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PayPal is an eBay affiliate and the transactions done with PP are fast and secure. To register a PP account, you only need a valid email address, then you can sign up here:

Depending on the country you live in, PayPal allows you to receive and/or send money via bank transfer/credit card. Please keep in mind that fund transfer via credit card is charged with fees, you might want to add a dollar or two to cover for them. When using the bank transfer option, PP will either collect the money from your bank account or you have to transfer the money into your PP account before PP sends it on.

Approved countries and their features can be found here:

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How do I send money?

- Log in to your PayPal account.
- Click the Send Money tab.
- Click either the Pay Anyone or Pay for eBay Items subtab.
- Enter the recipient's email address, the amount, the currency, the payment type, and an optional subject and note.
- Click Continue.
- Review the information on the confirmation page and click Send Money to complete your transaction.


You send money by clicking the Send Money tab, then clicking either the Pay Anyone or Pay for eBay Items subtab, and filling out the form. When you send money through the Pay Anyone subtab, you are asked to choose a payment type. The payment types are:

eBay Items: Select this to pay for your eBay purchases. This will take you to an additional form where you can enter information such as your eBay item URL, eBay Buyer ID, and a message for the seller.

Auction Goods (non-eBay): Select this to pay for a non-eBay auction purchase. This will take you to an additional form to enter information such as your item URL, auction site, and a message for the seller.

Goods (other): Select this to pay for non-auction goods

Service: Select this to pay for a service

Quasi-Cash: Select this to send money not involving an underlying good or service. If you use your debit or credit card for this, your bank may treat it as a cash advance and charge cash fees. PayPal has no control over these fees. If you select Quasi-Cash you may want to use a payment method other than a credit card to avoid potential fees.
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How do I use PayPal to send a payment?

After you sign up for a PayPal account, you will need to add a funding source for your payments. For immediate payments, you'll need to add a credit or debit card. You may also use PayPal Buyer Credit if you have been approved. Then, click on the Send Money tab and enter the recipient's email address and the amount of your payment.

You may also fund payments using your PayPal balance or your U.S. checking account. Just remember, adding a bank account will take a few days.
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For more info, please check out the detailed PayPal help base.

Furyan Goddess:
did you get the money I pay pal'ed the other day?    Wasn't much but I"m sure every little bit helps.

I'll check back with MAV, she's managing the account. Thank you so much!!  :rock

Furyan Goddess:
Sure thing, this is the first place I have donated to... gots to give props to those that make my life happy and let me fantasize about Vin and Riddick :dream


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