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Want to change your username?
« on: Sat, Apr 29, 2006, 06:42 AM »
Hi all,

As recently we have received a few requests to change your usernames, I am putting this topic on to let you all know about this feature, and its' pros and contras.

When you sign up for this message board, you define your username as the #1 step. The name you choose - let it be your usual internet nick, your real name or a random set of characters - will be your handle on the board, that's how we will know and identify you.

If you are not comfortable with your name anymore - for ex. you'd be rather called on your real name, or found a better pen-name - it is possible to change your name. Drop a mail to one of our admins, and they'll make the changes for you. All your posts in the past, and the ones in the future will be listed under your new name.

When changing your name, please keep in mind, that your name shall be still in accordance with our rules. No names referring to Vin and ORF, no obscenities or names that sound familiar to already existing ones. As folks will still look for you under your old name, you must alert them about the name change by replying to this post:

Thanks and happy VXing,

The VX team
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