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Un monde meilleur - short film starring David Belle


Montgomery Burns 13:
Un monde meilleur, a short film starring David Belle, directed by Igor Pejic, written by Igor Pejic and Frédéric Hebuterne, showed up on YouTube.

A man stands alone in a lovely pastoral landscape of grass, sea, and sky. He is a soldier imagining this peaceful place while his reality is a fierce firefight at a weapons depot. The soldier is skilled. He kills using various weapons; the corpses of his mates gives him pause. We move back and forth between the battle and the scape. What's in store for the soldier?

That was good. Thanks for posting it, Monty!  It bugs me that David doesn't star in his own movies. It seems like he's a good enough actor, and his physical skills are unique and amazing, and he's cute. He's not too young or too old. I'd like to see him take on some really great action role. At least he could play a hell of an X-man -- no sfx necessary with him!

Montgomery Burns 13:

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It bugs me that David doesn't star in his own movies.
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Yep, I agree with you.  It would be cool if he made more movies.


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