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[Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] FIN - 09,07,2014
« on: Wed, Jul 30, 2014, 09:00 PM »
Author: Tiberius
Title: Alternatives
Rating: NC-17 for violence, death and slashy sex
Fandoms: Blade, Thor and The Avengers
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement in any way intended. I’m making no profit out of this. I claim no copyright on pictures shown here.
Summary: As he is about to be taken back to Asgard at the end of the Avengers movie, Loki sees a chance to escape.
Pairing: Blade/Loki
Author's notes: This version of Loki is based on the Marvel movies, norse mythology and my phantasy, so it's neither fully accurate to Marvel nor mythology. I haven't incorporated anything from the various comics featuring Loki. Blade is like he's in the three Blade movies, no stuff from the TV series or any comics. His universe isn't part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's a world with vampires as in the movies, but there's no superheroes or SHIELD-like organizations and it's a lot more like our world than the Earth from Avengers.
Archive: This story is to be posted only here. For anything else, please ask.
Feedback: Yes!! Please! But please be gentle ;)

The humans eyed him with hate and disdain. These mortals that were unworthy of his godly regency smirked at the sight of the chains and gag, enjoying his degradation.
Thor walked towards him, the Tesseract in hand, to take him back to Asgard.
To Odin Allfather and his justice.

The restraints were to bind his magic, but when he touched the other handle, he felt the Tesseract's power flow into him despite that.
A unique chance.
A decision he had to make within the blink of an eye, weighing Odin's punishment and the Other's revenge against each other.
Thor looked at him and turned the handle. They dissolved into the path between the worlds.
Loki made his decision and teleported into the cosmic space of Yggdrasil.
Direction and destination were difficult.
He only managed away, far away from where the Other was, far away from Thor and Asgard.
Pain filled his entire being, so intense that he screamed. Control slipped away from him. His magical power quickly vanished now that he wasn't in contact with the Tesseract anymore.
Loki fell through space like he'd fallen before.

An eternity or mere seconds later a wormhole opened and sucked him in.
Deep inside he encountered a rift in space, sealed and hidden.
With the last of his might, Loki slipped into it.
Darkness consumed him.
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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 07,31,2014 1/?
« Reply #1 on: Thu, Jul 31, 2014, 05:02 AM »
Ooh, more!  Must have more Loki...   ;D

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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 07,31,2014 1/?
« Reply #2 on: Thu, Jul 31, 2014, 05:25 AM »
More Loki soon ... And Blade hotness :love

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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 07,31,2014 2/?
« Reply #3 on: Thu, Jul 31, 2014, 12:18 PM »
"Go fuck yourself," the piece of shit sneered.
"Wrong answer, asshole." Blade pulled the trigger.
The bullet tore the familiar's head apart in a satisfying splatter of blood, brain and bone fragments.
Yet the pain of Whistler's death didn't diminish, no matter how many vampires and familiars he killed.
Putting his MAC-11 away, Blade walked to his motorcycle which he'd parked several streets away.
The body he left in the alley as a provocation to the suckheads.

As he'd reached the motorcycle, suddenly a bright light flashed through the night.
Blade swirled around, actually a bit startled, since there hadn't been any warning sound.

Suddenly something appeared within the nearly blinding light thirty meters above the ground.
And crashed down on the snowy pavement while the light disappeared.

No, not something, someone.

Carefully, Blade stepped closer.

A tall, slender man.

Where had he come from?
There was nothing, just the open area above the large parking area.
It made no sense.

The man was dressed in an unusual leather outfit and wore the restraints around his wrists and ankles and the strangest steel gag Blade had ever seen.
He was amazingly undamaged after this fall.
The steel of his restraints looked ... scorched, as did his tattered clothing, but his hands and face showed no sign of burns.

Dead? No, unconscious. Blade could hear a faint breathing and heartbeat.

He didn't smell human ... nor vampire underneath the overlaying scent of dirty, burned leather.
Which perplexed Blade since no more options existed.
Still, there was no way he was wrong about this. The man had to be ... something else, no matter how human he looked with his pale skin and tousled black hair.
Something like Nomak? No, his scent was completely different from the reaper's stench.
There weren't any aspects of human or vampire pheromones. Yet his blood appealed to Blade on the well-controlled level of the thirst.

Blade nudged the man's lower leg with his left foot.
No reaction at all.

He slipped a glove of despite the freezing cold and felt for a pulse at the jugular. Faint and slow. Cool skin, not vampire-cold, but not humanly warm either.
Suddenly his eyes snapped open.

In an instant Blade was away, hand on his MAC-11.

The man stood up damn fast, his eyes and face showing a wild mixture of anger, fear and relief. The steel gag just crumpled away, baring bloody lips and a bruised jaw.
He straightened his stance and ripped his cuffs, shackles and chains off.

A gold glow rippled over his body and his clothes were all shiny new leather. The bruises on his gaunt face nearly vanished and his wild, long hair was immaculately slicked back.

Blade kept his expression impassive and resisted the impulse to take a step back, not showing how much this alarmed and shocked him. What he'd just seen was impossible ...

"I'm Loki of Asgard," the man said.

He looked at Blade like he expected to be recognized.
Blade thought he might have heard that name somewhere before, but he couldn't remember when and where. He had to find out more about this creature and its intentions.

"I'm Blade." After a dramatic pause he added, "The Daywalker."
He carefully watched the man's reaction. Loki had obviously never heard of him which made an involvement with vampires unlikely.

Police sirens sounded in the distance. Time to go.
And this Loki would come with him, so he could uncover this mystery and the vampires didn't get their claws into him.

Blade got on his motorcycle and powered up the engine.
"Want a ride?"

Loki grinned. Gracefully despite his long leather garment, he swung his leg over the bike, taking seat behind Blade. He curled his long arms sensually around him and purred into his ear, "Very much."

Now this was taking an unexpected turn, but Blade could deal with that and use it.
He sped away.

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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 07,31,2014 1/?
« Reply #4 on: Thu, Jul 31, 2014, 04:57 PM »
Ooh, nice meeting.  Had to giggle at how they introduced themselves... each expecting recognition that they didn't get.  Loki never was one to pass up an opportunity.  Blade's curiosity may get him in trouble here, I'm thinking.  Question is, good trouble or bad trouble?

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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 07,31,2014 1/?
« Reply #5 on: Fri, Aug 01, 2014, 12:53 AM »
With Loki, it's always a little of both? Good and bad trouble :grin

Good their introduction is kinda funny, it's intended to be so ;) though Blade mostly wanted to see if Loki recognizes him or not.
To Blade, such a strange meeting isn't coincidence in the first place. He always suspects that vampires are involved, that it's a set-up or something. That's why he's so curious. And maybe a little because Loki is hot, but he isn't really considering that yet :grin

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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 07,31,2014 1/?
« Reply #6 on: Fri, Aug 01, 2014, 03:13 PM »
Loki recognized the realm as Midgard. Such irony.

But it was a different Midgard.
Yggdrasil's magic was far, far away here.
Heimdall's gaze wasn't reaching here.
Odin didn't see here from Hliðskjálf.
Hugin and Munin didn't fly over this realm.
Jörmungandr's presence wasn't within the deep sea.

Different. Like Blade was different from anything he'd ever encountered.
Not human, but he wasn't one of those monstrous mutants either.

As Blade drove onto the highway and Loki clung comfortably to him, Loki considered the possibilities that he'd landed in an unknown realm or an alternate version of Midgard. While the icy wind caressed him, he couldn't come to a conclusion yet. He needed to calm down from the turmoil assaulting his thoughts and investigate further.

Suddenly a car pulled up behind them.

The occupants, not human, something else, surprisingly similar to Blade, fired at them.

Should he take care of that? Set them at fire? Explode their car? Freeze them ...

Blade pulled a gun and fired at the car. Precisely, without getting the motorcycle into spinning.

No, Blade handled the situation well enough on his own, and it wasn't like Loki could get seriously injured in this.

More gunshots were exchanged. Some hit cars on the other lane.
Somewhere well behind them cars crashed.
Wild honking sounded from everywhere.

Blade got something from underneath his leather jacket and threw it back at their pursuers.
Loki tensed as he recognized it as a grenade. Is he insane?

But it just exploded into a flash of light.
To Loki's complete puzzle the men inside the car crumpled into burning dust. The car crashed into the guardrail.

Blade made a harsh turn to the right and sped down the on-ramp the wrong way, avoiding the oncoming cars, slipping past them and between them.

Something crashed behind them.

A few hundred meters away Blade stopped in an empty side road. 

Loki laughed with excitement, smoothing his hair back with one hand. This had been a good thrill.

Blade reloaded his two guns, then looked questioningly at Loki.

"I'm perfectly fine ... drive on before all those traffic accidents catch the police's interest."
Loki sensually snuggled up against him.

Driving to the city's outskirts, Blade considered whether or not it was a good idea to bring a complete stranger to his home.
Loki wasn't armed and his place wasn't something special, he kept no truly important or secret stuff there, so it shouldn't be a problem. If things went to hell, he could just get a new place.

As he reached the desolate former industrial quarter with its many empty, decaying buildings, he remembered where he'd heard the name before, Loki was some god from mythology. It was completely irrelevant, though, that the man was named after a mythological figure.
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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 08,01,2014 1/?
« Reply #7 on: Sat, Aug 02, 2014, 06:26 AM »
Cool.  So Loki is figuring things out pretty quickly.  Does he have his seithr here?

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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 08,01,2014 1/?
« Reply #8 on: Sat, Aug 02, 2014, 06:31 AM »
Yes, he has his full powers from the moment the restraints fell off (which happened because they got damaged from the wormhole travel and tesseract's power).
At first I considered that Blade helps him with the restraints, a nice scene for sure, but it makes no sense. Probably nothing on earth could open such magical restraints.

I figured his magical powers would enable him to immediately recognize if Heimdall can see him and such, otherwise he wouldn't be able to hide from his gaze.
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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 08,02,2014 3/?
« Reply #9 on: Tue, Aug 05, 2014, 03:29 AM »
Blade drove into the factory ruin he'd claimed as his, up a ramp to the first floor, and parked in the middle of the living area.
The place only held the necessities of every day hunting and living. A workspace, a meditation shrine, a bed.
No fancy security system, he didn't needed that for just himself.
Spare weapons and technology, data, Whistler's notebooks, the books stolen from Damaskinos's library he kept elsewhere.

He hunted alone these days, preferred it to having Abigail Whistler and King around and found himself craving and enjoying the loneliness and privacy.

As Loki got off the motorcycle, his right hand casually slid over Blade's upper thigh. Blade didn't show any reaction. He wanted to see how far Loki was willing to go with this.

For now, Loki was more interested in his surroundings. Curious, he looked around, his blueish-greenish eyes taking in everything.
He obviously restrained himself from bodily snooping around.

"Who did you just kill?" Loki asked, turning his full attention on Blade.

"Vampires." Blade offered no further explanation, instead watched the man's reaction closely. He took off his leatherjacket and neatly hung it up. This showed off all the weapons he carried.

Loki seemed surprised and curious. His expression was restrained, hiding something.

"Because I hate them."

To Loki the answer made perfect sense. There was much he hated and wanted dead, too. Only he couldn't kill as freely.

Blade eyed the tall man who now stood so close to him that the difference in their heights was very obvious. Everything about him was strange, from his attire to his demeanor.
He decided on the direct approach, so he asked, "What are you?"

Loki gave him a hard look that briefly spoke of annoyance before control and acting skills took over.
"I'm a God, you mortal creature." His voice was full of sudden arrogance, his earlier seductive playfulness gone in a total swing of moods.

Insane, was Blade's first thought.
Except that Loki truly wasn't human or vampire. Well, then, that didn't make him a god, more likely an unknown creature some may call god. Like LaMagra, a being some vampires called their god. Like Drake who'd called himself a god. Blade had killed both.

"I'm not mortal."
Some exaggeration was called for to put such arrogance back into place. He was as mortal as any pureblood vampire, even aging faster than them.

"Well, what are you?" Loki smiled at him, the arrogance well restrained again.

"I've all the strengths of the vampires, but none of their weaknesses." Blade of course didn't go into any detail about the thirst. "Vampires are immortal and powerful. So things ain't that different between us."

 "Sounds like things are calling for an alliance between us." Loki's smile widened, his true intentions unreadable. The only thing Blade was certain about was that arousal mixed into Loki's alien scent. The pheromones were similar enough to recognize.

Blade decided to play along. It promised to be the best way to find out what Loki's agenda was.
"So you want to hunt vampires with me?"

Loki laughed. "Maybe. Among other things." The scent of his arousal increased.

"What do you want from me?" Blade forced himself to smile.

"Nothing. Everything. Something in between." Loki grinned. "For starters, just show me this realm. I'm a stranger to this world of yours."

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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 08,05,2014 3/?
« Reply #10 on: Tue, Aug 05, 2014, 06:23 AM »
 ;D  And so the dance begins...

Love this so far!

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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 08,05,2014 3/?
« Reply #11 on: Tue, Aug 05, 2014, 08:51 AM »
Thank you :)

Lots of hopefully juicy stuff ahead :grin

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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 08,05,2014 3/?
« Reply #12 on: Thu, Aug 07, 2014, 01:41 PM »
They went out again and explored the city by motorcycle. The time to indulge Loki's wish was well invested. It offered a chance to find out more about the mysterious man. Blade had currently no tight schedule and this night of hunting was over anyway.

So he showed Tokyo to Loki.
For starters quite tourist-style, not wanting to give away his knowledge about the vampires' locations. Too soon for that.
King would fucking laugh his ass off at that.

Loki seemed genuinely fascinated by things and asked many questions. Harmless stuff of general interest Blade answered in equally harmless ways. It was a game they both played well.

Loki was working at seduction. Seemingly casual, intimate touches, focusing his attention on Blade in a way that spoke of admiration and well-placed smiles went hand in hand.
It wasn't difficult for Blade to endure and even encourage that since Loki was quite attractive.

It was curious how the cold of riding a motorcycle in winter didn't bother Loki at all. His bare hands felt cool, but weren't getting any colder over time. Something that reminded Blade of vampires.

Around noon Blade guessed he had to take Loki to lunch. He didn't know any restaurants asides from the places that were owned by vampires.
So he just picked a Mac Donalds he'd noticed earlier driving by. He had no intention of spending any more of his hardly stolen money on this than absolutely necessary.
But Loki eyed the place with disgust.
"Show me the best of Tokyo's cuisine, not this," he demanded.

"If you pay, no problem."

"I think I can help with that. Let me see the currency."

Suspiciously, Blade handed him a banknote.

Loki studied it for a moment, then he made an intricate hand movement and a golden glow surrounded his hand and the 2000 yen note.
Blade quickly moved to shield that from sight of the passing pedestrians.
Suddenly a whole pile of banknotes appeared in Loki's hand.

What the fuck?
It had happened so fast, but to Blade the effect still seemed very similar to what Loki had done right after he'd woken up when suddenly the injuries on his face had mostly vanished and his hair and clothes had cleaned up.

Blade didn't let on how unsettling this little show had been and just grabbed the money from Loki. The banknotes looked perfectly fine, even the serial numbers were different from the original one. He quickly put the money into an interior pocket of his jacket and pulled Loki away before they attracted too much attention from the surrounding people.

They ended up in a fancy Japanese restaurant. Inside it was dark and stylish with all artificial light and no daylight . Only a few other guests were there at this time of day.
The waiter eyed them discreetly but strangely as he brought them the menu, even though Blade had left his sword and more obvious weapons at home since he'd known he would've to blend in with the general human population today.

Blade quickly scanned the menu even though he had no intention of ordering anything more than a gyokuro tea.

After an equally short glance at the menu, Loki ordered a selection of tempura and teriyaki meats and red wine.

After the waiter had brought their drinks, Blade took off his sunglasses, looking at Loki.

Loki raised his glass, giving a captivating smile.
"To glorious adventures."
 He drank.

Adventures indeed.
Blade sipped on his tea.
"So, where are you from?"

"Asgard, the realm eternal."
Loki wouldn't tell about the happenings on the other Midgard and his dealings with the Chitauri, not now, probably never.

"What's that?" Blade decided he really needed to do some research on this god Loki and the surrounding topics.

"Odin's golden kingdom." Loki's voice was dripping with disdain. " Home of the Aesir."

Finally something Blade recognized. Odin was the main deity of Norse mythology. Loki and this Asgard thing were probably part of that, too.
"Where is it?"

"In the terms of your science it's a planet within the Andromeda Nebula."

So Loki was an insane alien who thought he was a Norse god?
Blade bit back a grin. Another thing King would've laughed his ass off at.
"What are you doing here?"

Loki shrugged, a kinda cute, boyish gesture. "Got lost." He smiled and it made him look quite adorable.
"This ... thing you did with the money, what is it?" Blade carefully asked.

Mischief twinkled in Loki's eyes.
"Magic," was his answer.

Blade didn't get a chance to think about what to make of that.
Alarmed, he scented the air.
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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 08,07,2014 3/?
« Reply #13 on: Fri, Aug 08, 2014, 05:23 AM »
 :shock  Uh, oh!  Vampires?  Sounds like Blade is in for some real eye-opening when it comes to Loki, lol.

Nice addition, with the exception of one quote. "Got kinda lost."  Loki would never use such slang.  He might say 'a little lost,' or 'a bit lost,' but not 'kinda.'

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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 08,07,2014 3/?
« Reply #14 on: Fri, Aug 08, 2014, 06:08 AM »
There's nothing like a good vampire attack during lunch :grin

Blade has no idea who Loki is so far. Then again, Loki currently knows as little about Blade.

You're probably right about Loki and the slang ... :think
Should change that
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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 08,07,2014
« Reply #15 on: Sat, Aug 09, 2014, 02:00 AM »
Blade reached for the sub machine gun hidden under his jacket.
A bunch of suckheads had just entered through the back door and was rapidly closing in on him.
He was at least wearing his full Kevlar but longed for his sword.

"What?" Loki asked perplexed.

"Vampires," Blade hissed.
He got up and swirled around, firing at the first suckhead that came in from the kitchen.
Hit him and ashed him.

Ten more suckheads swarmed in.

Two were very old world style with their traditional Japanese clothing. They had to be high ranking purebloods from the house of Kobejitsu.
He probably should feel honored Kobejitsu hadn't send just the goons. The other eight were fully armed soldiers who carried heavy machine guns.

"Daywalker, we've warned you to stay away from what isn't yours," the older pureblood spoke. "Now you will die for your insolence."

"No, your master will die," Blade answered in smooth Japanese and pulled the trigger at the same time the soldiers opened fire.

Blade dodged the bullets in an exhausting display of speed, shooting another suckhead.
His silver glaive cut through two more, turning them into ash.

He fired at the remaining five until the magazine of his gun clicked empty. Three of them were crumbling into ash. A bullet had graced Blade's arm. Ignoring it, he dropped the empty gun and pulled his pistol.

The purebloods pulled guns, too.
Blade jumped at the closer one, ramming a stake into the vampire's heart with his left hand while he shot the soldiers with the pistol in his right.

Suddenly Loki appeared behind the older pureblood. Blade saw a small dagger in his hand where he was sure he'd been unarmed before.

Creatures like those in the car last night. Vampires, Loki now knew, even though he had no idea what vampires actually were. He had never encountered something like them.
Loki stabbed the dagger into the creature's back.
But it didn't die, even though his seidhr flowing into the weapon should ensure anything died from it.

Then Blade was there and pulled the creature away before it could even try to attack Loki. He tossed the vampire's gun away and kicked him into the crotch.

Blade broke off two legs of a table and rammed them into the suckhead's body, pinning him to the ground.

"You can kill me, you savage, but you can't change our ways and the workings of the world," the vampire spit out, voice trembling with pain.

"I won't kill you yet, so you can give Kobejitsu a message from me: The Daywalker will end his reign."
Blade pulled out a incendiary composition, which looked like a harmless lighter. Standing over the pureblood, he activated it and let it fall on the skewered figure.
He enjoyed the panic in the vampire's eyes as his clothing caught fire and he understood.

The vampire's screams filled the room.
Burning ash swirled around, glittering in the fire's shine.

Loki was laughing like a maniac. He hadn't enjoyed himself this good in forever.
Impulsively, he pulled Blade into an embrace and kissed him.

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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 08,09,2014
« Reply #16 on: Sat, Aug 09, 2014, 06:29 AM »
So, vampires are resistant to magic, huh?  That is going to make Loki vulnerable in a way I don't think I like.

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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 08,09,2014
« Reply #17 on: Sat, Aug 09, 2014, 06:47 AM »
Not really resistant to magic. They're just generally hard to kill (as the vampire Blade just set on fire will survive :shock). Even chopped off limbs grow back.

Loki just doesn't know yet how to kill them.
If he created a blast of sunlight that's identical to the sun's spectrum, he could easily kill vampires with it. Or if he turned his dagger into real silver and stabbed a vampire into the heart with it, it would die.
Don't worry, Loki isn't going to be too vulnerable in this story ;)

To make the story more interesting, I just decided in Loki's universe vampire don't exist or are such a tiny myth that Loki has no idea about them.
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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 08,09,2014
« Reply #18 on: Sat, Aug 09, 2014, 12:42 PM »
Finally managed to catch up on your story.  I love it so far.

So Blade thinks that Loki is insane, just because he refers to himself as a god, huh?  Interesting. lol

What was the stuff Blade used to kill the pure blooded vampire?

Can hardly wait to see where you're taking this.

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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 08,09,2014
« Reply #19 on: Sat, Aug 09, 2014, 01:16 PM »
Thank you! :hugs

To Blade it seems kinda impossible that Loki is really a god, so he can't yet believe it :grin
I'll write some more about that soon.

You mean the stuff he uses to set the vampire at fire? (Btw, the vampire won't die from it.)
I got the idea from this, where Blade used some small gadget with a lighter-like appearance:
But since no body would burn like this from just a lighter, I tried to interpret it in a way that makes the most sense and decided it's a gadget thingy with a high-techy combustive agent. It's not really realistic, but that's okay, technology in the Blade movies isn't always realistic, those uv grenades would never work in real life, too.
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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 08,09,2014
« Reply #20 on: Sun, Aug 10, 2014, 02:50 AM »
Quote from: Tiberius
It's not really realistic, but that's okay,

But then again, vampires and old Norse gods aren't very realistic either. :giggle

As long as it works for your story, and isn't too far out, it should be okay if your protagonists use these gadgets.  It does work for me... :ggrin

Anyway, as I haven't watched the Blade movies (and don't intend to do so), I have a few questions: Does Blade use silver bullets to kill these vampires?  And could you kill Blade with silver bullets too?  Does Blade also need to drink blood to survive?  And why does he kill vampires anyway?

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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 08,09,2014
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Yes, he used silver bullets or maybe hollow points filled with silver nitrate or essence of garlic.
In the Blade universe, vampires die from exposure to sunlight, silver and garlic. The silver and garlic have to be ingested or get into their bloodstream to kill. It seems some vampires are harder to kill than others, so it's always a good idea to aim for the head or heart.
Holy water or crosses don't work.
Blade mostly uses his sword, firearms, silver stakes and his glaive to kill vampires. The glaive is sort of an throwing knife thing which returns like a boomerang , like the sword it has to be silver-coated, otherwise it wouldn't be so effective in my opinion.

There were also UV light grenades once used and EDTA, an anticoagulant which happens to kill vampires.

The vampires aren't undead in a mystical way, they are either born vampires (so it's basically a species) or they were once human and turned into vampires from a vampires' bite. One bite is enough to turn anyone. The transformation is caused by a virus in the vampires' saliva (it's kinda the same concept as with zombies that are created by viral infection).
Those that are born vampires are called purebloods. They aren't immortal, but age very slowly. Whether or not turned vampires age isn't made clear in the movies.

Blade is sort of a human/vampire hybrid, his human mother was bitten by a vampire while she was pregnant with him and he was born sort of vampire-mutated.
Sunlight, silver and garlic don't harm him the slightest. The vampires call him 'Daywalker', I guess mostly for the obvious reason of being able to withstand sunlight. Also it seems to me that daywalkers have occasionally existed before and maybe there's an untold mythology concerning them.
Blade is described as having all the strengths of the vampires, but none of the weaknesses expect for the thirst.

Yes, Blade needs blood or a substitute to survive. Usually he doesn't drink blood, he injects a stuff called serum. Blade hates his thirst for blood, he doesn't want to drink blood.
The serum isn't as good as blood. Blade seems to be stronger when he has drunk blood. Also he heals instantly from injuries when he drinks blood.

It isn't explicitly mentioned in the movies, but to me it seems the most plausible only human blood can sustain vampires, animal blood doesn't work. I write it that way in my Blade stories.

Blade kills vampires because they killed his mother (well, he thought that, he later found out she lived on as a vampire, but that didn't change his feelings) and basically fucked up his chance at a normal life.
But he actually only started to hunt vampires after he was found by Whistler.
Blade must have appeared quite human before puberty. Then his need for blood manifested. Thirteen year old Blade was living on the streets and feeding off the homeless when Whistler found him.
Whistler hunts vampires since one of them killed his wife and daughters. He trained Blade as a vampire hunter and for sure plays a big part in Blade's motivation for killing vampires.
Of course you can also interpret the vampire killing on sort of a serial-killing and sociopathic level.

lengthy explanation, now on to a tiny update  ;D
(the longer chapter that comes after that isn't finished yet)
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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 08,09,2014
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In the depths of space, the Other kneeled before Thanos.

"The Asgardian failed me! Bring him to me," Thanos spoke. "His suffering shall make the earth shake."

The Other bowed his head deeper. "He disappeared without a trace. He is not on Earth anymore and did not arrive in Asgard with Thor."

"Find him!"

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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 08,10,2014
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Loki was all over him by the time they got home.
They were kissing and fumbling with each other's clothes, eager to disrobe and get it on. Blade wouldn't let Loki disrobe him, though, he didn't wanted Loki's hands on his hidden weapons and gear.
Loki smelled as horny as he acted. Blade played along, so Loki would think his plan was working. Also Loki was appealing to him on a primal level, waking sexual desires he usually seldom felt.

"Where did that dagger come from?" Blade asked inbetween two kisses nevertheless.
It also gave him the chance to discreetly avoid too intense kissing without having to tell Loki the reason. The vampire virus was in his saliva to be transmitted via biting. The risk of infecting someone with kissing seemed low, but it nevertheless made him too uncomfortable to really enjoy a kiss.

"Take a guess." Loki's voice was full of teasing and amusement.

"Magic." Which Blade needed to find out more about.

"Exactly." Loki grinned and his eyes glinted mischievously.
He resisted the temptation to magic away their clothes. It would totally freak out Blade and ruin his chances forever.
Instead he opened the buckles and straps of his ankle-length, ornamental upper garment and took it off. Next he took off his leather vambraces, the only pieces of armor he currently wore, all the while watching Blade disrobe.

Loki always loved it if he could combine scheming with pleasure. Blade was cold and calculating, it would be difficult to make him form an emotional attachment to Loki and be controlled that way. Carnal pleasures offered the best chance, since pleasure would get him into an emotional state that was directly and positively associated with Loki.

Blade took off his gloves and leather jacket, then a silver-buckled leather vest Loki recognized as a form of midgardian body armor and a holster. Underneath he wore an isolation jacket. It came off quickly, too, as well as his shirt.

The tattoos on his neck and jawline continued downward in a far more extensive pattern than Loki had thought. Intricately intertwined black lines wound over the dark brown skin of his shoulders, arms, chest and back. Loki liked the way they complimented his strong, muscular build. A warrior, he thought, but unlike the Asgardian ones actually attractive in his obvious strength.

Blade's gaze roamed over his body as in turn Loki took off his leather tunic and shirt. He noticed that the dagger wasn't there again, unarmed like he'd been before the attack. Blade didn't like that one bit, but didn't show anything else than appreciation for the view.

Loki's body was slender and pale and thinly muscled. His shiny black hair flowed down over his shoulders, adding to his exotic appearance. With the bruises on his face completely disappeared by now, nothing marred his attractive features.
The way Loki focused on him, smiled at him, was captivating beyond the promise of pleasure.

Loki's hand cupped Blade's cock through his pants.
"I want to feel this ... All the way ... In any way you desire," he whispered before kissing Blade again, offering submission in a strangely irresistible way.

Their leather pants and boots came off on the way to bed. They eagerly sank down on it, not bothering to pull back the covers.

They touched each other, caressing and exploring. The enjoyment of this pleasure came easily to Blade without tugging at his control over the thirst. Arousal, but no overwhelming need to bite, even though Loki's blood was certainly appealing.

Loki subtly used his seidhr to increase stimulation. He rubbed their hard cocks together, suddenly slickening his hand up.
"Remember, magic?" he offered at Blade's startled tensing.

Blade growled, a sound so animalistic Loki shivered with desire, and thrust into his grip.

"Come on, let loose all that power and aggression on me. I crave your raw strength ..." he urged Blade on.

And Loki got what he wanted.
Blade pushed him harshly down and turned him around, gripping his hair and twisting it around his hand so his knuckles were tight against Loki's skull. Loki moaned in anticipation, arching his back.
Blade fucked him hard and Loki enjoyed every bit of it.

After sex, Blade watched him fall asleep on top of the crumpled covers, then silently got up.

Slipping on his bathrobe, he went into the bathroom to inject his serum. He endured the pain of it in complete silence.

While Loki slept, not bothered the slightest by the chilliness of the room, Blade did some internet research.

He spent the next two hours reading about Norse mythology.

It left only two likely possibilities.
Either Loki was totally fucking with him or he was really Loki and his people's earlier visits on earth had inspired this whole mythology. The later would mean, among other things, that Loki was a creature that lived for many hundreds of years.
Inexplicable though remained, that Loki's blood was enticing. It shouldn't be possible with an alien's blood, and Loki couldn't be anything but not human.

About this magic shit he didn't find out anything, of course, but thinking about it he realized, that Drake's shapeshifting was an ability that could be called the same.
Blade looked at his left hand as he shifted it to sharp claws. It was the rudimentary shapeshifting all vampires and he shared, inherited from Drake.
Despising the sight, his hand changed back to normal.
What Loki called magic was probably an alien species' ability to manipulate matter.

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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 08,16,2014
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 ;)  So Blade thinks he's got Loki fooled, does he?  If he's done his research correctly, he should know one cannot lie to the Liesmith.
It's rather amusing to watch how the pair of them are playing each other.  I wonder who will eventually come out the winner?

Great chapter!

PS: I know English is a second language for you, so a small correction. Intricately intertwined black lines winded over the dark brown skin of his shoulders,    Past tense of wind, in this case, is wound

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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 08,16,2014
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Nice update, love it!

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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 08,16,2014
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Thank you!:)

Oh, yes, each one is trying to play the other  ;D with moderate results so far, I would say :grin Blade is smart, hopefully he'll realize soon he shouldn't underestimate Loki.

This is amazingly fun to write, I've only realized fully after starting to write this how well Blade and Loki go together. I've once tried to write Blade and Riddick, but quickly gave up, it wasn't really working.

Thanks for pointing out the mistake, I've corrected it.
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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 08,16,2014
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Loki slipped from sleep into a trance that allowed him to connect with Yggdrasil's energy.
This world was truly unwatched by all of Asgard or anyone else. It was like Heimdall was unaware of its existence. If that was really the case, it first and foremost meant safety from Odin's punishment and from Thanos' wrath. On deeper thought it opened endless, exciting possibilities.
Maybe he should consider staying here for a while, laying low and letting things cool down in Asgard, waiting until Thanos went on to different things that didn't involve torturing Loki.
Then he would return when they expected him the last and take Asgard's throne. Thor wouldn't interfere with his plans again. Damn Thor. Damn Odin. His revenge on them all would be sweet.
Once he held Gungnir, he would face Thanos and make him kneel.
Or maybe he would eventually decide to subjugate this different Midgard.
Time would tell.

He wondered how much time had passed since he had slipped away from Thor's captivity. It felt like long ago, but he had no way to tell for sure. Time flowed differently in the cosmic space of Yggdrasil. The only indication he had was that he'd lost weight and his hair had grown a few inches, which pointed at several weeks. No indication at all he had for how much time had passed on Asgard and the other Midgard.
The only thing he would soon find out was the current date on this Midgard. Of course he also needed to research much more. The easiest way was this Midgardian internet. The information presented there wasn't always accurate, but easily accessible. The only difficulty was the 'how'. 
Ask Blade to use that computer he had seen earlier in the other room? Or sneak away to one of the places he had noticed in the city? He could create a sleeping copy of himself and teleport there. But the man was very perceptive, he wasn't sure how much he would notice. So Loki better did not risk what little connection he had managed to create to him so far. Neither option was good, though, and he decided to wait for a better opportunity.

Eventually Loki got up and went to the bathroom, giving at quick look at Blade who was sleeping on the couch. Loki felt this wasn't only because he had wanted to spend some time alone at the computer, but also to avoid the close proximity of sleeping in the same bed with someone. 

While Loki was taking a shower, Blade carefully listened to every sound in the building.
Bringing home strays again, Whistler would've admonished him.
His expression hardened as he thought of another stray he'd taken in.
Scud who'd eventually turned against him and chosen a life as the Overlord's property. He'd wanted to be a pet in the new world of daywalking vampires after he'd decided there as no way Blade could win this.
But Blade had tricked the lying familiar and his suckhead master and in the end the results had been what he'd aimed at, even though he'd gotten himself and Whistler into a bigger danger than he had anticipated.

Loki stepped out of the shower and inspected his hair in the mirror. He decided to keep it that way for now, the look suited him well.

Naked he walked into the room where Blade had waken up from the noise of the shower, casually picking up his pants and underwear from the floor. He greatly enjoyed the way Blade's gaze flickered over his body.
He considered for a second and decided. It wasn't difficult, he already felt the first stirrings of want at the sight of Blade.
Still laying down and seemingly relaxed and a little tousled from sleep he was so sexy, that Loki found himself wanting him desperately.

So he acted on it and got to enjoy a quick, intense fuck. 

Afterwards, he thought that Blade was truly exquisite. He was going to really enjoy this as long as it worked in his favor.

"How about another try at dinner? As delicious as you are, I'm still starving." Loki smiled captivatingly at Blade and kissed him.

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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 08,16,2014
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This time dinner went without interruptions of the suckhead variety. At least so far.
Blade didn't like at all what the attack in broad daylight implied about the extent of Kobejitsu's power. Greater than he'd known so far.
He had to find out if Loki was in any way involved. Instinct told him no. Hell, instinct told him Loki had no clue about this vampire shit at all.

He watched Loki eat a piece of sashimi. Though the scent was wrong, the raw meat looked surprisingly appealing. Not something he should think about further.

"Delicious." Loki licked his lips and smiled.
"Tell me about those vampires you hunt. What's true about them? What's myth?"

Fishing for information while he hadn't the slightest clue? Maybe. Blade would answer truthfully, but not tell anything not obvious.
"Forget those shit about the undead or involvement with the devil. All they're after is the human's blood. Holy water and crosses don't do shit. They would laugh their asses off at that and suck your sweet blood anyway. Sunlight, silver and garlic kill them."

Blood? Did Blade mean that literally?, Loki wondered.
"What makes them so dangerous?" He ate another succulent piece of fish.

"They control finances, politics, the criminal underworld, everything, and they're increasing in numbers. Problem is the majority of population doesn't even think they're real. And then there's always some fuck who wants to rise to power, gain world domination, make them all daywalkers."  Blade thought of exactly those fucks who he'd killed.
"A single bite from a vampire means death. It infects and would make the victim a vampire, too. Since they don't want that, they kill after sucking the blood."

Creatures that sustained on ... blood?
Loki had truly never encountered anything like that.
The surprises of any version of Midgard were vast.

"How do they organize the supply of blood? Random ... attacks seem insecure," he asked, truly curious.

"They own the bloodbanks. That's where the majority of their food comes from. For fun they prey on humans each night." They were also involved in human trafficking and modern slavery. The rich suckheads on top of the hierarchies bought humans from third world countries, or the former Eastern block if they wanted Caucasians, but Blade thought it wise to keep that knowledge to himself for now.

Absolutely fascinating, Loki thought.
"What's your part in all this?"

"I hunt them and keep them from taking over too much control."

Did Blade drink blood, too? Probably, he decided. The man wasn't human, but all the more like the vampires he hunted.
Loki thought jokingly, if he weren't a god, he actually would have to be careful around him.

"How did you get here?" Blade asked, abruptly changing the topic. He thought of the flash of light and how Loki had just appeared out of thin air.

"A wormhole."

"Where did it come from?"

Loki resisted the urge to answer 'magic'. He didn't wanted Blade to know that he could manipulate spacetime. It was something besides him only Odin could do. Even Heimdall was powerless without the Bifröst.
"The Bifröst," he answered. "It is a machine we use for interstellar travel. It opens a wormhole between two destinations, therefore creating a direct and quick way, opposed to the slow transportation a spaceship would provide."

Blade recognized that from his reading. The rainbow bridge that connected Asgard and Midgard. It was imaginable how the people of ancient Scandinavia had interpreted it that way.

"When did you last visit Earth?" he asked.
Loki knew his way around many things on earth, he had to have been here recently, not 1500 years ago.

Loki's mind raced. Either Blade just wondered how Loki could speak English if he was a God from another planet, or he'd read about him and Norse Mythology on that computer of his. The last thing shouldn't be possible, there should be no mythology about him at all, if this world was truly secluded. The knowledge of his divinity could've never reached it.

"Technically, never. Your world isn't the Midgard I was worshipped on centuries ago. It seems this is an alternative universe." Loki decided the truth was for once best. If he hadn't said earlier he was a 'stranger to this world of yours' he could've lied now, but he'd said it, so he had to build his story on it.
"I've watched the development of my Midgard now and then. The last time I wandered through mankind's countries was ten of your years ago." Loki sipped at his red wine. "I didn't do anything, I just watched some and then left. Since humans stopped to worship us, we didn't interfere anymore."
Blade eyed him with obvious skepticism.
"How do you know this is an alternative universe?"

"Jörmungandr isn't here," he said, hoping to get a reaction ...

"That thing truly exists? Is it really a giant snake? And how would you know if it's here or not?"

"My son lives in the deep sea of Midgard. Whenever I come there, I can feel his presence."
So the mythology existed here. Not what Loki had hoped for.
This world couldn't be completely out of sight then, in some way both Midgards had to be connected, otherwise that knowledge wouldn't have reached this world. He didn't think the connection happened recently, though, so it still should be relatively safe here.

"How? Can you read minds?" Blade's skepticism was replaced with concern, that much could Loki tell from his restrained expression.

"Oh, no, though sometimes I wish I could." Loki laughed. "It's always been like this. Since he was born I just knew where he was."

"You said you got lost. What happened? You were wearing restraints when I found you."

Loki could tell any story, Blade had no way of finding out what was true. So he did exactly that, making up a colorful tale of how he'd travelled Vanaheim, gotten caught up in an invasion of giants and been taken prisoner, then eventually escaped and wanted to return to Asgard via the Bifröst. It malfunctioned, though, after it had just been repaired from its near destruction during an earlier frost giant invasion. The malfunction apparently had send him to this alternative universe.

" ... So I'm stuck here for the time being," he concluded. "Good thing I met you." He casually touched Blade's hand on the table, brushing his fingers in a caress over the back of his hand. "I greatly enjoy your hospitality. Last night you asked me if I wanted to hunt vampires with you. Well, I do. I long for new adventures."

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Re: [Blade/Loki] Alternatives [NC-17] ONG - 08,19,2014
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Love the updates.  Can hardly wait to find out where you're taking this.

Keep up the good work! :rule

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