Author Topic: Message for users with newly registered accounts at the Xperience Message Board!  (Read 1756 times)

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Dear Xperience members!

For those of you new to our forum, we'd like to send out an excerpt from our rules and regulations as a little reminder:

Each newly registered account holder must post at least once within two weeks after his or her account is activated. If the time passes without any activity, the account will be erased from the database. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this step might cause. Our hope is that you have taken the time to register with us because you want to become an active member of the site. With this is mind, we feel two weeks is a sufficient amount of time to say Hello in our Passport Forum and/or perhaps post a few comments elsewhere on the message board.

As our team has been quite busy recently, we didn't enforce this rule, but within the next days we'll have a closer look at our members list to remove the unused accounts from our database.

In case you didn't get to post after you registered your account, please take the little moment to show us you are still interested in being part of our community, for example by introducing yourself in our Passport Forum.

The Xperience Team
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