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Writers: Please check your chapters and links
« on: Sat, Dec 26, 2009, 12:52 PM »
Dear writers,

As you may have noticed, the formatting didn't transfer completely intact from the old board. This means that your [ center ] tags and some size tags are messed up, and some of your image tags don't work. Please take a moment to review all your old chapters to be sure they look like they're supposed to. You may need to fix the messed up tags. If you had small text in your old posts, it might be HUGE here, so please fix those tags.

While you are checking your old chapters, you might find that a few of your old posts are blank. This problem is probably related to the corrupt database at the old board. We apologize for this problem! If you see that one of your posts is blank, please repost the missing chapter. If you no longer have a backup copy of your story, we might be able to salvage your missing chapter(s) from our last database backup. Please contact a moderator or make a post in this thread to let us know what is missing. We'll fix it as soon as possible!

In anticipation of this, we have already been trying to replace the missing chapter posts. If you see that one of your chapters has been edited by a member of the board staff, it has probably been copied from our backup. Please check these chapters carefully to restore any formatting that might have been lost.

Finally, please update any links you might have in your stories. Any links with the domain no longer work; you need to replace the URL with the URL from this new board. This includes any story links in your siggies. You also should update your story links in the Post Your Links thread.

If you see any other problems, please let us know. And readers, if it appears to you that a chapter is missing, please make a note here in case the writer hasn't had a chance to check it yet.

Thanks to all of you for your patience, and again, we're sorry for this inconvenience. We feel certain that the benefits of this new board software (and the absence of our old corrupt database) will be worth the extra work.

VX Staff
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