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While I'm still considering whether and how to continue my Blade/Loki story, here's a new story for you to read  ;D

Author: Tiberius
Title: Deserted
Rating: NC-17 for violence and death
Fandom: Blade. Alien vs Predator, more the basic concept than a specific movie. This is sort of an AU of Blade: Trinity.
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement in any way intended. Iím making no profit out of this. I claim no copyright on pictures shown here.
Summary: A night of vampire hunting brings unexpected surprises for Whistler and Blade.
Pairing: Blade/Abigail Whistler
Archive: Please ask.
Feedback: Yes!! Please! But please be gentle, too much picking apart a story tends to make my muse run away :hide


He pressed the button on the detonator.

Slipping the device into his pocket, Whistler quietly limped away through the dark alley.
Four minutes delay, then the fireworks would start. A smile crossed his face.

The suckheads were up to something. What exactly Blade and he had yet to find out.
Blowing their main safehouse up was just the right thing to stir up the vampires of Minneapolis.

And there was word that a new hunter was in town, killed three little vampire punks in a train station last night. Something Whistler wanted to learn more about. There weren't many people that were truly serious about vampire killing and managed to survive more than a few days.

Whistler reached the main street. The night was icy cold and the falling snow slowly buried the city.

Only a few people were on the street at this time of the night and they barely paid him any attention. They had no idea he carried two pistols and an assault rifle hidden under his shabby coat and more explosives in his ratty army backpack.

He crossed the street and vanished into the next alley as the explosion went off and illuminated the night for a moment. Sounded like it went exactly as planned and the semtex had leveled the whole safehouse.

Whistler was two alleys away by the time the police sirens went off in the distance.

Distracted by them, he noticed it a moment too late.

Someone came out of the dark alley a few meters ahead of him.
He swiftly pulled his gun, but kept it hidden in the folds of his coat.

A white woman. Young. Pretty.
She was about his height. Slim, fit build.
Her stance was tense, hands at her sides, away from any pockets of her clothing.
She wore insulated pants and jacket, gloves, a beanie and insulated combat boots, like she intended to stay outside in the cold for some time and wasn't just quickly hurrying home from work or another warm place. No impractical handbag women seemed to love.

She didn't feel like danger, but not like harmless civilian either.

He stared at her, expecting her to scare away from him.

But she came closer to him.

"The fuck you're doing here, girl?" he grunted gruffly.

"Are you Abraham Whistler?"

Fuck ...
He was sure she would raise a gun at him, but she didn't move a muscle to pull it.

Behind her, a dark shadow descended from the roof and landed silently.
Whistler's expression didn't change the slightest so he wouldn't give away what he saw.

The woman froze as suddenly the muzzle of Blade's MAC 11 touched the back of her skull and the safety faintly clicked.

"One step further and you're dead, familiar," Blade hissed.
"And don't even think about it. You're gonna end up breaking your arm, not hurting me."

"Daywalker?" she asked after seconds of tense silence, her voice surprisingly cool and devoid of fear.

At a nod from Whistler, Blade grabbed her and pushed her into the nearest wall.
She struggled. It was no useless squirming, she knew how to fight, yet it was no avail against Blade.
He easily pinned her against the wall and disarmed her. A gun and a silver stake dropped to the ground, sinking into the snow.

Whistler lifted an eyebrow at the sight of the stake.
Suckheads joking? Trying to fuck with them?

Whistler closed in on her, intent on roughing her up as much as necessary.

Now there was fear in her hazel eyes.

Roughly he pulled her jacket open and exposed her neck to check for her glyph. There he found none.

"No, I'm no familiar!" she blurted out. "I'm your daughter. My name's Abigail Whistler. I've been searching for you since months ..."

Damn, that was a new one. They hadn't ever tried to approach him like that.
Too bad the fucks hadn't even done the most basic research and found out that his wife hadn't been Caucasian, so they'd could've picked the right woman to emotionally reach him by reminding him of his dead girls.

"Cut the crap. My daughters are dead. And if not, they would be older than you. Who sent you and why?"

"Who's your owner? Talos?" Blade asked. "You stink of vampire, bitch."

"'Cause I killed some this night!" Her voice was getting loud and angry.
"What do you think I'm using this stake for? I'm a vampire hunter! Damn, I came here 'cause I finally wanted to meet my father!"

The police sirens came closer.

"I heard you have a cure for vampirism," she continued.
"I have someone who needs it. A vampire, I rescued him. He begged me to kill or cure him."

So that's what this is about? They want to get their claws on the cure?
"So ... who's your mother?" Whistler asked.
No other way to find out what kind of shit this was than to play along.

"Brianna Adams."

The name sounded vaguely familiar, but he couldn't place it.

The sirens still came nearer. Damn cops were way too close now, they had to run. There was no time to find out more right now.

Whistler picked up her gun and removed the ammo clip. He tossed it away and dropped the gun back into the snow.

"We meet tomorrow," he told her.
Suddenly he remembered who Brianna Adams was, carefully controlling his expression.

She looked surprised, then asked, "Where?"

"Give me your number. I'll call you."


Blade let her go. He and Whistler quickly vanished into the next large crossroad. She didn't even try to follow.

"It's unlikely, but it could be true," Blade said softly as he steered the Dodge onto the highway.

Leaning back into the passenger seat, Whistler lit himself a cigarette. He ignored Blade's disapproving glance. No need to quit smoking, the damn lung cancer was gone, healed by the vampire virus.

He fished a piece of paper from the glove compartment and wrote down the phone number.

"I know," he finally said. "But what do you think?"

"The suckheads are trying to fuck us." Blade sped up on the empty highway.

Damn kid's driving too fast on that ice they call a road 'round here, Whistler thought but didn't say anything.

They're trying to fuck me indeed.
And he hated that they'd finally found the right button to push.
He was thinking about this Abigail woman and actually considering the possibility that she truly was his daughter even though he knew it had to be bullshit.

He needed to do some research. And maybe some genetic testing. Karen could probably get that done quickly and discreetly.

So? Even if she's my daughter, that doesn't mean she can't be a familiar ...

Then again, she claimed to be a vampire hunter. Maybe she killed those little fucks at the train station?

And I'm even considering to believe this? Fuck it ... the vampires set all this up ...

Yet he couldn't help it.
His thoughts trailed back to Brianna. A real hottie with her stripper outfit and fake red hair.
How long had it been? Something like twenty years, early eighties.
He needed to check their data ...

"Do you really want to meet her?" Blade interrupted his consideration.

"Yes. The vampires are planning something big. If we make it look like we're falling for their trap, we'll find out what it is."

Blade's silence was agreement, even if he could tell Blade didn't like the whole idea much.

They drove the rest of the way to their hideout quietly.

It was an abandoned building on the city's outskirts. The temperature in their warehouse was nearly the same freezing degrees as outside. It didn't bother either man much.

Whistler took off his Kevlar and his weapons. He traded his parka for a more comfortable down jacket.

Blade placed his weapons on the table and hung up his coat neatly.

"Want me to inject you?" Whistler asked him.

"I'm fine. Do some research on her."

Whistler turned on the computer. Damn LAN wasn't working again and he had to check the whole fucking wiring.
When the shit finally worked, he started an inverse search on the phone number.
A mobile registered on Abigail Adams.
Address was 684 Willis Road. He added the information to the phone number on the piece of paper.

Then he got into their old notebooks to properly date the meeting with Brianna.
It took some time to find the right entry.
June 7th 1982, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. They'd done a raid on a vampire bar outside of town.
Blade had been fifteen back then. The vampires hadn't yet feared the Daywalker.

Whistler remembered those earlier times, when he'd been younger, stronger, walking without a limp.
It had been different times.
Better times? Maybe. He found he couldn't decide.

Two men on motorcycles raced along the nightly highway towards a seedy bar outside of Tuscaloosa.
Both wore leather pants, biker boots and leather jackets.
One had long hair and beard. The other was a slim youth.

Lots of Harleys parked before the bar, one guy was outside by the bikes, eying them like something that had crawled out of some hole.
Whistler shot him with his crossbow.

Vampire-fast Blade attacked the doorman before he could alarm the others.

The familiar's eyes widened when Blade growled and bared his fangs.

"Yes, asshole. You're gonna get bitten like you've always dreamt about. Only problem, you won't be turned ... He's gonna kill you," Whistler told the familiar.

Blade was neat in his feeding, he'd always been, no ripped out throat and blood splattered everywhere and smeared all over him. Just a precise bite into the jugular.

Seeing it didn't bother Whistler anymore. They hadn't a working serum yet. The familiar would've died anyway by their hand. Now he had at last one purpose in his useless life, to feed the kid.
They would let the body vanish, which today meant blowing it up along with the whole place.

Finished, Blade shot the familiar into the head.

Inside was all hell broken loose, even before they attacked.
Lots of familiars, apparently this whole charter of the Demons worked for the vampires.
Only a few vampires.
Several strippers were around. The girls had gotten themselves into a whole new kind of shit. A few were still dancing. The others were getting raped, mostly by the familiars. Two were shared between between vampires and familiars, rape while being bitten.

"Party's over, assholes!" Whistler shouted and opened fire.

It was a fucking massacre. A bloodbath.

Blade mostly killed the vampires and familiars with his new sword, obviously enjoying himself. The familiars were no match for him at all, as he was even faster and stronger than their vampire masters.

Blood and gore and death were everywhere.
The ash of the dead vampires swirled around in the air.

Whistler was so proud of Blade. The kid was getting better and better at this. There wasn't really anything more in the way of fighting and martial arts that Whistler could teach him. It had been around that time that he'd called him Eric less and less because he'd wanted to be called Blade.

Reloading his gun, Whistler walked over to the slumped, blood-smeared body of the last stripper. If she'd gotten bitten, he would shoot her, too.

She screamed and sobbed hysterically.
"No, no, please don't ..."

He looked her over. No bite. Just a bruise on the face and a cut on her forehead. All that blood wasn't hers.

She stared up at him from where she crouched in the corner. Her pupils were dilated. High. Her hair was a sticky mess. Her clothing mostly nonexistent.
"Please ... don't kill me," she sobbed.

He didn't.
He took her with them, since they couldn't just leave her next to a burned down biker bar in the middle of nowhere.

Her name was Breezy or Bri. Short for Brianna Adams. He'd called her Bri.

She had no place to stay, so he offered her to stay with him and Blade at their trailer. She accepted, despite being terribly afraid of Blade.

At first she'd been crying the whole time, had trouble understanding what had happened, needed comfort. Things had went on from that during the following days.
Eventually he and Bri had ended up fucking after she'd repeatedly assured him she was eighteen.

After a few days Blade and he had needed to travel on. So he'd dropped Bri off at the Greyhound Terminal and bought her a bus ticket back to her parents in Iowa from his and Blade's last money.

Whistler took a gulp from the Jack Daniels bottle and researched Brianna Adams.

Now and then Blade came to look over his shoulder.

It was frustratingly little he could find out. He'd never before tried to find out what had happened to her afterwards. He hadn't thought about her in years. Up til now she'd been unimportant.

It seemed Bri had run away from home three months prior to their meeting. Contrary to the plans she'd told him about, she'd never returned to her parents.

Even though she'd seemed fine when she'd left, her life had gone to hell afterwards. She'd had psychological problems from the beginning, but it only became evident years later, when she'd come into psychiatric care and a series of stays in psychiatric institutions had started. Soon after that, Abigail had been taken away from her and put into foster care.
The information he could access about Abigail right now was scarce. He would need help from contacts for that, which was something he didn't wanted to do yet.

Montgomery Burns 13:
Interesting start, a bit bloody though. :)  Who are the familiars?

Hopefully not too bloody?  :devil2

Familiars are human helpers of vampires. They belong to a specific vampire and do whatever chores they are given, like spying, infiltration, theft, murder, covering vampire activity and criminal acts, etc. As seen in the movies, there are police officers who are familiars, so it's easy to imagine they're in many other positions.
In exchange of their services, they will eventually be turned into vampires.

ban sidhe:
I agree... interesting.  Curious to see where this goes.  ;D

You'll find out soon  ;D I'm working on the next chapter.


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