and hugged him.  She needed to feel his closeness, smell his skin.  What was she doing to do if she ever lost him?  

House wrapped his strong arms around her and held her to him.  He wasn’t sure what her problem was, what was causing her to be so jumpy, but he was enjoying her body next to his.  He lowered his head and placed a kiss in her hair.  She sighed.  

“Hey, House, how about those beers.”  Wilson yelled.  House growled and released her.

“I’m going to take a bath,” she told him as she walked away.  

He watched her go, noticing the sway of her hips and noticed the droop in her shoulders.  Something was on her mind, but he wouldn’t force her to talk about it.  She would come to him when she was ready.  


Allison ran a warm bath.  She usually liked them so they removed flesh, but if she truly was pregnant, it wouldn’t be good for the baby.  Her hands trembled as she opened the box and unwrapped the stick.  She stared at it, willing it to prove her wrong.  She would know in three minutes.  

She walked away from it, unable to bare the wait.  She gathered up her pajamas and turned the bed down.  Unable to put it off any longer, she walked back into the bathroom.  One last look at the box, to make sure she knew the difference between positive and negative results.   She knew the difference, it was burned into her brain.  Taking a shaky breath she picked up the stick.  

She looked at it, waited for her eyes to adjust.  She blinked, clearing her vision.  No it remained the same.  Her hand was shanking now, she couldn’t really make it out.  Perhaps if she put it down, then she could read it right.  No, it remained the same.... POSITIVE.  

The tears came then and she allowed them.  Tears for her, for House and Wilson.  Tears for what they had, what she was sure would change now, probably for the worst.  Tears for her love for House.  She was almost sure he would leave.  Not Wilson, he would stick by her, do the right thing, but House would not be able to deal with it.  

Tears for the baby.  One conceived in love, but still by accident.  She was on the four month pill, how did this happen?  She would love it, she already did, but what about his or her’s father?   Should she find out who it was?  Would it matter?  

What about her parents.  How could she face them?  Tell them that their first grandchild was a bastard and she wasn’t sure who it’s father was.  Oh God.  This was going to kill her father and break her mother’s heart.  

She slipped from the edge of the tub into the warm water and sobbed quietly.  She couldn’t face anyone.  She just wanted to hide in the bathroom for the rest of her life.  She sobbed until the water grew cold and her eyes were puffy.  She was spent, no more tears would fall.  Time to end the self pity and face life, what ever it may bring.  

The house was dark, Eric had left and House and Wilson were making love on the couch.  She drew a shaking breath as she watched them.  They were so beautiful together, their love for one another obvious, deep and true.  In that moment she felt like an outsider, for the fist time in almost four months she felt she was intruding on them.  She quietly turned and went to bed, alone.  


She woke up in the morning, House’s arm wrapped around her.  His hand spanned over her stomach.  It was then she noticed the slight swell of it.  How could she have missed that?  Allison untangled herself from him and headed to the shower.  

She met James in the hallway, he was dressed and ready to head out the door.  He usually always woke up earlier then she and House.  “How you feeling,” she teased him.  

“Well, I’m a thousand dollars richer and I’m hung over.  Also slightly sore, I think House was a little aggressive last night.

“Oh yeah, you seem so upset by it.”  He got a glint in his eye and she laughed.  “You like it when he is dominate.  You can’t lie to me.  I saw the two of you last night, you were having the time of your life.”  He looked slightly guilty at that and she told him, “Don’t worry about it, Jim.  Sometimes you just need him to yourself.  Just like I do with you and him.”  She kissed him, a long slow good bye kiss.  “Have a good day at work, sweetheart.”

She watched him pull out of the driveway then headed to the kitchen.  She gripped the sink as a wave of nausea hit her.  Taking a few deep breaths she willed herself from throwing up.  Shit! She thought.  She knew he was behind her.  

House stood there for a few moments, letting her collect herself before he spoke.  He walked up behind her, his body pressing into her, scattering her thoughts.  “How far along are you?”  He asked her gently.  More gently that she had ever expected.  

She thought about denying it, but she knew it was futile, he would know and what was the sense anyway?  “I don’t know,” she whispered before she let out a sob.  

“When did you find out?”

“Last night.”  She couldn’t face him, couldn’t see a look of censure in his eyes.  She stared down in to the sink.  “How did you figure it out?”

“I’m a doctor, Allie and even if I weren’t the signs were there.  Extreme emotions, mood swings, nausea, weight gain.” he said as he slid a hand around her and cupped the slight swell of her abdomen.  

She broke and started to sob.  “I’m sorry, Greg.  I don’t know how this happened.  You probably hate me, I can’t deal with that.  Not now, so whatever you have to say, it is going to have to wait.  If you are going to leave, don’t drag it out, just go and I will raise the baby myself.”

“I’m not going anywhere, Allison.” He sighed, turning her around and pulling her to him.  “Look at me,” He lifted her chin with his fingers, still she wouldn’t meet his eyes.  “Hey, look at me,” she did, “We will figure this out.  The three of us.  You are not alone in this, Allison.”

“Greg,” she said as tears rolled down her face, “Make love to me.  I need to feel something real.  I need to know you are still here.  I’m so scared.”

House cupped her face and brushed her tears away with his thumbs.  He kissed her then, slow and deep.  A kiss full of love and promise of a future together.  She clung to him, afraid to let go, afraid that if she did, he would run.

Allison found herself in her bedroom with no idea how she got there.  Greg was kissing her, slowly removing her clothes.  His touch was gentle as always but something was different.  The heat was rising between them, the need to join their bodies, but still he caressed her.  Kissing every inch, his fingers tracing every line.  His mouth hovered over her tummy and he looked up at her.  Their eyes locked and he lowered his mouth to the slight swell.  At the touch of his lips, she shivered and felt tears sting her eyes again.  

Retracing a path up to her, he lingered on her breasts, slowly suckling and kneading the soft flesh.  He slid an arm behind her and pulled her close to him, as he slowly entered her.  There was no rush, just a deep, long stroke.  He filled her, waiting for her to stretch to accommodate his size.  He began to move, making slow gentle love to her.  He wrapped them both up in the magic of the moment, every kiss, every touch perfect.  Time seemed to stand still for them, the world outside slipped away.  It was only the two of them.  When they came together, it was a deep, strong satisfying sensation, the aftershocks almost as strong as the orgasm themselves.  

Allison snuggled up into the crock of House’s shoulder and dozed off.  He lay there sorting it all out.  What to do now.  He needed to talk to Wilson.  His heart turned over at the sight of her beside him.  Her long, chestnut hair spilling around her head, over the pillow to tease his arm.  The sensation slightly erotic.  Sighing he slipped out of bed and got dressed.  He leaned down and kissed her on the cheek.  He was sure she was asleep so he whispered, “I love you, Allie.”  And turned and walked away.  He never saw the slight smile that touched her lips.  

“I love you too, Greg.”  She muttered when walked out of the room.

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Re: [HOUSE]Just The Three of Us[NC-17][SLASH][ONG1-16]
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ahhh, that was amazing. I can't believe she's pregnant.....who's the baby daddy???? :O

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Re: [HOUSE]Just The Three of Us[NC-17][SLASH][ONG1-16]
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How the HELL did I miss this fic?  This is absolutely wonderful!  I adore the way you have tied the three of them together.  You just reach right out and grab your readers and draw them in.  

What can I say?  More, please?  With sugar on top?
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Re: [HOUSE]Just The Three of Us[NC-17][SLASH][ONG1-16]
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:cry more?

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Re: [HOUSE]Just The Three of Us[NC-17][SLASH][ONG1-16]
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PART 7    

House walked into work in a daze.  He had left Cameron sleeping in bed and for some reason, it was one of the hardest things he ever had to do.  She needed him, he wanted to help her.  He also needed to talk to Wilson.  They were in a pickle and would need to figure out what to do.  But for now, he savored the moment, the afterglow of their love making and the realization that he was going to be a father.  He liked kids, until they could talk back to you.  Then they turned into little bastards.  No, he wasn’t sure how he felt at all about this, but he knew one thing; he wouldn’t run.

House knew Wilson had and early morning meeting so he bided his time.  At eleven o’clock he went to go and find him.  

“Wilson, we need to talk.”  His eyes were dead serious and it caused Wilson to feel a shiver of apprehension.  Something was wrong.  

They walked back to Wilson’s office in silence.  It was the more private of the two and it also had real walls. Jim seated himself behind his desk and House sat on the window seal.  

“What’s up, Greg?”

“It’s Allison.”

“What?  Is she ok?  What’s the matter.”  Wilson was just about jumping out of his seat.

House sighed and rubbed his face with his hands.  “She’s pregnant.”  


“Pregnant.  You know, with child, knocked up, in trouble.  Pregnant.” He started to pace the small office.

“Oh my God.  How far along?  She told you?”  House saw the hurt in his eyes and heard it in his voice.  The thought that Allie went to House alone was killing him.

“I don’t know.  I figured it out.  She said she just found out last night.”

“How.  I didn’t see anything different; she seemed fine.”

“Jim, you only see what you want to see.  That is your problem.”

“No I don’t...”

“Did you notice the mood swings?”


“What about the fact that she had only had one slice of pizza all day and that made her green,” Wilson shook his head.  “How about the fact that she’s starting to show?”

“What?  You’re making that up.  She looks the same to me.”

“She doesn’t FEEL the same,” House said, staring out into the gray sky.  

“Wha... what are we going to do?” James asked out loud.  “How is she taking this?  I mean, is she ok?”

“Yeah, great.  As great as you can be when you’re knocked up and don’t know who the father is or if he’s going to leave.”

“Are you House?  Are you going to leave?”  Greg stared at the younger man, rage obvious in his eyes.  Wilson was actually taken back, he had never seen House like that before.

“No,” His voice was cold and deadly as he walked out of the room and slammed the door shut behind him.  

Jim could be such an ass.  He had no faith in House at all.  Then again who could blame him, Greg was good at running away to hide in his scotch and Vicodin.  But not this time.  He had only made it five feet from Jim’s door before he turned around and opened it back up.

“I’m going to marry her.” and with that he walked out, leaving Jim slack jawed and confused.  


It took about another hour for Wilson to collect himself and cancel all remaining appointments for the day.   He found House walking out of his office to take his lunch break. Greg just looked at him and kept on walking.  

“House, you can’t be serious,” House just kept on walking.  “Greg, you have never been married, you don’t know what it is like.”


“No.  Maybe... What does that have to do with anything.  You are not marriage material.”

House stopped dead in his tracks, “And you are?  How many are you on now?  Oh yeah right -  Three... divorces,” He began to walk again.  

“House that was low, even for you.”  He could hear the hurt in Wilson’s voice and stopped walking again.  

“Yeah, right, sorry.”  He motioned Wilson to follow him into an empty room and continued, “One of us needs to step up to the plate here.  Everyone already thinks she and I are involved.  There will be less talk if it were me.”

“You think?  House, no one would ever believe you loved someone enough to marry them, let alone to someone you work with.”  Wilson told him.  House had to agree with him, but he was not going to change his mind.  

“We can work this out.  It’s for Allison, for show.  God, Wilson, this is so fucked up.  I love you both, but the law only allows two of us to get married and well, it has to be two of the opposite sex.” A slow smile spread across Wilson’s face.  He had been involved with House for over eight years and never, never had he ever said the word love.   “Oh shut up.” House grumbled when he saw the smug look on Wilson's face.  

“I didn’t say anything.”  Wilson replied, still grinning.  

“You didn’t have to.  I see it in your eyes.  You’re going to get all girly on me.  I can’t deal with it, not now.”

“I'll marry her.” Jim offered.  

“NO!”  House told him as he started to walk down the hall again.  

“Has it ever occurred to you that she may not want to get married?”


“But you are still going to ask,”


“What if she says no?”  Wilson asked.  He got the casual shrug of shoulders as response, but there was nothing casual about House at this moment.  They were in the parking garage now; Wilson still following closely.  “Greg,”

House took a deep breath and said, “What?”

“Let me be involved in this.  Please, I couldn’t stand it if you two shut me out.  I don’t know if I want this, but whatever is best for Allie, that's what matters.  I just don’t want to be pushed aside and forgotten.”

House regarded him with his blue eyes, burning him, seeing right to his very soul.  “That will never happen, Jim, never.  You are involved in this as much as I am.  We'll make this work, no matter what.  Just the three of us, who gives a fuck what other people think?  Now get in the damn car before someone sees us and ruins my reputation as being a cold, heartless prick.”

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Re: [HOUSE]Just The Three of Us[NC-17][SLASH][ONG1-16]
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When House finally parked the car, Wilson spoke, “What are we doing here?”

“I would think that would be pretty obvious.”

“Ummmm, this is a jewelry store.”

“My God, Wilson, you’re a fucking genius.” House stated as he got out of the car and headed toward the door.

“Greg, don’t you think we should talk to Allie about this first?”

“Why?  It is the best for all of us.”

“How is that exactly?”

House sighed and stopped.  “For one, Allison will have something every woman I have ever met wanted: a diamond ring and a paper saying she snagged her man.  The child won’t be born out of wedlock.....”

“What if it’s mine?”  Wilson shot back a him.  

“What if it’s mine, or the mailman’s or Foreman’s?  What is this really about Wilson?”  James shrugged and shifted his feet.  House looked at him, saw the strained look on his face and pulled him into a private room at the store.

 “James, hey...”  He cupped the side of the younger mans face.  “Listen to me, I’m only going to say this one more time.  This will not change things between us.  For over 8 years I sat back and watched you marry woman after woman in hoping you would find something you were missing from me.  Allie is that something and I would never take that away from you.... This is something I need to do.  I want to do this, please understand.”

“I’m scared Greg.  Scared of losing you, of losing Allie, scared of finally becoming a father, though I’m not sure the child is even mine.” he said with a small laugh, “This is all happening so fast, and this is so drastic for you.  I’m reeling, that’s all Greg.  I’ll be fine.”  He took a deep breath and said, “Let me pay for half the ring,” Greg started to shake his head no and Wilson held up his hand to stop him.  “Please Greg.  Let me do this, let me be involved in this as much as possible.  No one has to know, not even Allie if you don’t want....”

“Fine, maybe we can even get you a band or something.  Something for the right hand though, it would look odd, you showing up married and no one knew about it.... Oh wait, no it wouldn’t -  You’ve done this like 10 times already, no one would be surprised.  They probably know you by name here.”

They walked over by the diamonds and the sales man came out, “Dr. Wilson, how nice to see you again.”  House just looked at Jim and rolled his eyes.  Wilson had that shy smile on his face, trying hard to look sheepish.  “Are you getting married again?”  

“No Hector, this time it’s my friend who’s taking the plunge,”  

“Congratulations sir, you must be very excited.”

“Thrilled.  Can we hurry up.  We only get an hour for lunch.”

“Since when have you ever worried about that?” House rolled his eyes for the second time.  Why did he want to keep Wilson around again?

They started to look for the four C’s; Cut, Clarity, Carat, Cost.  Well House didn’t care about the cost so that one was down.  Hector was thrilled with that development; you could almost see the dollar signs in his eyes.  As for cut, House wanted something simple and beautiful... he liked the Princess cut.  Clarity?  Only the best.  That left them with carat.

“Well, House, what do you think about this one?”  Wilson asked with a sigh.

House was bored and annoyed.  He just wanted to get a freakin’ diamond put in a ring so he could give it to her.  They had been there an hour and a half already, “Dammit, Jim, I’m a doctor, not a jeweler.”

“House...” Wilson sighed, almost a whine.  

“This one, it’s perfect.  Set it, I’ll be back at six.”  House told Hector, before getting up and walking out of the store.  Neither of them spoke on the way back to the hospital; each was lost in their own thoughts.  


Allison had her head in the toilet most of the day. The morning sickness had kicked in, full force, and it didn’t seem to realize it was afternoon.  “Oh... make it stop,” she moaned to herself.  She never heard the door open up as both House and Wilson searched the house for her, only to find her laying on the floor in the bathroom.

“Allison are you ok?”  Wilson was quickly helping her up off the floor.  

“Wait Jim, not so fast, unless you want me to ruin your expensive shoes.  I think I’m dying.  I hope I’m dying.” Allison whimpered.  

“Have you eaten anything today?”  House asked her and watched as she turned green.  

“House, dammit, she is sick.  I don’t think you should talk about food.”  Wilson scolded him.

“Well, if she ate little meals, it would help keep the sickness at bay.  I’m going to make you some soup.  You can’t afford to lose any weight.”

“Oh so now I’m too skinny?” she shot at him.

“I didn’t say that.  I said that you shouldn’t loose weight when you are pregnant.”

“I know that Dr. House.  In case you forgot, I’m also a doctor.” she snapped at him.  He turned on his heel and walked away.  “Greg, wait..” She called after him, but he didn’t come back.  She started to cry.  

“How about you take a shower Allison.  It will make you feel better.  You can eat something when you get out.”  Wilson was once again being the peacemaker.  She was irrational, having spent her entire day on in the bathroom.  House was.... emotional; it was something he was not used to, and certainly didn’t like.  House didn’t do emotional; well he just got more prickly in the hopes of  hiding he true feelings and fears.  

James found him in the kitchen, making soup.  “She didn’t mean it.. You know that right?”


“She’s sick.”

“I know.”

“Are you going to ask her tonight?”  A shrug.  “Well, it may make her feel better,”

“And it may make her think I’m doing it only doing it because of the baby.”

“Aren’t you?”  James eyed him.  He was the only one who that could disarm House with a look.  Cameron could read him, but it was James who saw everything.  “You’re afraid she’ll say no.  You WANT to marry her, don’t you?  Oh my God, I never thought I would see the day.”  Wilson ran his hands in his hair.  

“She deserves it, putting up with the two of us.  I don’t know, Wilson, I can’t explain it.”

“I can.  You love her.”  A quick nod from House.  James walked over to him and embraced him.  “You’re a good man Greg.  This just makes me love you even more.  We can do this.  We’ll find a way.”  They kissed for a few moments.  It was desperate and passionate, almost violent, like their love.  They broke apart as Cameron entered the room.

“Greg,” she said, almost a sob and he held out an arm for her.  The three of them stood in the kitchen, holding each other as she sobbed.

Allison ate the soup and drank some ginger ale.  House and Wilson clucked over her like little mother hens.  She almost laughed at the sight.  House was right, she did feel a little better, though she wasn’t sure if it was the food or them.  It was a relief that they knew and were taking it so well.  

During her musing, they got quiet.  Too quiet.  She looked at them, House shifted uncomfortably and Wilson looked strained and nervous.  She swallowed and tried to find her voice; her mouth suddenly felt dry.  “What?” she finally managed.  Wilson looked at House and saw he had turned white.

His eyes stood out more than normal and he wouldn’t meet anyone’s gaze.  Wilson cleared his throat, Greg glanced at him then turned the full power of his eyes on to Allison.  Her heart stopped, then beat frantically with fear.

“Allie,” he started.  She could feel the sting of tears, he was leaving.  Oh, God, she thought, here it comes.  “I...Wilson and I.... Dammit...” He was stammering, He never stammered.  Dropping his cane, he pulled out a chair and sat in front of Allison.  He took her hand and noticed that his were trembling.  He cursed himself silently.  

Allison was sitting there, her eyes huge, her heart beating a thousand times a minute with no idea what was going on.  He shot a look at Wilson and wondered how he managed to do this three times, when he couldn’t even do it once.  

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring box and set it down in front of her.  She looked at it like she had no idea what it was.  A small black velvet box only left one of two things, earrings or a ring.  She looked up at him, puzzled.  He sighed, wishing she would just say yes already.  Than it dawned on him: he had never asked the question.  

Allison felt detached from her body.  She was sitting, which was a good thing; House was across from her, looking far more nervous  than she had ever seen him.   Wilson stood, stone quiet and nothing was making any sense to her.  

“Marry me.”  He finally managed to get the words past the lump in his throat.  

“What?” she whispered.  

House sighed, leaning his head back and closing his eyes as he tried to collect himself.  “I want you to marry me Allie.”

“Because of the baby?”

“Yes.  No!  Because I love you.”  He was, in fact shaking now.  

“You love me?”


She looked up at Jim, “We can’t.  What about James.”

“It’s Ok Allie.  Greg and I have talked about this.  It is for the best.  It won’t change anything between us.   It will still be the three of us.  This is for your parents, for you and for the baby.  No one will be able to say anything bad about you, or House.  Besides everyone already thinks the two of you are involved.  Imagine the looks on their faces when they see this...” He smiled, trying to reassure her.  It would actually be funny to see.  

“Please, Allie, let me do this for you.  Marry me.”

“Under one condition,”

House knew he wouldn’t like this, but said, “Ok, what?”

“Tell me you love me again,”

He smiled for the first time all day; actually, for the first time in a long while, and when it reached his eyes making them sparkle in a way she had never seen.  “I love you, Allison.  Marry me, and in a round about way, Wilson also.  We can say our own vowels with him.  It’ll be our own little thing, rings and everything.  What do you say?”

“Yes, Greg, I will marry you, and we both can marry James.   I love you both.”  House took the ring from the box and slipped it on her finger with steady hands.  Another hurdle had been crossed on the road to happiness.

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Re: [HOUSE]Just The Three of Us[NC-17][SLASH][ONG1-16]
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AAWWWW!! I can't explain how much I've missed these updates! I hope you put the rest up :D I can't go another year or two without more tehehe

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Re: [HOUSE]Just The Three of Us[NC-17][SLASH][ONG1-16]
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No updates yet? Aww =( I could cry  :cry