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VinXperience Rules & Guidelines
« on: Wed, Oct 09, 2013, 12:58 PM »
Welcome to the VinXperience message board!

This site provides a forum for fans to meet and discuss the latest entertainment and celebrity news. This is a non-profit, unofficial site, which means we are not affiliated with the stars in any way, and the board staff receives no compensation.

We have members from all over the world. Here you will meet people from many different countries, who have various political and religious beliefs. Everyone is welcome here, and we insist that all members treat each other with courtesy and respect. We try to be open-minded, honest and fair in our discussions. This message board provides an opportunity to learn about different cultures, socialize with people you would probably not have a chance to meet in real life, and chat about almost any topic. Of course, the movies and our favorite stars are the primary topic of conversation throughout much of the board. You are welcome to offer constructive criticism regarding the actors and their careers, as long as you do so in a polite and mature manner.

If you have any questions that are not answered in this post, please feel free to post your question in this section, or contact any of the board staff via email or private message. All messages received by the staff will be kept private. You can find staff contact info by clicking here.

RULES - No Exceptions

1. Always treat other members with courtesy and respect. Everyone is encouraged to share their opinions (including the board staff!), but please do so in a polite manner. No flaming allowed! Rude or inflammatory posts will be deleted. Offenders may be banned from the board. More information is available at the end of this post, including our system for maintaining these rules.

2. Intrusive gossip of a personal nature is not allowed. If a celebrity has publicly acknowledged or discusses some aspect of their personal life, then we may discuss that topic freely. However, if a star has made a point of keeping a certain aspect of their personal lives out of the media spotlight, we will adhere to the request for privacy. Likewise, paparazzi-type photos are allowed only if they appear to be non-intrusive.

3. It is a violation of our site rules to discuss the process of obtaining bootleg copies of movies, TV shows or other copyright-protected media.

4. Please follow our fanfiction rules when posting or responding to stories. All story chapters should be rated in the subject line, and feedback should be honest as well as polite. Plagiarism is not tolerated; any accusations of plagiarism will be investigated objectively in private - please email a staff member if you feel that any plagiarism has occurred. The full list of fanfiction rules can be found here.


Newbies! Don't be Shy!
If you're new to the board, please introduce yourself in the Passport section. We'd love to get to know you.

Post in the Proper Section
Almost all topics are welcome here, but please post them in the proper section. Topics posted in the wrong section will be moved.

When you post news, please include the source of the information, such as the newspaper or web page where you found it, preferably with a link, as well as the date. Any news posted on the board may be used in the VinXperience newsfeed, unless you say otherwise.

NC-17 Material
This is an adult-oriented board. Please keep this in mind, as you might come across posts that contain language or other material that could be considered NC-17. Posters are encouraged to add a rating to any entries that are particularly erotic or disturbing, but that is not always practical. So, if you are sensitive to this type of material, please skip those posts.  In the fanfiction section, any NC-17 material will be noted with a warning in the header. Again, if you do not wish to see this kind of material, please skip those stories and let the other fans enjoy and express their creativity.

Immature Posts
Even though this board is open to all ages, seriously immature posts may be removed at the discretion of the board staff. Many of the members here are adults, and we do not come here to babysit or endure childish behavior. Any member exhibiting seriously childish behavior will be contacted by the board staff to discuss the situation. If problems persist, the offender will be subject to official warnings, and possibly a temporary or permanent board ban.

Don’t Abuse the Shout Box
The Shout Box is provided to allow members to make announcements or quickly communicate with each other.

Please do not “spam” the box. Off topic shouts, multiple shouts, and seriously childish shouts are annoying for the rest of our members. Unfortunately, members who are new to the board often engage in these activities. Since this type of behavior is painfully obvious to everyone on the board, we will police this feature more strenuously than the other sections of the board. Anyone who abuses the Shout Box in the ways listed above will find that their account has been disabled until they can convince the Admin Staff that they understand the rules, and agree to follow them.

For writers, please feel free to post an announcement in the Shout Box when you have updated one of your stories. However, please limit the number of times you make such announcements. Make only one announcement per story per day. If you have updated multiple stories, limit the number of story announcements to two per day.

These guidelines are not meant to stifle the fun of the Shout Box, but only to discourage abusive or annoying behavior. So please don’t let this intimidate you or prevent you from using it in a responsible manner.

Size Limits for Custom Signatures and Avatars
Please limit your custom signatures to 3 small images or less. Signatures should not exceed an overall file size of 300 kb. Signatures have to stay within an overall size limit of 600 x 400 pixels (w/h). Sound or video files are not allowed. Animations or slideshows in a signature are allowed, as long as the total file size for the signature stays within the size limits. The size limit for avatars is 100 x 100 pixels. The avatar-file should have a maximum size of 50 kb. Guides to setting up your custom signature and avatar can be found in this forum. If you're not sure, please ask the mods for help!

Please use only 10 emoticons or fewer in your posts. If the use of excessive emoticons causes your post to exceed the regular board width, thereby distorting the appearance of the thread, board staff will remove the emoticons from your post. In addition, board staff may remove excessive emoticons at their discretion.

Off-topic spam posts will be deleted. This includes internet “chain letters.”  Any Outland spam, any "get rich quick" posts, or any posts containing personal info (such as someone's mailing address) will be deleted, and the poster will be banned immediately. In addition, the poster might be reported to his/her Internet Access Provider.

Multiple Identities
Members are allowed to use only one screen name. Do not open more than one account. Anyone caught using multiple identities will be banned from the board. In addition, it is not acceptable to pretend to be a celebrity or other notable person. Anyone pretending to be one of our featured celebrities, or a member of his/her staff, will be banned. It is also not allowed to share your account; do not allow anyone else to use your screen name.

Changing Your Email Address
When you change your email address, the board will automatically disable your account for security reasons. This is done to prevent someone from high-jacking your account. This is part of the board system, and we can't change it. To reactivate your account, you must contact a member of the staff. If you don't have the email address of one of the staff members, you may find the Administrators' email addresses on the main VinXperience web site under the "site" drop-down menu, on the "staff" page. We know it's frustrating to have to wait, but please do not create a new account. We will reactivate your account as soon as possible.

Contacting Vin, Sam, Zach, Jensen, etc...
This message board is not affiliated with any celebrity in any way. We have no way of contacting the stars directly, and we cannot provide you with any contact information. Any email addressed to a movie star will be ignored. Any posts containing alleged home address/phone numbers for a celebrity will be deleted. However, we appreciate hearing if someone receives a reply or autographed picture of one of our stars through an official business office addresses.

Financing VinXperience
This message board is non-profit. The board is funded by the Administration staff, member donations and Google ads on the main web sites. All money received goes to finance the site's maintenance costs. We wouldn't be able to maintain the board without the support of our members, so THANK YOU for keeping us going!

Unfortunately, disagreements sometimes happen between members. If this happens to you, please take your disagreement off-board. If we notice something like this happening, the board staff will ask you to handle the disagreement through private email. We expect any such situation to be handled maturely.

If you find that an agreement can’t be reached, or if another member is simply harassing you, please notify the board staff. We will attempt to conduct an objective investigation. You must be able to prove your claims, so be sure to save any offensive emails, PMs or chat logs. Anyone found to be harassing another member regarding VinXperience-related issues may be subject to official warnings, as well as a temporary or permanent board ban.

If you find that you are the victim of harassment, please do not respond to the offender in a confrontational manner. That will only make the problem worse. Even though it is difficult, please do not flame the person harassing you. Instead, try to ignore them and let the board staff handle the problem. And once the problem has been solved, please do not bring it up again.

Respect the Board Staff
The board moderators and administrators are here to help the board run smoothly. Please heed any advice they may offer, and treat them with courtesy and respect. Please remember that we are the owners of this board, and we put a ridiculous amount of our time and money into its upkeep; this place is like our home, and we expect you to be polite to us while you are our guest. As in real life, we will probably kick you out if you can't be nice. You may contact any of the board staff with questions or suggestions. Our contact info can be found here. Please remember that we are often busy and not able to respond immediately, but we'll do our best to respond as soon as possible.

Everyone goofs up sometimes. The board staff is very understanding, and we will not be mad if you occasionally stray outside the guidelines. So relax and enjoy the board!


How to Join the Board
To post here, you have to register a user account. The VinXperience board is a free, web-based message board system. If you are not familiar with SMF, you can learn more about it by reading the SMF Manual.

Custom Signatures
You can get advice and help with your custom signature or graphics in the this forum.  You also may request a custom sig in the Fan Art section. If you are an artist, please consider responding to the many requests posted there. Please remember our size limitations, which are listed above. We also offer many lovely signatures and avatars for you to choose from.

What Happens When Someone Breaks the Rules?
Anyone breaking the board rules will receive either a board warning (a warning posted directly in the thread in which the offense occurred) or a private warning (a warning sent to the offender via the private message feature). Any member who accumulates three such warnings will be banned from the board.

If the board staff feels that there is any hope for the offender to conform to our rules, the ban will be temporary and will last for one week. After the ban is lifted, the member can post again as normal. However, any further rules violations will result in a permanent ban. If the board staff feels that the offender is not inclined to ever conform to our rules, the initial ban will be permanent.

The board staff will forego the “3 warning system” if a member exhibits exceptionally abusive behavior. No prior warning will be given if a member posts threatening, hostile or racist comments – they will simply be banned and no further correspondence will be forthcoming.


What do you mean by inflammatory posts?
Inflammatory posts are often rants that are intended to cause trouble with the other board members. It is not acceptable to post a mean-spirited or abusive tirade with the disclaimer “this is just my opinion.” Such “flames” are not welcome here.

What if I see someone post something that breaks the rules?
Please report any abusive behavior to a member of the board staff via private message, then allow us to handle the problem. Board members involved in the offending thread are encouraged to NOT respond to an abusive post – EVEN IF YOU HAVE BEEN PERSONALLY PROVOKED. This type of response usually serves only to intensify the problem. After the problem has been taken care of, please do not bring it up again.

Who can issue an Official Board Warning?
Any Moderator or Administrator may issue a warning either privately or publicly whether he/she is the listed Moderator of said forum or not.

Who can issue a Ban?
Administrators and Global Moderators can ban a member from the board. Moderators can recommend banning a member based on the above criteria.

If you have any questions that are not answered in this post, please feel free to post your question in the Administration forum, or contact any of the board staff via email or private message. All messages received by the staff will be kept private. You can find staff contact info by clicking here.
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