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[ORIG/SOA?/KAG?] Cold [NC-17]ONG—CH1. 2/12/16
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Author:  K_Cired

Title: Cold

Rating: NC-17

Fandom: ORIG/SOA?/KAG?

Disclaimer: I am claiming fandoms from SOA and KAG. I am really not sure here and possibly someone would like to advise. My characters are originally named, and have original behaviors/mannerisms for the most part. The setting is original. BUT I will fully acknowledge that my influences in my male characters have been pulled from Taylor/ KAG and some from Opie/Jax and others of SOA. No copyright infringements are intended, so full disclosure here. Some events may be similar mixing of either of these stories. If I should list this in another way, I would love a moderator's advice.

Summary: I have no idea where I am going with this yet. Sorry.
Pairing: OFC/OMC

Archive: NO

Feedback:Yes, please

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Re: [ORIG/SOA?/KAG?] Cold [NC-17]ONG—CH1. 2/12/16
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Jaymes got out of the car pulling her coat around her tighter to attempt to block out some of the cold. While it was spring and she could feel the warm notes in the air she still could not get used to the cold feeling that always seemed to blow in off the ocean no matter what time of year it was. The Atlantic winds were just so much different than the Pacific air she had grown up with. Looking at her friend, Annisa, Jaymes knew it was her and not the weather. Annisa wore a jean jacket over her low cut sexy t-shirt and nothing else, while Jaymes had her wool coat, scarf, and gloves and was still shivering. Nothing like sticking out, Jaymes shrugged to herself, fitting in had never been her strong point, and she would rather be warm sticking out, than freezing while trying to blend in.

“So tell me what this is again”, Jaymes said with a chuckle. No matter how many times she had gotten Annisa to say it, she got a kick out of it.

“Deliver me some dick night” Annisa replied with a straight face. Then looked at Jaymes, “And maybe you too if you can bother to talk to a man without shooing him off in the first thirty seconds”.

Jaymes just laughed. While Annisa may have actually had a point there, she wasn’t really interested. Men did her no good, and in fact, the opposite. They were trouble. They may look pretty from a distance, be fun for a moment up close, but that was until they knew details. Then either they went running, or she did. Or someone got hurt. Either way, it was better off from that distance. B.O.B was good. He had no emotions and certainly didn’t give her any. Better than any man.

For the first time Jaymes really looked around at the bar Annisa had brought her to “Um…Nisa? What is this?”

“It’s not as rough as it looks. Promise” Annisa said gesturing at the building that looked like it was semi falling down. “Plus, they are supposed to have some of the best food in town, Mark told me.”

“Ah Mark, yes, random office guy. Awesome.” Jaymes was getting bitter. She tried to stay away from the rougher crowds, not that she was a goody-goody by any means, but after growing up and becoming a mom and all that, she preferred to leave all the unknown where it belonged. At this moment she was really wishing she would have just kept the kids from their sleepover. They could all be home snuggled and watching a movie or something, not her being dragged into some downtown dive bar  in the worst neighborhood filled with  rumbling bikes out front. God, somewhere between the violent marriage and angry divorce, she had gotten old. Maybe it was time to live a little.

Jaymes reluctantly followed Annisa inside and was not much more impressed with the interior—although the walls did seem to be a bit more intact than the outside of the building—and to her relief, it was warm. For as rough as it looked, there was no bouncer, not like at most of the rougher downtown dance clubs Annisa had tried to take them to in the past and this really wasn’t what Jaymes had been expecting at all. It was lighter lit, dim still, but not a dance club at all. More of a bar, with a few surrounding tables to make a restaurant. Annisa had always been into the young, dance club scene, but that was a whole new level. Those had been baby wanna-be gangsters. Not trying to look like she was scoping the crowd, Jaymes looked around as they made their way to a table in the corner off the back of the bar. People were keeping to themselves, some women around, much more men, and it was definitely a biker hang out. All rough looking. Not that anything violent was taking place, or that any moves to do so had occurred, but Jaymes got the feeling that things were that way because the patrons wanted it that way. End of story. And it intrigued her immensely.

Suddenly feeling more at ease than she had in all the months it had been since she had moved to town, Jaymes started to remove her layers of warmth and hopped up on the high stool at the table her and Annisa had come to. Turning her head from left to right she started to chuckle a bit. It was a normal bar really, with a few oddities. Big LED TVs all around, showing various sports events and one with a news channel. People drinking either alone or in small groups. Calm, quiet, friendly. But the few painted sayings on the walls really got her. The bar seemed to be confused. Over the back arch way painted so that it could be seen to anyone when they walked through the front door—‘whoops, must have missed it’—were the words “Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'entrate”, but then over the bar they had painted, “Bíonn cluasa ar na clathacha”. While the meanings of each did not necessarily conflict, Jaymes was having fun trying to decide if the bar was struggling with their Irish or Italian roots, or if they just liked proverbs in the original languages. 

“So you really aren’t going to tell me how you honestly know about this place are you?” Jaymes knew damn well Annisa was lying about some guy at work telling her to come here for the food. The girl was good at getting her way, but always forgot Jaymes saw through everything and everyone.

Annisa cocked her head at Jaymes and laughed a bit. “I always forget you’re psycho”.

Jaymes let loose a loud laugh. “I believe the word you are looking for is psychic, darling”, Jaymes shook her head at her friend, “but I am neither.”

“Yeah, that too” Annisa laughed with her, but in her head she really considered the fact that her friend may be one or the other. Both could be fitting on occasion. It was plain and simple, she loved her friend from the moment they met, but she didn’t fit. Not all the pieces went together…for any scenario.

Jaymes just kept her eyes locked on Annisa’s. She was waiting for her story of how she came to know the obvious biker bar she had been brought to in the not-so-great section of town. Annisa had wanted to come here for some reason or another and Jaymes was going to find out.

“Ok, Ok, you don’t have to give me the psycho stare down”. Annisa hated to admit it, but that glare creeped her out.
“Oh, you mean my ‘I’ll wait patiently until you tell me what I want to know’ look”? Jaymes spoke low and calm, she knew that voice paired with the glare really did her friend in.

“Yes. And that damn voice. It’s a wonder why your kids are so well behaved. They know not to fuck with mommy.” Annisa was second guessing now convincing Jaymes to come here but she had really wanted her friend out with her tonight. “Anyway, that guy I dated awhile back? Carl? He was friends with…” Annisa gestured around slightly. “We had come here a few times.”

Jaymes just nodded. She had figured as much. “Do they at least really have decent food? I’m fucking starving.” She wasn’t going to push the issue further. She was here, she was hungry, and wanted a drink. This would do for now and the place did seem calm enough. No immediate danger.

Annisa laughed with obvious relief. “Yes. Not that I’ve ever seen you be all that picky. I swear, you have the stomach of steel.”

Jaymes just nodded again. While it didn't really need acknowledged, the statement was probably true. A weak stomach was by far something she did not have. When it came to anything for that matter.

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Re: [ORIG/SOA?/KAG?] Cold [NC-17]ONG—CH1. 2/12/16
« Reply #2 on: Fri, Feb 12, 2016, 11:27 AM »
I think you're off to a great start. I think your disclaimer is fine! It's nice to see your thinking behind your characters. I particularly like the psycho/psychic line. Glad to see your story here. :)