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The VinXperience Message Board offers you several different themes to choose from.
You can do so via your Profile, choosing the 'Look and Layout' option.
On top you'll see
Current Theme: "name of the theme you are using" (change)
Via the "change" link you get to a site that offers you a choice of different themes to choose from.

This is the way they look like:

The Xperience Board theme - Forum or Board Default

The VinXperience Theme

The Flagrant Theme - this neutral theme matches the VinXperience website design

As you can see it puts your avatar (here mine for the vampire flavour) at the top right corner of the page.

Please note that to take the sreenshots I minimized the news as well as the shoutbox. Of course they are available for all themes.

AM Gray:
hey guys

i changed tot he flagrant theme recently just for something different- and red and black are my favorite colors..

i noticed that the heading on the page is 'flagrant' - i know that is the theme name, but not the site name surely?

also i received some messages through the site and the heading for messages is too narrow - the number of messages unread appears under the heading and can't be seen from the main page

just little niggly things...



I think those are simply the limitations of Flagrant. I love the look of it too, but we haven't been able to figure out a way to get the site name, etc., to show up there. I don't use Flagrant anymore because it's hard to do some of the admin functions -- some stuff isn't easily visible, and I'm too slow and blind to figure it out. *lol* 

AM Gray:
AND no vin shots either... sigh


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