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Guideline to watching videos
« on: Tue, Sep 06, 2005, 10:42 PM »
Guideline to watch videos

To watch video files provided on VX or on other pages, you’ll need a video player. The most common players are Windows Media Player, Real Player and Quicktime Player. These players also have an internet plugin so you can  e.g. watch trailers and videos that are only provided for the internet and not meant for download.

You can download the players on the following pages:

Windows Media Player ... fault.aspx

Real Player

Quicktime Player

To watch some of the videos available on VX, you need to install a special codec that can be found here:

Please note that Windows Media Player is the default player for Windows users and is usually installed with the operating system. However the new Windows N, which is only available in Europe, does not contain the WMP anymore and you have to install it on your own. Also, you can check for updates of the WMP on the Windows download page if you like.

Enjoy the video madness!
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