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Over the years David recorded a number of short videos designed to demonstrate parkour, parkour training, or just his own abilities. Here are most of them (I did skip the less interesting ones like Le Tuyau or La Releve; I suppose they're helpful for people interested in parkour training, but they're hardly riveting).

Speed Air Man - the first and most famous demo:

On r'met ca! - I have a soft spot for this one because it's just so crazy. I mean, a gun? And what's with the "Fear and Loathing in las Vegas" get-up at the end there?  :lolmao

SloMo - A fully choreographed run through some abandoned factories:

Un Lundi Cool - a short video of David and a few traceurs amusing themselves.

Porto - a mini story of David arriving late and running not to miss his ship:

Accroches Toi! - David and the traceurs practising wall runs and precision jumps:

Et Vous - the first demo featuring Cyril Raffaelli:

Parkour: Nature - David, Cyril and a bunch of traceurs training on rocks outside Lisses:

David and Cyril in Austria:


You rock! Thanks so much for posting all these. I will have to watch them again later when I can really focus on them. :D

My pleasure!  ;D

Montgomery Burns 13:
Fucking awesome.  I'm impressed by their agility.  It looks so easy when they're doin' it... I admire their dedication and persistence.

Thank you for posting these. :rule

Montgomery Burns 13:
This is actually a music video compiled of several scenes from "Banlieue 13 - Ultimatum" and several parcour clips.  Most of 'em are pretty familiar, but I like the way all these clips were cut together.


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