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How do I get a signature and an avatar? (quick guide)

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To create your sig, go to your profile and insert your text into the signature textbox. If you want to post an image, use the following code:

[ img][ /img]

To center your pic, type the following:

[ center][ img][ /img][ /center]

You can also use the center tags to center your text:

[ center]This is my sig text[ /center]

Please note that the code only works without the blanks!

To get an avatar, you might link to a picture hosted elsewhere by inserting the link into the "Specify avatar by URL" box at the 'Forum Profile' page of your profile.

Purple Frogger:
Oh thank you so much JS ~ I remember thinking about doing something like this last night (before I went chasing lost/firecracker scared dogs all nite ~ not mine, a friends) and then promptly forgot it.

@ K ~ do you think we should 'stick' this? (be nice...)

THANK YOU!  I am so clueless when it comes to things like this and you made it really easy.  Hopefully my sig isn't to big.

Purple Frogger:
actually, **cough cough**, I can't quite lick the whole thing in one lick ~ God that is HOT!

hey, Mindy, where is your sig gone?? it's so empty without it!!


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