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Re: [ORI]A Matter of Trust 19/? [NC-17] 08-08-10
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What is going on in the guest room please?  :-)  Must have details. 
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Re: [ORI]A Matter of Trust 19/? [NC-17] 08-08-10
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Thank you everyone for the great feedies. Hopefully this will answer some questions, at least about Toby and Crystal. Sorry it's took so long, I've been working on it for about 3 months here and there as I could. Hope you all enjoy.

Author: Riddicks Raven

Title: A Matter of Trust

Chapters: 20/?

Rating: NC-17 over all

Fandom: Other

Paring: Mike and Rikki, Toby and Crystal(OFC)
Summary: Toby and Crystal mate, and Mike's wolf takes over.

Warning: Graphic sex. Werewolf matebonding.

Disclaimer: To date, everyone in this comes from my own twisted mind.   Thanks to mcclyn for all the help.  :bow

Chapter 20

"Mike, what's happenin'?" Rikki whispered as a deep rumble came from her man as he ran his hands over her body, a sweatpants encased erection pressed against her stomach.
"When werewolves meet for the first time, those that are destined to be mates," he turned her around so she faced the table and licked along her neck as he held her. "The urge to mate is unstoppable...nearly unstoppable." His left hand stroked her breasts as his right slid between her legs and squeezed. "The pheromones they give off will throw any other mated pair into a frenzy." She whimpered softly as Mike slid his hand in the top of her shorts and stroked her. "Tell me what you saw didn't turn you on," he slid a finger inside her. "Tell me you didn't nearly cum seeing him almost take her in front of you." Rikki gasped as he sucked on her earlobe. "Tell me you don't want this and I'll take you home and we'll stay there for a few days. Tell me you don't want this." 
"I can't," she choked out.
"Then take hold of the table," he whispered against her neck. Once she had, Mike yanked her shorts down and entered her.
Toby dropped Crystal on the bed and both stripped out of their clothes. They now knelt on the bed facing each other.
It had been years since she had cut her long sandy blond hair, but now she wished it was long again so Toby could wrap it around his fist. Now she growled at him as she looked at his swollen cock, with it's weeping purple head and prepared to fight.
Toby looked into her eyes. The only werewolf he had ever met that their wolf's eyes and their human eyes were the same color, green. The fire shinning in her eyes, and the way her pert nose crinkled when she snarled, Toby knew that even if she was still human, he would take her for a mate.
They remained there, growling and snarling at each other, then suddenly they launched forward. Chests smashed together hands clasped together in a contest of strength. Pushing and shoving each other, each attempting to gain the upper hand, each one trying to be the one  dominating this initial mating. Had Toby been a human man, Crystal's werewolf strength would have overpowered him in the first second; however, Toby wasn't human and he was twice as strong as she was. The fact that the shoving match lasted a full minute was strictly for his amusement.
Before Crystal knew what was happening, he had flipped her over with her arms pinned under her, and his left hand in her hair turning her head. With her immobile and her ass in the air, Toby entered her quick and hard. This couldn't be mistaken for any form of love making, or even fucking. This was primal werewolf mating, rutting. In and out, pumping furiously, Toby's dog tags clanked loudly against his chest until he covered her body with his. Growling he bites into her shoulder, causing Crystal to snap at him, but the only thing she could get her teeth on was a small piece of his elbow.  She growled as the salty taste of blood filled her mouth. Harder and faster Toby pumped into his mate until finally he raised his head allowing his wolf to howl it's release. With a sigh, Toby collapsed onto Crystal's trembling body.
After a few minutes they rolled onto their sides, she turned to face him and smiled.
"My name's Crystal. Crystal Dupree," she said stroking his face.
"Tobias Jackson, most just call me  Toby though," he smiled and kissed her hand.
"Tobias, I like that. Sounds.....elegant somehow."
Toby smiled at her. "Nobody's ever call me elegant, but I like it." He leaned closer and kissed her tenderly.
The instant Toby packed Crystal away, Mike felt himself pushed into the background by his wolf. The wolf had known from the first day they had seen Rikki, that she was to be their mate. Not just Mike's but their's. He had waited until she had given Mike consent before taking her. Two long years he had waited for this. And even though he would have loved to have taken her like his pack mates were enjoying themselves, the wolf knew Rikki was far too fragile. As it was, when the wolf entered her it took all of his control when he felt the tight heat of Rikki's body not to do just that. Mike's upper canine teeth elongated into the wolf's fangs, and he longed to bite her, to lick the blood from her shoulder as Rikki had from his human counterpart. Instead he licked and sucked against the scarred skin as he pumped into her. He could hear her moan under him, smell the pheromones of her arousal, and it excited him even more. He heard Rikki grunt as her body clenched down on him. The wolf leaned back his head and howled as he spilled deep inside his mate, his howl mixing with that of his pack mate. The last two thrusts he made lifted her feet off the floor.
Mike blinked as his sight returned and he felt himself slip from Rikki's body. The sight of her laying across the table, gasping for breath, nearly broke him.
'Oh, no....what did I do?' "Rikki?" His voice cracked as he fought to hold himself together. She didn't answer him as he helped her to stand upright. Mike was surprised as she leaned into him, trembling. What surprised him more was that she didn't smell of fear. It didn't help how he felt, but at least she didn't fear him, and Mike knew what he had to do. "I've got to get you away from here."
Rikki looked at him confused. The sex had been aggressive, but not painful, and she had enjoyed it. She couldn't understand the regret that filled his voice. Was Mike regretting the fact that they were mates? That it was her and not a female werewolf, or was it something else entirely? Rikki leaned into him, trusting Mike to do what was best.
 He looked into her eyes and couldn't understand how she could still trust him after what his wolf had just done. Mike knew if he didn't get her back to her home, Rikki wouldn't survive the next three days. Three days of near constant mating. Rough, aggressive mating. If her body did live, her spirit would undoubtedly be damaged beyond repair. He could smell the sadness and confusion pouring of her in waves. Mistakenly Mike took it as a reaction to what had just transpired. His disapproval at his actions increased when he knelt down to pull her shorts up. Mike hadn't been aware of it, but he hadn't pulled them down, he had ripped them in half. Swallowing deeply, he rested his head against her left thigh and sighed. It was then that he noticed a large drop of his cum slowly making it's way down the inside of her right thigh. The aroma made him hard again, and shame threatened to close off his thoat.
'How can she act like she trusts me when I just raped her?'    Slowly Mike stood, and muttered, "Need to get you outta here."
Quickly he pulled up his sweat pants and went to a corner table in the living room that had a storage compartment in it. Inside blankets and a pillow was kept for sleeping on the couch. As he grabbed the blanket, the scent of the other's second round made his feachers shift slightly as he raised a enlongated nose and sniff. The phermones and his wolf's just released dominance caused him to become hard again. Snapping his head around with a growl, Mike went back to Rikki and carefully encased her trembling body with the blanket.
"Stay here," he whispered before he grabbed his keys and went out to his truck.
His over heated body didn't feel the cold, despite being shirtless and barefooted. He placed his hand over the wet spot on the front of his sweats, then leaned his erection into the cold metal of the old four wheel drive. Mike grunted from the cold of the metal, then sighed with relief at the rapid flacidity of the offending organ. He climbed inside and cranked up the truck, turning on the heater to full blast along with the defogger. Shaking his head and sighing, he heads back to the door, and takes one last deep breath of sex free air.

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Re: [ORI]A Matter of Trust 20/? [NC-17] 12-27-10
« Reply #152 on: Mon, Dec 27, 2010, 08:35 PM »
mike ... men should never trust their psychic abilities, they are usually wrong - he smells that she isn't afraid or upset but he doesn't just ask her? yeesh... might not be a bad idea to have some alone time anyway - they need to talk

Tobias Jackson sounds very old fashioned and elegant

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Re: [ORI]A Matter of Trust 20/? [NC-17] 12-27-10
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They are fixin to  have some serious alone time and a long talk. Not to give anything away, but Rikki's gonna do all the talking. Their favorite game (ch. 1) is also gonna make a reappearence. I agree, why don't men just freakin ask?


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Re: [ORI]A Matter of Trust 20/? [NC-17] 12-27-10
« Reply #154 on: Thu, Jan 06, 2011, 07:08 AM »
 :dance  Luv this fic and happy to see an update!

Toby and Crystal had me confused at first, had to go back and reread chap. 19, but is this their first mating or meeting?  Not sure from the initial reactions from them but then their 'mating' and the after of introductions,  :think

The fact that the shoving match lasted a full minute was strictly for his amusement.

Sounds like a fun relationship and gald that Toby, with all that he's been through, has a sense of humor.  :grin

Mike is the typical guy but he really is more that he can wolf-sense that Rikki isn't afraid, but does he ask her???  Noooo, he goes off in the wrong direction, geesh! At least they will get alone time to talk and etc.  Rikki needs that, but after that last scene, Mike really needs this time with her too. Perfect!  :rule

Went back to Chap. 1 and either favorite game is going to be interesting  :evillol

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Re: [ORI]A Matter of Trust 20/? [NC-17] 12-27-10
« Reply #155 on: Tue, Jan 11, 2011, 07:43 PM »
Thanks paul. This was Toby and Crystal's first meeting and mating. Werewolves can be so spur of the moment when they finally find their mate. LOL. Hopefully I can get started on the new chapter soon. Glad you liked it.


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Re: [ORI]A Matter of Trust 20/? [NC-17] 12-27-10
« Reply #156 on: Tue, Feb 26, 2013, 07:30 PM »
Ok guys. I've been going through some crap in RL the last year or so. For those of you not connected with me on FaceBook, we found out last year that my daughter's cancer had returned and spread. She's now on a field trial in maryland. The drug is working great. i'm still fighting for my disbility. On a better note, for some unknow reason my mind has suddenly relaxed enough that my stories are coming back through. As a matter of fact I'm half through with chapter 21 of A matter of Trust. I'm hoping to have it ready to send to my beta by the weekend.  Just didn't want you all to think I forgot about you guys.  :-*

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Re: [ORI]A Matter of Trust 20/? [NC-17] 12-27-10
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Re: [ORI]A Matter of Trust 20/? [NC-17] 12-27-10
« Reply #158 on: Fri, Mar 01, 2013, 12:12 PM »
 :cry  So sad for you, sweetie.  Hope things turn out well.  We'll all be thinking of you and your daughter.

If the writing helps ease your mind, we'd love to read more.  And we have missed you. :-*

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Re: [ORI]A Matter of Trust 20/? [NC-17] 12-27-10
« Reply #159 on: Fri, Mar 01, 2013, 04:53 PM »
 :hugs  Thanks guys. I sent it off to beta last night, so hopefully in a day or two,if not sooner, i'll have it ready to post.

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Re: [ORI]A Matter of Trust 21/? [NC-17] 03/04/13
« Reply #160 on: Mon, Mar 04, 2013, 04:49 PM »
Author: Riddicks Raven

Title: A Matter of Trust

Chapters: 21/?

Rating: NC-17 over all

Fandom: Other

Paring: Mike and Rikki
Summary: Rikki has a long talk with Mike and their game from chapter 1 is back.

Warning: Breath play

Feedback: God yes! I'm a feedie whore!

Disclaimer: To date, everyone in this comes from my own twisted mind.  ;) Thanks to mcclyn for all the help.  :-*  If anyone finds anything we've missed, please let me know.


As they traveled the short distance to her house, Rikki pulled the blanket tighter around her shoulders in worry. She turned to look at Mike, to ask him if everything was okay between them. He had a firm grip on the steering wheel and was staring at some point in front of him. He appeared not to even register Rikki was in the truck with him, snarling slightly as he shifted gears. Before she could slip back into the timid, afraid woman that she had been, the woman that Canada had been nurturing started to get mad.

'What's wrong with him? We had amazing sex and he acts like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar! What the hell? Candles, when we get home, I want answers.'

Rikki let her anger build quietly, biding her time and waiting till they reached their destination; her grip on the blanket was tight as she stared out her own window.

Once they reached her home, Mike had made sure that the house was warm enough and carried her inside....without making eye contact. He knew that his whole body language as well as his face showed his shame, like a comet in the night sky. Carefully he tried to put together the words of an apology, and to beg for Rikki's forgiveness, when her firm words caught him off balance.

"Ok Candles, spill it." She thought Mike was about to explain himself when he briefly met her eyes, but he turned his head away, shamefully. "Are you ashamed of me? You've been my best friend for two years, you owe me answers."

"What?" He asked in shock.

Rikki dropped her blanket and took his face in both hands. "I said you owe me answers. Are you ashamed of me? What the hell is going on? Things were great then you get this whipped pup look. What the hell?"

Mike took a deep breath, placed his hands on her ribs and whispered, "Baby I'm not ashamed of you, but.... I...we raped you."

Now it was Rikki that stared in shock. The shame he had displayed wasn't about her, but himself. Her heart broke at the sight of him.

"Is that what you thought it was? Rape?" Mike dropped his eyes from hers and nodded. "Come with me, hun. We need to have a long talk."

Mike wasn't sure what there was to talk about, he had betrayed her trust and committed an unforgivable act. He let her take his hand and lead him to the couch. His heart pounded and hurt so bad it was sure to be bleeding. "Sit" Numbly, the alpha obeyed the order. He was again tossed into the confusion pot when Rikki straddled his lap and went nose to nose with him.

"Rikki, what are you doing?"

"We need to discuss things, this way you can't turn away from me and you have to look into my eyes." Looking into the deep sadness she saw there, Rikki couldn't help but wonder if this would be the thing to kill him. She had to fix this now. "First off, that wasn't a rape, trust me I'm an expert on the subject."

"If you don't call that rape, then what do you call it?" He placed his trembling hands on her thighs.

She got a mischievous gleam in her eyes as she spoke. "A little rough, thrilling, breath taking and exhausting...but definitely not forced."

"How??" He felt so out of place.

"Like, four times you asked me to tell you I didn't want it. You even went as far as to tell me that if I didn't want it, you'd bring me home. I... I couldn't tell you that," she said as deep crimson crept across her cheeks.

"I what?" Mike had just come back to himself with that one statement.

"You gave me the chance to say no...several times. You don't remember?" Rikki's brows furrowed.

"No. I remember the others mating and thinking that I had to get you out of there, then I was looking at you laying across the table." Suddenly Mike was certain of what had happened. "My wolf mated with you."

"Well that explains a lot," she said thoughtfully as she leaned back slightly.

"You don't mind that he mated with you?"

"Do you?"

"I donno Rikki. I don't want you hurt." Mike wrapped her in his arms, relieved that she was okay.

"Oh baby, I'm not as fragile as I used to be, but, sometimes I can be. I was given the choice and I liked it." Rikki bit her bottom lip for a moment as she looked into her man's understanding eyes. "I was a limp dishrag when it was over, my knees were so weak..." A deep blush ran across her cheeks as she remembered the feeling. Rikki went back nose to nose with Mike, and had a very serious look on her face. "Now then, can we change the damned subject, or do I have to choke you out?"

"Please...." Mike's eyes were pleading and mischievous, then went wide at the speed that her hands were around his throat. He gripped her hips and pulled her against his groin, as he drew ragged breaths.

Rikki's hands tightened and released around his throat much more forcefully than she had ever done before. Part of it was for making her worry and partly to show him she wasn't that breakable. The extra pressure on his throat instantly aroused Mike and he fumbled to pull his sweats down. Rikki rose to her knees to give him more room. Once the sweats had been moved out of the way he entered her as quickly as possible.

Mike's face turned from dark red to a purplish color, as he bucked furiously into Rikki making her gasp and squeeze tighter. The more she squeezed, the faster his hips pumped until finally his eyes fluttered shut and Rikki cried out in pleasure. With the final thrust she released his throat and Mike gasped for air. Panting, she laid her head in the crook of his neck as he wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled her face.

Tenderly he raised her face as he spoke, "My dear, I believe we're gonna have to do that again, eh?"

Rikki smiled then kissed him. "Oh definitely, but for now my knees hurt and I want to lay here with you for a bit."

Mike agreed and after removing his sweats they lay down facing each other, both of them tired and energised at the same time. After several moments of gentle kisses and light caresses he had an idea.

"You know we haven't played our game in quite a while." She smiled at her mate and he began. "Out of curiosity, how many men have you been with?"

Rikki let out a tiny laugh as she ran her fingers across his collar bones. Laughed because it would be her turn next. "Had sex with, or made love to?"

Knowing her as well as he did, Mike knew it would be different answers. "Either. Both, both."

"Weeell, counting you, I've had sex with two men. Counting you, I've made love to one man." At seeing his smile, she had to ask. "Whyyyy?"

He traced his index finger down her jaw line. "When I was trading, way way back, I would see these young women that their "husbands" had forced them into prostitution to support their gambling and drinking."

"No,' she smiled, "he was much too jealous for anything like that." Rikki knew he had seen unspeakable acts towards women in his time and the sigh of relief made her want to melt into him, but it was her turn to tweak the old man a bit. "Okay Candles, how many women have YOU had, huummm?"

As he rolled back slightly on the couch, Mike ran his hand over his eyes and muttered, "Oh damn..."

"That many huh?" She giggled at his frustration.

"No, that long ago." He sighed and thought. "Well, not counting you, the first was Morning Star, and the last was Snow Bird. There were...." he paused at thought hard, " between the two..... maybe ten. Saloon girls." Mike wasn't sure what she would say about his time with prostitutes.

"Weren't you afraid you'd get somethin'? Can you even catch somethin' with you being a werewolf? Do you even get sick?" She was curious and it made him smile.

"Yes I can get sick, but I also have this wonderful nose. I can tell if someone is diseased or was just with another man, and even who with. I always picked the right girls." He got a wicked gleam in his eyes as he pulled his woman closer. "My turn."

"Oh fuck."



"Ehhh. That first night we were together, and you had that amazing sex dream, what happened?" Rikki's eyes got big, and Mike chuckled and reminded her, "Remember nothing is taboo. All questions must be answered honestly."

"Well, um, we were outside making love, but it wasn't you." Rikki looked up at Mike's face and saw that he had cocked his head slightly, listening intently. "It wasn't your wolf either, it was like you were half wolf and half man. It hurt, but I can't explain how it made me feel., liked it." Suddenly shy, she couldn't look at his face, just stared at his wolf tattoo.

"Baby, look at me," he spoke softly and soothingly. "You dreamed of making love to me in my half form."

"Yes," she said softly as she met his eyes.

"There's nothing wrong with that. It just says you accept me in all my forms. You know, it does sound interesting." His smile was teasing.

"It was, well at least in the dream was." Rikki smiled back at him.

"I'm sorry that we can't do it that way though. It would kill you." He couldn't help but notice the disappointment on her face. "But maybe we could work around the actual sex."


"Yeah. Nothing wrong with a little kinky, is there?" Mike ran his fingers down her spine.

"No there's not." Rikki smiled then got a good whiff of their bodies. "Oh god!" She placed a hand over her nose. "We stink," she said with a laugh.

Shortly they were standing in her bathroom, with Rikki looking around like it was the first time seeing it.

"I miss your bathroom." Her voice had a touch of longing in it.

"You do?"

"Yeah my favorite room in the house. Reminds me of a meadow with all the plants and the shower like a waterfall. I love it."

"I do too."

They stood under the warm spray of the shower, rinsing off the soap suds. Mike stood behind her with his arms were around her, kissing the side of her neck. Rikki wondered if this is what heaven felt like. Maybe there was a God after all.
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Re: [ORI]A Matter of Trust 21/? [NC-17] 03-04-13
« Reply #161 on: Thu, Mar 07, 2013, 01:59 PM »
Woo hoo , I see we are up and running again :) I love this story and have missed it . Hopefully you manage to write more soon *squishes* x

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Re: [ORI]A Matter of Trust 21/? [NC-17] 03-04-13
« Reply #162 on: Thu, Mar 07, 2013, 09:17 PM »
Thanks hun. I working out parts of the next chapter now.  :hugs :hugs

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