Author Topic: AOL browser users - Where you can get other browsers  (Read 3645 times)

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AOL browser users - Where you can get other browsers
« on: Tue, Jan 03, 2006, 12:18 AM »
Hello! *waves to all*

This is basically for the users who happen to have AOL browsers and thus experience problems with logging in on VX. I'll give you links where you can get other browsers.

The three best known for Windows are Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox.

Download Firefox:

Download Internet Explorer:

Download Opera:

IE is the most common web browser, built by Microsoft. I personally switched to Opera after I discovered that IE has some security leaks and you're likely to catch Trojans or viruses through it. The disadvantage with Opera is that it doesn't properly support Java and Windows Media Player plugins. But Opera's advantages outweigh by far and you can do with using IE occassionally for Java stuff and online clips. FF is also very easy to handle and reliable.

So, if you are among the AOL users, you might want to get one of the above mentioned browsers. Simply download the setup files and install them like any other program. If you already use a browser that is not from AOL and still experience login problems, try deleting all of your cookies and temporary internet files.

In any other case, just holler and we'll try to help. ;)

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