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Author: Tiberius
Title: Death by Daywalker
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sex
Fandoms: Blade and Only Lovers Left Alive, a film by Jim Jarmusch.
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement in any way intended. Iím making no profit out of this.
Summary: A meeting of two vampires.
Pairing: Blade/Adam, slight Adam/Eve
Author's notes: Adam is played by Tom Hiddleston. So naturally I'm thinking he goes very well with Blade ;)
Feedback: Yes!! Please! But please be gentle :)

Death by Daywalker

He couldn't stand Tangier. He couldn't stand the two vampires they'd created. They were chaos and danger. Each night it was getting harder to find enough unpolluted blood for the four of them, even though Bilal helped them.
They should've never turned them, or even bitten them in the first place. Biting zombies always brought complications.

After a month, Adam left Morocco.
Eve worried, but let him go. She knew he needed it.

Weary from travel he arrived in the USA. His only luggage was the oud Eve had given him. He'd never acquired any more instruments in Tangiers, felt too depressed to even care. Marlowe's belongings had been divided between Eve and Bilal, Adam hadn't wanted anything.

The airport was overwhelmingly crowded, even at this nightly hour.
Adam longed for quiet and solitude and retreat from the world like his abandoned house in Detroit had offered.
His house here would do at least a little of that, even though the city was disgustingly full of life nowadays.

He skipped the crowd at baggage pickup and went straight for the green customs line.

Blade looked around, scanning the arrivals hall. He stood near to the doors, from where he could watch the entire hall without mingling with all the people that crowded the place despite the nightly hour.

Suddenly he noticed something out of place. It took him a moment to realize what had caught his attention.

He took a deep breath, scenting the air to catch it again. The place was full of disgusting stench, yet there it was again.
Neither human nor vampire. Something ... else.

Then he saw him.
Only a few meters away, a tall thin man walked through the crowd. He stood out with his sunglasses at night and all black clothes and gloves. Long black hair framed his pale face in ruffled strands. The only luggage he carried were a guitar case and a small aluminum suitcase.
The man was beautiful and Blade thought he smelled delicious and exotic. His whole appearance was temptation.
As impossible as it was, he was a different kind of vampire. Blade was utterly fascinated.

When he turned his head into his direction, Blade vanished at supernatural speed behind a pillar. The man had obviously noticed he'd been watched, but didn't seem to care to find out by whom when he didn't outright spot someone, and just left the building.

Blade let the familiar he'd been watching go and followed the mysterious man.
He couldn't have hanged around much longer without making security suspicious anyway.

He got his motorcycle just in time to follow the cab the man had grabbed.
A long drive took them to a desolate district on the outskirts of the city.
Adam worried as he looked absentmindedly out of the cab's window. This wasn't going to be comfortable like his lost Detroit house. He hadn't been to this place in over a decade and he had no idea what awaited him. What if some zombies had broken in and vandalized it?
Asides from that, it had always been sparingly used, none of his hoard was here ... But then, his things were nowhere. Thanks to Ava, he'd lost everything in Detroit.

As his destination neared, the streets became dark save for the lamps that weren't broken. No lights came from the unoccupied buildings.
He waited for the cab to leave before he walked up to his house. To his relief it appeared undisturbed and mostly intact.

He pulled the key from his pocket and unlocked the door. Inside greeted him the smell of dust and luckily only moderate damp and mold.
He found a flashlight in the hallway closet and checked the entire house for intruders. He wasn't in the mood for it, but it had to be done. It wouldn't do to be surprised by some homeless zombies during the day.

Blade had parked the next street over and crept up through an overgrown parcel with a collapsed ruin. It was as deserted as this whole area of the city.
Now he was hiding behind some thick vegetation and watched the old house and its wild garden on the other side of the street. The vampire's house was probably a hundred years old. It didn't look like he'd inhabited it recently, more like he'd been away a long time and just returned, from one of the cities arrivals had been from. Montreal, Paris, London, Los Angeles or Boston.

Now and then Blade saw flashes from a torch inside the house. He wondered why a vampire would use artificial light. It would only be necessary when there was complete darkness without any residual light at all, which for sure wasn't the case in that house.
Then again, it wasn't a vampire like he knew them, or something else in the way he was.

How was it even possible that another species of vampire existed completely unknown to him?

Adam found his house void of unwanted inhabitants.
The next night he would fix the electricity, now it was too early in the morning for that. There was also too little time left to get blood and sate his hunger. He had to get the car working first and didn't know where to buy.

After the disaster in Tangiers, he'd this time risked it to take blood with him on the travel. Filled into 100 ml shower gel, shampoo and hair gel bottles, just like flight security requirements stated, he'd put it into his cabin luggage. A useless toothpaste and brush, a pack of tissues and his comb completed the wash bag to make it look realistic.
He had to keep the last 300 ml for the evening and coming night.

He went into the living room and pulled the dust cover from the couch. After he'd made sure the windows were securely covered, he laid down. It felt good, soothed his tired and achy body.
As he laid miserably on the couch in the dark, he thought back to that strange encounter at the airport. All that crowding zombies had stressed him so much he'd noticed the other too late to get a good look at him. Still he was sure he hadn't been a zombie, but one of the others.
Other vampires always meant trouble which was the reason he never saw any of them. Yet he couldn't bring himself to really worry, quite the contrary he was intrigued and wondered who the black man was.

Adam remembered him, pictured him in his imagination. He sighed and rolled over. He'd always enjoyed male beauty as much as female.
This man rose desire in him. Sexy and seductively dangerous he appealed to Adam. His whole appearance spoke of strength, self-control and aggression. His sharp featured face was attractive, cool black sunglasses hid his eyes. He'd dressed well in stylish black leather clothes that complimented him. Adam wasn't sure, he hadn't seen him properly and long enough for that, but thought he'd caught a glimpse of tattoos along his jawline and neck.

Adam regretted that he'd caught only such a short glimpse of him. The other intrigued him like a man hadn't in a long time.
Too bad he would never see him again.

When dawn came, Blade left and decided to return the following night.

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