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[ORG] An Affair in Waiting [NC17][FIN] [ONE-SHOT]
« on: Fri, Mar 09, 2012, 11:38 AM »
Author: babydoll619
Title: An Affair in Waiting
Fandom: Original
Rating: NC17
Pairing: OMC/OFC
Disclaimer: This story is just from my own imagination and nowhere else.
Summary: Two lovers are able to satisfy the urge they had been putting off for so long.
Archive: VX only.
Feedback: Positive or negative, all feedback is welcomed.
Author's Note: I have left out names on purpose because I wanted to focus on their actions and what is going on in the story. Also, it's been awhile since I wrote, so i'm a little rusty. Enjoy!

It was a long time in waiting but the day had finally come. On another regular weekday, she had escaped her life to be able to take the opportunity. She wasn't known to do things out of her routine. The people she knew, thought of her to be reliable and never miss a thing. But on this day, it was one thing she felt she had to take a chance on. Her mind wouldn't leave her alone and her heart accelerated faster just thinking about it. Always wanting to please people, the woman knew that today was her day to please herself and perhaps, be able to please someone else in particular. That someone else had been in her mind for a long time and in her heart for the same duration. The more she refused, the more it crept back in. She had other failed opportunities all because her heart sought for someone else. Finally, the time had come and she had gotten her opportunity with him. He always made her smile, he was playful, and protected her when he thought she needed it.

The man that came to be burned into her soul was all she wanted and nothing else matter. She was willing to leave everything just to be able to make him happy. What others thought to be a crush, she knew it had to be more. All she waited was for him to return the same feelings. When she discovered he did, she took the chance and set all her cards out on the table. Letting him fully inside her heart, she came undone. With fear and excitement mixing well together, she learned to be with him. He had gone through his personal heartache so the feelings were similar. But when the fear went away, their feelings grew intense. Unable to have all the time they wanted, they had to stop or be interrupted.

When the time came, planning it out, she went out, prettied herself up for him. Touching up her makeup, calling her friend to make sure her outfit was fine and finally getting to the designated location. She had called him to see if nothing would interrupt them. All smiles and feeling the butterflies in her stomach, she went to the place where they would have all the privacy she wanted. It was a little motel between the distance of their houses. Once he was done with work, he would meet her and they could be together. She picked up food for him and checked in at the motel. She got the room ready for him. Candles lit, the food set up at the table and then she slipped into something more comfortable.

It was sunset now and she was looking at herself through the mirror in the bathroom. Her nerves were ready to get the best of her and when she heard the door knock, she couldn't help but jump. Taking a deep breath, she walked over to the door. Looking through the peephole, she smiled. Opening the door, she peeked out. “Hi.”

He walked in and grinned. He saw her in the silky red nightgown. She could see he was checking her out. “Hi.” He replied as he pressed her closer to him. With his 6'' ft height, he looked like a big bear protecting her 5 foot and 3-inch frame. They hugged and their lips lightly touched.

Closing the door and putting the lock, they moved away from the door. “I got us dinner from the diner.” She said as she lead him over to the little table by the curtain closed window.

“Smells good.” He watched as she opened the food boxes. Looking over to her, he smiled and wrapped his arm around her. “You gonna eat like that?” He smirked.

Glancing down at her, she frowned thinking he didn't like it. “You don't like it?” She looked at him.

“I think you look good but don't want any pervs walking by and seeing you.” He smiled even though he had grown to be really protective of her and a little jealous when other guys' eyes wandered.

She giggled and reached up to kiss him. “Don't worry, no one can see me. The curtains are too thick. Besides, I only want you to see me.” She winked at him. She kissed him again and then nudged him to sit down. “Now eat before it gets cold.” Dinner time was spent on him making her laugh and her rubbing her foot against his leg. With the food almost finished, he couldn't deal with it more. His hand slipped and touched her thigh.

Blushing, she couldn't help but let him feel. The past times they shared heated moments, she allowed him to touch what he wanted. He always caressed her skin and treated her like a fragile thing. “Are you full?”

Nodding, he looked at her and smirked. “Thank you.” He leaned over and kissed her. He was always appreciative and carried a smile every time he was able to spend time with her. “What did you tell your family you were going?”

She grinned. “The truth, that we were going to have dinner together but I left out some details.” She kissed him back. “What did you say to get out of practice?”

He licked his lips and smirked as he caught her looking. “My sister took over coaching but it's really my little brother coaching.”

“They weren't mad?” She asked worried that he was missing out.

Shaking his head, he reached over and brushing her hair off her shoulder. “Nah, one day won't hurt.”

Understanding, she grinned. “I'll make it up by bringing snacks for the whole team this weekend.”

His hand on her thigh slid a little high towards the inside and gently squeezed. “Want to go relax on the bed?” His mind was on one track now and he knew they both needed it.

She nodded and then they both moved away from the table. He had turned his phone off and left hers on as the internet radio was blasting through attachable speakers. Getting on the bed, she looked over to him. He had long dark curly hair but well maintained. He sported a slight beard but he always trimmed it when it got thick. His frame was still wide as the former football player that he was. Yet, it was his humor and heart that brought the woman to care deeply about him.

Commanding him to get close with her finger, she giggled when he playfully pounced onto the bed. He trapped her under him and they both smiled before they kissed. Looking into each others' eyes, they both knew what would happen next. They kissed again and this time they took awhile to part. When they had to breathe again, they pulled away panting. Both their cheeks were flushed when they looked at each other. She reached up and put her fingers into his hair. “So glad you didn't cut your hair.”

“Would you still want me if I did?” He moved to kiss her shoulder.

“Yes. Besides, you hair can always grow back.” Her lips found his neck and locked onto the same spot she had last time and left a little mark.

Groaning, he closed his eyes and let her mark him. He secretly loved it but never told anyone how much he did. Another groaned escaped him as her fingers slid away from his hair and caressed the back of his neck.

She had pulled away from his neck and checked out her work. Biting her bottom lip, she liked how the spot was already red and ready to be seen. Giggling, she kissed his cheek. “You are gonna be teased tomorrow.”

Turning his head towards her, he chuckled. “Guess you're gonna be nursing a black eye tomorrow.”

She shook her head. “Not if you don't start a fight.” She kissed his lips and then closed her eyes when he rested his forehead against hers. She didn't like it that he would start a fight if he had the chance but she knew that at this moment he was only teasing her.

“My turn.” He moved her neck but she stopped him.

“Told you not the neck.” She smirked.

“How come you always do mine on my neck and I have to leave yours where no one else can see?” He looked at her.

“Because I said so.” She giggled when he attacked her neck but she let him leave his mark anywhere he wanted. Last one was left on the inside of her thigh. They had gone so far that if he continued she would have exploded but as always they were interrupted by his dog barking, announcing that someone was coming home at his house.

“Fine but I get to leave three this time.” He said as he kissed down her chest and nestled the valley between her breasts. Through the nightgown, his hand caressed down the side of her thigh. He managed to settle between her legs and comfortably pressed himself against her.

Closing her eyes, she allowed the pleasure to run through her body. Little hisses escaped her when he pushed down on her reddish nightgown enough to access her skin and nibbled a little roughly. It seemed that he was hungry for her and she thrived on that. Her nervousness was starting to go away but part of it remained since she had never been with anyone.

She feared it at first but being with him felt right to her and he never forced her into anything. He welcomed all that she was willing explore and let him do. Focusing on his mouth torturing her warm skin, she slightly opened her eyes and brushed his hair away to see the big red mark he left between her breasts. He kissed her tummy and then brought her legs up. Bent at the knees, she spread her legs as much as she could. Watching him, her chest rose higher and faster as her eyes clouded. She moaned when he kissed the insides of her thighs. She continued to watch him and felt tingly when he found a spot to focus his lips on. He nibbled and licked the spot on the middle of her thigh.

After the second hickey was made, he moved to the other thigh and did the same. Unable to take the sensation any longer, the woman moaned and loved the attention. She let him finish the third marking before sitting up and cupping the side of his face with both hands. She brought him down enough to kiss him passionately. She ran her tongue along his lips and then let his tongue play with hers. His hands wrapped around the back of her head and hair. Gradually, her hands slipped down and roamed over his shoulders and chest.

Panting harder than ever, she closed her eyes and rested her forehead on his chin. “Please, tell me you brought a rubber.”

He pulled her face back to look at her. “Yeah, I did.” He caressed her cheek. “Are you sure about this?”

Nodding, she kissed his lips and then brought his shirt up. Once shirtless, they laid back on the mattress. Her head resting on the pillows, she brushed her hand against his crotch before resting it on the hem of his pants. “Can't think of anyone else who would be better.” She kissed his lips and then let him take control from then on.

He kissed her back and lowered himself down on top of her enough to relax but not to crush her. He knew she can handle his wait but he still didn't want hurt her. While his lips focused on her lips, his hands ran down and under her nightgown. She was wearing matching silky panties and it made him think naughty things. Bringing his thoughts back to the present, his slowly took off her panties and then tossed them to the floor. They landed beside his shirt as they were forgotten. Running his hand over her hot opening, he continued to kiss the life out of her.

The sounds of moans filled their ears. A slight jolt came from him when he felt her hand press his growing erection but he had pressed himself harder into her hand and let her play. The moment the need to move onto the next step overwhelmed them, he sat up and reached into his pocket. Out came his car keys, his wallet and the condom he purchased on his way to her.

He felt her watching him, so he quickly rid of  the rest of his clothes. Getting back in her warm embrace. He kissed her and let her relax enough before he could continue. “I'll stop whenever you tell me to.” He reassured her.

She nodded as he had told her the same thing the last time they were close to moving into the next part of their relationship. “I don't want you to stop at all. This time we can finish what we started.” She kissed him deeply and then let him put on the condom.

With her nightgown bunched up to her breasts, she allowed him to settle between her legs. Biting her lip, she felt his manhood entering her hot cave. The woman gasped and instantly put her hand over his as he held onto her hip. A mixture of pain and pleasure filled her and couldn't help but close her eyes. It felt as if he was ripping into her but her body urged him on.

He watched her grip his fingers and he moved his hand enough to lock his fingers with hers. He slowly entered her and closed his own eyes. Her tightness sent pleasure to him and knew there wouldn't be anyone else. Once the head was in, it was easier for him to slip deep inside her. At the deep end, he let her adjust to his size. Having a moment, he moved to lay on top of her. His lips found hers and they began a hungry lip-lock as they were joined by their lower parts.

Seconds went by when his knee slipped and it made him push even deeper. They both moaned when they felt the extreme pleasure. Her hands slipped to his back and gripped him as much as her nails could do when her hips sought for more pleasure. Spread wide from the inside, she focused on him as much as she could.

He pulled out slightly but he pressed back. He did it more and more, liking the feeling of the warmth that wrapped around him. One hand slipped down and cupped her breast. He toyed with her nipple and enjoyed her moaning.

Her eyes remained closed as she began to buck her hips against his thrusts. Turning her head to the side, she exposed her neck to him which he gladly attached his lips to. She gasped and then licked his lips and let him continue his assault. When he let go of her neck, she turned back and opened her eyes. She saw him looking at her and she smiled.

They softly kissed before he pushed up to balled fists. He glanced down as he continue to thrust. Looking back to her, he was panting hard as he moved faster. The woman caressed his cheek as she moaned with his thrusts. The bed squeaked under their movements but it didn't drown out their moans and their groans.

Her breasts bounced slightly as he got a little rough but only because he sped up their climax. Feeling her walls tightening, he closed his eyes and listened her to her whimper and then gasped. Her body trembled as her climax rushed through her body like an tsunami. Her hands gripped his shoulders as she need to be stable.

Thrusting into her three more times, he pushed himself all the way in as he let out a roar-like groan. He breathed through his nose as his mouth hung open and his eyes shut closed. He felt himself explode inside her. His own body trembled as well while his own juice filled inside the rubber. After she was down from her cloud, she rose her head off the pillow and kissed his peck as he was still riding out his orgasm. She was breathing hard as her whole face was flushed and felt wonderful. It was a sensation that no words could describe. Once he was done, he almost collapsed on her but he quickly pulled out and rolled to the side. Breathing loud and hard, he reached up and wiped the bit of sweat from his forehead. Looking up at the ceiling, he regained his breath.

The woman rolled onto her side and watched him. Grinning, she kissed his bicep and let him relax again. When he looked at her, she smiled. “That was the best five minutes of my life.” She began to giggle and he laughed as he moved his arm around her.

Getting closer to him, she kissed his chest and put her hand over his heart. “You got jokes huh?” He ran his hand through her straight hair.

She smirked. “Guess you're rubbing off on me.” She winked and laid her head on his chest. “You know  we're doing it again.”

“You fucking know it.” He wrapped both his arms around her as he began to listen the song change on her phone's radio.


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Re: [ORG] An Affair in Waiting [NC17][FIN] [ONE-SHOT]
« Reply #1 on: Fri, Mar 09, 2012, 11:46 AM »
That was hot! He's so sweet to her. I want a man like that! lol

So glad to see you are back to writing and you weren't rusty. If anything you came back with a bang!

Loved it.
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Re: [ORG] An Affair in Waiting [NC17][FIN] [ONE-SHOT]
« Reply #2 on: Sat, Mar 10, 2012, 09:43 AM »
To me it doesn't look like you're rusty.  On the contrary, this is well written and pretty hot to boot.  I like it that you didn't give the characters a name, names are just a distraction.  Well done!
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Re: [ORG] An Affair in Waiting [NC17][FIN] [ONE-SHOT]
« Reply #3 on: Sun, Mar 11, 2012, 10:54 PM »
That was hot! He's so sweet to her. I want a man like that! lol

So glad to see you are back to writing and you weren't rusty. If anything you came back with a bang!

Loved it.

Lol shoot I know...I want a man to be like that. but I can only dream. I'd be lucky if it happens like that. glad you enjoyed the story and thanks for helping me come up with the idea to write some smut. LOL

To me it doesn't look like you're rusty.  On the contrary, this is well written and pretty hot to boot.  I like it that you didn't give the characters a name, names are just a distraction.  Well done!

Thanks Monty, so happy that you didn't get confused or distraction. Another thanks, thought the smut would be a little dull. Either way, glad you came by to read it.

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Re: [ORG] An Affair in Waiting [NC17][FIN] [ONE-SHOT]
« Reply #4 on: Fri, Jun 01, 2012, 11:15 AM »
Hunny, if that was rusty, I can't wait to see what you can do when you get back in the swing of things. FABULOUS!!!