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Over the years David did a number of commercials for all kinds of products or companies. Most of them are quite funny, and all are pretty awesome to watch. Here they are:

Nike - "Young Love":

Nike - "Scary Cat":






Montgomery Burns 13:
I had no idea that David starred in so many commercials.  Those vids are great!  Thanks for posting!

You're welcome  :) I love most of them because they tend to be hilarious. For example David's shifty eyes at the end of the Nissan ad always crack me up  ;D

Of course parkour ads are a dime a dozen nowadays, but most of them have nothing on these ones.

Those are great. I think the Canon ad is the best in terms of showing off the product, but the BBC is so much fun to watch (and not just because he takes off his shirt in the beginning). :)

Heh, it's a good point about the ads not really having a lot to do with the products  ;) The Vittel one's intention seems to be scaring people off buying the water  :think

Oh well, who cares when they're so cool  :tongue


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