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[Suicide Squad] Circus of The Damned [NC-17] ONG-Ch 1 Posted
« on: Mon, Oct 03, 2016, 08:53 PM »
Author: Scandalous
Title: Circus of the Damned
Rating: Eventual NC-17 for sex and violence
Fandom: Suicide Squad
Disclaimer: I do not own Suicide Squad or Captain Boomerang, however all original character are my property.
Summary: Amanda Waller has a mission that only the sticky-fingered Captain can accomplish. He's not being sent out solo, but with a mysterious colleague of Flagg's. Helene "Hell" Butcher is a soldier to her core with some deep, dark secrets. His fate...and a substantial reward are in her hands. Will they survive this devilish mission working together, or will it end in mass bloodshed?
Pairing: Captain Boomerang/OFC
Archive: Please ask first
Feedback: Yes please, I live for it
Author's Notes: This is my take on a darker, less batshit crazy Captain.

The female guard abruptly slammed her way into his cell, stopping a few steps into the small room. For a few seconds, her tired eyes briefly roamed his almost-naked body. His muscular chest was heaving, a few droplets of sweat tracing the thickness of his torso from the push-ups that were his only entertainment in this box.

“Get dressed. Boss wants you in the yard ASAP,” she barked, tossing a jumpsuit at him as he saw the back-up squad of black clad guards stacking up in the doorway.

His fists clenched tightly and the sound of threads popping in the cheap material was audible as he considered defiance. 

The guard widened her stance as her hand dropped to her taser. Behind her the group of men pressed forward in anticipation of the violence they expected to erupt.

“We can do this the hard way, or the easy way but the results are going to be the same. Your choice, Captain,” she said, heavy sarcasm dripping from her last word.

He took a few deep breaths, trying to master his rage. Defiance ended in pain. Always. The very air was heavy with tension. After a long moment, his hands unclenched and he started slipping his legs into the drab garment. When he zipped it up, the apprehension ratcheted up another notch. Surprising everyone, he turned and calmly placed his wrists behind him for the guard to snap the cuffs on his wrists.

They led him out of his cell, his stride hampered by the heavy leg restraints.  The guards surrounded him in a square formation as they made their way through the grey hallways of Belle Reve.  All the sounds of the poor souls interred there echoed around their passage, yelled cursing and banging was the only song in this forsaken place.

After passing through two heavily guarded doors, the last sliding open as the guards tightened their positions around him. Sunlight blazed into the doorway, too bright for eyes so used to constant gloom.  He stopped, trying to let his eyes adjust to the unaccustomed brightness. A taser nudged his back in a subtle threat to move on. Chains clanking, he walked out into the brightness. He squinted against the brutal assault on his corneas as he was shoved out and despite his hampered vision he sensed the open space around him.

Sight returning, he found himself in a small yard with a concrete floor and heavy wire covering the sides and roof. It was still a cage, but at least it was open to the wind and sky.  He took a deep breath of air not made stale by circulation in a concrete fortress and felt the tight muscles of his neck relax slightly. The sky and sun were a sight he hadn’t seen in months. 

Turning his attention to the rest of the space, his enjoyment soured as he recognized the other occupants of this potentially slightly pleasant space.  Amanda Waller stood there, a stone cold killer in a subdued blue skirt suit, her face a study in neutral blankness. Flanking her was Rick Flagg. They were backed by a small squad of Flagg’s heavily armed commandos.

Waller gave him a small, snakelike smile as he was jerked to a stop in front of her; close enough for speech but far enough to give her the illusion of safety.  His guard dogs relaxed slightly in the armed presence of the soldiers. 

“Good afternoon, Mr. Harkness,” Waller said. Flagg snorted from his place by her side.  After a cutting the other man a quick glare, she returned her attention to him. Being the center of Amanda Waller’s attention was never a good place to be.

“I have a mission for you.  During our last operation, proprietary military intelligence and equipment was stolen by Joker’s henchmen. You are going to steal it back.” she stated flatly.

“Why should I? We saved the fucking world last time, and all I got was thrown back into a stinking fucking hole. What’s in it for me?” he asked, loathing clear in every heavily accented word. She met his wrath with a level gaze.

“You don’t have a choice here, Harkness. Your skills are the best suited for this task. I would think the idea of a solo mission would peak your interest. And if that’s not motivation enough, if you succeed…and survive I will half your sentence. Good behavior is rewarded on Task Force X.” she said, pinning him with that cold stare. A slight smirk curled her lips. “If you don’t comply, then you are of no further use to me; and I think you know well enough what happens to people who are useless to me.”
“Yeah, off with my head. I know.” he drawled, rolling his eyes. “You’re really going to let me out of this hellhole alone? That’s too good to be true, doll. I’m not buying it.”

“Not exactly alone,” Flagg interjected. “Ain’t no way we’re letting you loose without some safeguards. There’s someone that just arrived who you’re gonna get real friendly with, because your life is in their hands. Literally.”

There was movement in the group of soldiers behind Flagg as someone separated from the milling group . A small figure in black fatigues moved to the Colonel’s side. A black baseball cap shadowed the person’s face. Looking up at him was a distinctly feminine visage.

He goggled for a few second, then snorted.

“You’re setting me up right perfectly. You really think that lil’ shelia is gonna stop me from slipping your damn collar and getting back to my life?” He barked out a laugh. “You’ve all lost your furry little minds."
Cocking her head, the new arrival looking at him curiously. The shift caused the light to hit her face as she stepped forward. She stopped a foot from him and blatantly scanned from the tips of his toes to the top of his head. The first thing he noticed when he met her gaze was her eyes. He found himself staring into the dark, flat eyes of a predator. The smile she gave him was more a baring of teeth than an expression of emotion. Propping a hand on her hip, the smile morphed into a confident smirk.

“Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Helene Butcher, but you can call me Hell.” 
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Re: [Suicide Squad] Circus of The Damned [NC-17] ONG-Ch 1 Posted
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Interesting start!  Please update soon. :)

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