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Author: Tashataz
Title: Destiny: Prophecies Revealed
Rating: NC-17 – Sexuality, gore, violence and adult situations
Fandom: Original
Beta: DeanJensen
Disclaimer: I don't own anything or anyone; characters that I haven't invented are the property of their creators. I don't know any of the creators. No copyright infringement is intended. 
Summary: If living in a werewolf pack wasn't hard enough, living with stray mutts after you and other supernatural beings as well would defiantly make it worse. To top it off a prophecy threatens their lives as a pack and their family. Can they survive as a pack? Can they over come the new prophecy? Stay tuned…
Pairing: Hanna (OFC) / Joshua (OMC) / many others
Archive: Only at Authors Sanctuary
Feedback: Please do, as you are the reason I write.


Leaves crushing, branches breaking, announced to the forest that a predator was loose. Panting, growling and whines were heard far and near. Animals scurried away from the noise as fast as their feet could take them.

A grey and white patched wolf leads a pack of wolves through the forest. He twisted around the trees and bushes, keeping his pack close yet far. His eyes focused on a deer up ahead, running for its life.

A black wolf closed in, taking his right wing. Speeding up he lowered himself to the ground to hide further from the pack.

A grey wolf does the same but on the left. Each keeping behind the leader. The leader slows down to a stop and the two other wolves race after the deer. While the rest of the pack stop and stay with the leader.

The black wolf ran faster pouncing on the back of the deer’s back knocking the deer down. The grey wolf ran into the deer’s head catching its neck in the wolf’s mouth.

The deer struggled against the strong grip of the grey wolf and the weight of the black one. It whined and cried as it tried to kick its way free. The deer’s eyes full and black, it knew it was going to die. The grey wolf clamped harder and twisted its head to the left, resulting in snapping the deer’s neck, killing it quickly.

The leader rose on all fours and advanced to the dead prey. Sniffing the meat he growled at the other two wolves.

They backed away from the deer, tails between their legs, and heads low below their shoulders, a sign of respect.

The black wolf laid down and rested its head on its front legs, while the grey wolf sat on its haunches, watching. The grey wolves tongue hanging from its mouth, as salvia formed from the sent of fresh meat and the hunger that lingered in the wolves.

The leader ate as his pack whined and panted behind and around him. No wolf ever tried to advance on the meat, they knew better. Monarchy was what wolves lived by.
The leader had finally had his fill for the night. Backing away he let the grey and black wolf eat their share.

Each taking a small portion they scurried away leaving the rest of the carcass for the rest of the pack to eat.

The leader licked his lips and snorted at the two hunters. Nodding his head to the forest he stood up and began to walk back the way they came.

The black wolf stood and looked at the pack still eating and playing. Looking down at the grey wolf he licked her head and lifted his head to the full moon.

A loud howl rang through the forest. Followed by other howls and chants.

The grey wolf rose from its laying spot and began to follow the leader. Looking back to make sure everyone followed.


“Has he changed yet?” Hanna whispered.

“Not yet.” Joshua answered keeping his voice low as well.

“Hey Josh, can we go in now. I am freakin’ cold.”

Joshua looked over his shoulder, all their pack members waited sitting on the cold wet grass caused by the nights cool air. “Yes, go inside.” Joshua replied, waving his hand to them.

They all stood up and began their way to their Victorian mansion that sat in the middle of a forest. A single pathway lead to a dirt path, leaving only one way in and one way out of their sanctuary.

“Should we go check on him?” Hanna asked. She peered into the forest trying to see something, anything.

“No, no, I am fine.” An older man exited the forest. Slipping on his shirt he smiled at Hanna. “I am old child. I take longer to change and get dressed.” He continued to smile as he walked towards them.

“You should not run with us as often as you do father.” Joshua said as he walked beside his father.

“Stop it. I am fine.” He sternly said as he looked up at the moon. “It was a perfect night to hunt.”

“That it was.” Hanna commented smiling at the older man. “We will sleep well.”

Stretching Joshua yawned and nodded his head. “Oh yeah. Rest is what I need.”

They continued their way to the mansion, a wolf howling echoing in the distance. Turning around Joshua raised his head and listened. “Peter is saying goodnight!”

“Typical Pete.” Hanna smiled as she entered the mansion followed by the two men.

Chapter 1

Hanna rolled over on her back, stretching her arms over her head she yawned. Turning her head as she lowered her arms back to her sides she watched her mate sleeping soundly beside her. Smiling, she turned to her side and watched how his chest rose and fell with each breath he took.

Birds chirped outside her window as the first rays of sun flooded through the window blinds. Yawning again she placed her hand on Joshua’s chest. He stirred but continued to sleep. His eyes moving frantically under his lashes, letting her know that he was dreaming.

A knock came from the door, turning her head she sniffed the air and smiled. Slowly moving to the edge of the bed she grabbed her robe that was on the floor and wrapped it around herself. Standing up she walked to the door and opened it slightly. “Good morning Kay. What can I do for you?” She greeted.

“Hi, Ummm…We are making breakfast and we wanted to let you know that is being served in 10 minutes.”

“Thank you. We will be right down.” She smiled at her.

“K.” The adolescent shrugged her shoulders and walked to the other bedrooms.

Hanna closed her bedroom door and walked to the bed. Reaching over to Joshua she was surprised when Joshua grabbed her arm. Pulling her ontop of him he captured her lips with his own.

Releasing her he looked up at her blue eyes and smiled. “You are so beautiful in the morning.”

“As appose to the rest of the day?” She teased as she laid comfortably on him.

“Here you go again, twisting what I say. It was a compliment Hanna.” He chuckled. Raising his head he kissed her again. “I smell breakfast. Bacon, sausage, ham, pancakes and…hash browns.” He mumbled to her lips.

Pulling away form him she smiled. “Yes, so hurry up.” She got off the bed and walked to the dresser, she began to dress in her dark denim jeans and a white t-shirt.

Her long hair, reaching just below her shoulders was pulled up high in a ponytail. Looking at herself in the mirror, her high cheek bones and full lips didn’t need any make up and she was very happy about that. She hated putting on makeup. It was against nature and the wolf in her object to that.

Joshua stood up and walked to the dresser behind her. Grabbing a pair of denim jeans he slipped them on. “I’m starving. Last nights hunt didn’t satisfy my hunger.”

“I know, mine either.” She agreed. Satisfied with her look in the mirror she walked to the door and looked back at her mate.

He grabbed a t-shirt and slipped it on as he walked towards her. “Let’s go.” He opened the door and they both exited to the dinning room.


A long table sat in the middle of the dinning room. At the head of the table sat Joshua, the Alpha male, beside him Hanna, the Alpha female. Both leaders and head of the family. On the other side of Joshua sat Richard, the previous Alpha male.

In the wild, the alpha’s in a wolf pack usually remains an alpha until death. But when you are a werewolf, humane instincts and culture play a large role in their life. When Richard became too ill and old to run the pack, three male mutts came to challenge the Alpha.

Mutts are known as non pack members. Living free from pack rules and alone as nomads, causing trouble wherever and whenever they please.

The Pack’s leaders are to keep an eye out for the mutts, when they bring too much attention on themselves the alpha’s have the right to send someone to fix the problem. Most mutts stay low to the radar but there are some that thrive on making a scene.

The three challengers wanted to be the Alpha of this pack, but Joshua, the rightful heir of the throne stepped up and challenged his father before they had a chance to fight him.

Rules of ascension are as follows. When an Alpha is challenged for possession of the pack, he or she must fight the challenger as human or as wolf. Either killing or fatally wounding is acceptable as a win. No outside party must interfere.

It was not a surprise that Joshua won over his father. He made it easy for his father, not hurting or killing him as a challenger should. Once Joshua won the battle the other mutts backed away from their challenge. Thus making Joshua now the new Alpha of the North American werewolf pack.

Hanna, being Joshua’s mate, became the Alpha female without fighting. Joshua’s mother had died a few years ago from a fatal wound after a hunt gone wrong. Richard never looked for another mate, for in the wolf life its one mate for life, making it easier for Hanna.

She was born in the mansion, her mother and father were both pack members. She knew the mansion inside and out. She was the researcher of the pack. Once a Mutt was detected as being mischievous it was her job to find him or her and deal with them as the Alpha sees fit.

This pack had 26 members that lived across the North American territory. 5 members lived with the Alpha’s keeping them safe and company.

Peter, the guard of the mansion. No one came close the mansion without him knowing about it. His sense of smell was the strongest of the pack. He preferred to be in wolf form most of the time, making it easier to patrol around the forest and mansion parameters.

He was not a family member but was once a mutt. His father was a werewolf mutt and his mother a human. When Peter was 5 his father abounded his mother. He never heard of his father again. When he turned 16 he began his first stages of changing into a werewolf. Scared and alone, he ran away from home.

Richard had sensed his change, as most alpha males can and assigned Joshua and Hanna to bring him to the pack. It was a risk he was taking but he sensed it was the best for him.

Once Peter came into the house and was taught the ways of a werewolf he never left. He worked out most of the time and worked on his wolf senses to become the guardian of the pack. His role was crucial and important. Joshua looked to him to keep all members safe when he is not around. He sat beside Hanna at all times, keeping the alpha female safe.

Across from Peter was Christine, his mate. In the wild only the Alpha’s are allowed to breed. But in the werewolf culture, all members can mate and have children. Most pack members choose a mate for life, as for Mutts, they don’t follow the werewolf culture.

Christine is a full breaded werewolf. Her mother and father were both part of this pack many years ago. They were killed by two stray mutts that had attacked the mansion 20 years ago. Richard raised her like a daughter after the ordeal.

Beside her was Kayla, her daughter. She was now being trained to be as Hanna was, the researcher. She had lots to learn but her patient attitude made it easy for her to learn. She still went to school during the day, but her weekday nights were spent with Hanna learning how to read and intrepid articles and old scriptures. She had the weekend nights to herself to do as she pleased.  Which she was grateful.

Rueben, who sat beside her, was second in command. He was Joshua’s cousin and one of the strongest in the pack. He could have easily taken his brother for reign but he chose not to have that responsibility. He loved to be free, and do as he wished.

Across from him was Lawrence. He was a European pack member, but when he left his pack to come live in North American he immediately searched for the pack. It took a long time to prove his loyalty to Richard but he found that Lawrence was a great asset to the pack. His knowledge of what is out there was immense, being very helpful in sticky situations.

They all had normal jobs in the human society, keeping all on lookers no reason to suspect anything strange.

Hanna was a teacher at an elementary. Joshua owned a garage, working there 5 days a week. Peter worked for Joshua while Christine worked at a travel agency. Rueben owned a restaurant that the family ate at every night. Lawrence worked for a lawyer firm, handling all of the family’s legal issues.

In all they did not need to work, the family had a lot of money after years of collecting from all families and smart investments.

“Mom, can I miss school today?” Kayla asked as she brought two strips of bacon into her mouth.

“No.” Peter answered for his mate. “You missed too many days last month.” He sipped his coffee. Looking at Christine he raised his brow.

“Your father is right. No more missing days. So hurry up so I can bring you.” She supported his decision. She finished her breakfast and stood up.

“But I am not feeling well.” Kayla tried again. Rubbing her stomach she groaned and frowned at her father.

“If your stomach was hurting you wouldn’t have eaten 4 pancakes and 3 sausages.” Joshua teased as he popped a strawberry into his mouth.

“Yeah squirt. If you’re gonna lie about have a stomach ache, don’t eat the whole table.” Rueben smirked at her.

“You guys suck!” She mopped as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Laughing they all shook their heads. “We love you to Kay.” Lawrence patted her head. Standing up he stretched and picked up his dirty dish. “Come on boys, we all have to get going.”

“Yeah. You’re right.” Rueben stood up and followed his lead.

Peter and Joshua stood up too followed by Hanna. Each taking something from the table to bring to the kitchen. Richard looked at Kayla and smiled at her. Getting the point Kayla stood up and did the same as the adults.

Richard stood up slowly and made his way to the living room. Sitting down in the old lounge chair he watched the fire crackling in the old fire place. He listened to his family in the kitchen teasing and arguing. A smile came to his face, he was happy, just like before.

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Re: [ORG]Destiny:prophecies revealed (NC-17) ONG chp 1
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great start!

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Re: [ORG]Destiny:prophecies revealed (NC-17) ONG chp 1
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Thanks E.G


Chapter 2

Hanna was deep in reading when Joshua came into the room. He watched her get engrossed in her book a smile faintly forming as her eyes passed over something amusing. He coughed not to startle her out of her thoughts.

“Oh Josh, I did not hear you come in.” She stumbled as she held her book to her chest.

“Reading something naughty?” He teased as he watched her cheek reddening. Chuckling he walked to a wooden black chair that was opposite her “We’ll have to talk about it later, when we are in bed. But for now I felt a new werewolf change, somewhere in southern U.S.”

She perked up and placed her book mark inside the book at her page. “Are you sure?” She asked removing her glasses in the process.

“Yes very sure. He just came of age too, so we have time to get to him.” He informed her.

“How much time?” Hanna asked standing up and walking to the old antique desk. She opened up a drawer and removed a book that was wrapped with white linen. Unwrapping the book she brought the leather coated book to her sitting place.

Taking a seat she opened the book and flipped through the pages. “Do you know what family he is from?” She asked still flipping through the pages.

“No, nothing more came in my vision. All I saw was him coming of age and going through his first stage of changing. I smelled fear and confusion. I don’t think he knows what is going on.” He leaned back on the chair and looked at Hanna.

She looked up at him and frowned. “Another mutt?”

He nodded slowly. “We have to get to him before he completes his change and gets too scared and wild to be taught the right ways or worse, the others get to him.”

“I agree.” She went back to her book and finally found the page she is looking for. “Here we go. Albert and Carl are in Florida, Ben and Alexandra, are in Texas. We can ask them to search for the boy and bring him here.”

Albert and Carl were brothers, they were pure breeds that lived and were raised amongst the pack. Both decided to move to Florida to keep the southern territory safe, as well as Ben and Alexandra. Ben and Alexandra were mates, have been for a long time. Even as children they were inseparable.

“I will call Albert you call Ben. We don’t have much time.” Joshua stood up and walked out of the study. “Oh and make sure to bring that book to bed with you.” He chuckled as he walked out of the room.

Blushing, Hanna looked down at the book in question. Smiling she shook her head and stood up to call Ben and get him on the prowl.


He ran, ran as fast as he could. He could hear them running after him. He could hear everything around him. His senses had heightened overnight and he did not know why. Now strange men were after him asking him to join their pack.

Pack? What did they mean? Did they mean gang?

“Come back here. We want to talk to you!” One of the men yelled.

They were catching up to him. How can older men catch up to him that fast? He couldn’t understand.

He turned in a corner only to bump into one of the men that was behind him. “How?” The boy stuttered.

The man smiled and moved closer to him. “Come with me and I will teach you.”

“Charles, stay away from the boy.” Came a loud booming voice from behind the man, now named Charles.

Charles turned around and growled. Growled? The boy backed away and looked at the new comers.

Two tall men stood shoulder to shoulder glaring at Charles. The taller of the men stood with a long black drench coat. His face chiseled but old. His eyes though blue as the sky, contrasted by his black hair only made them pop out more. While the other man, a blonde, had the most piercing green eyes. His face had hard features but his Snarl was evident on his face as they stepped forward almost elegantly dancing.

“Albert, Carl, how nice to see you again. Joshua sent you for the boy? Typical of him, making his lackey do his work.” Charles said in annoyance.

“Let the boy be Charles, he belongs to the pack.” Albert growled at him.

Carl, the blonde, moved forward towards the boy.  Scared the boy moved away, away from all the men. That’s when he remembered there were more men behind him. Turning around quickly he backed away, falling to the floor as he tripped on a broken pipe.

He continued to back away, scurrying on the floor, hitting a brick wall in the process. Looking at the men around him, all he could do was wait and watch.

“Where are the others?” Charles asked as he looked up at the roofs. Sniffing the air he frowned and looked back at Albert. “Alone? That is not pack like behavior. I doubt Joshua would like that.” He mocked.

“Who said we are alone?” Carl growled at him.

Just then a breeze passed around them carrying the scent of the other two pack members. Alexandra and Ben. Looking up Charles saw them looking down from the edge of the buildings.

“Hmmm…” Charles thought, “I underestimated you. But you still can’t have the boy.”

Ben leaped from the building landing beside Charles, knocking him over.  Ben was at least a foot taller than Charles, lean muscles evident under his black t-shirt. His dark blue jeans and black boots completed his look perfectly, tying perfectly to his personality. “The boy comes with us.” He warned with a grunt.

“Ben, back off.” Albert ordered.

Ben looked up at him, snorting at him as he backed away. Standing only a few feet away from Charles he watched him stand on his feet and dust himself off. “You’re temper will be your death boy.”

“Not before I rip your throat with my teeth, mutt!” Ben growled in threat. Teeth baring shoulders rounded and eyes fixating on his prey.

“Ben.” Came a soft voice from behind him. “Albert is right. This is not the place to fight them.”

Looking back over his shoulder he looked down at his mate. A beautiful Latin woman, her black hair flowing, as the slightest breeze made it sway along her back. Her gorgeous brown eyes spoke to his soul trying desperately to calm him. Relaxing his shoulders he stood up straight and nodded.

“Always knew you were pussy whipped.” Charles laughed, causing all his other men to laugh as well.

Ben snapped, grabbing Charles by the throat and slamming him hard on the opposite wall. “You need to learn your place, mutt!” He spat in his face as his grip tightening around his neck.

“BEN, release him.” Carl yelled as he moved closer to them.

Ben leaned closer to Charles towards his ear “Sleep with one eye open, I’m coming for you.” With that said he released the mutt and walked away from him.

Coughing Charles looked up. “We will meet again.” He stood up and walked away, you could almost see his tail wedged between his legs as he gathered his men.

Albert turned to Ben. “You stupid runt. When we tell you to stand down you better listen. We did not want a confrontation with Charles. That will lead to war, something we do not want on our hands.”

“I couldn’t let that mutt insult me or Alex. He fuckin’ deserves to be eaten alive.” Ben defended.

Carl grabbed Ben’s throat and slammed him into the wall, just like he had done to Charles. “We tell you what to do, not the other way around. YOU need to learn your place. Just ‘cause you are protected by Joshua does not mean I will think twice in snapping your neck if you disobey orders again.”

“Carl! Back down.” Albert warned. The situation was getting out of hand and that was something he did not want to display in public.

Releasing his throat Carl backed away growling. “The pup needs to be taught a lesson.”

“I agree, but not here.” Albert looked to the boy that was still cowering in the corner. “We have to talk to the boy. Alex?” He looked at her.

“I got it. You three need to calm down.” She shook her head and walked to the boy.

Bending down she looked at the boy meeting his scared eyes. “I am not going to hurt you.” She smiled. Her full lips hiding her teeth, showing no sign of aggression.

“Who are you?” He asked with a shaken voice. His knees tightly hugged to his chest as he looked from face to face.

“My name is Alexandra and I am a friend. I need you to trust your instincts and see that I am only here to help.” She extended her hand to him and waited patiently.

The boy stared; he looked into her eyes and felt a sudden peace take over him. “How come I am not afraid anymore?” He asked unsure of what he was feeling.

“’cause the wolf in you sees me as a family.” She continued to smile.

“Wolf in me? What are you talking about?” He asked. He was starting to believe this whole situation was a dream, a bad dream at that.

“Yes, listen to it. It will guide you.” She continued. Her hand still extended.

The boy sat in silence staring at Alexandra. His soul spoke to him at that moment, urging him to take her hand. His fears diminished to nothing and he was slowly feeling as if he belonged with them.

Taking her hand he lifted himself up and looked at the three tall men and the woman. “Ok. I’m listening.”

Smiling Alexandra looked back to her pack members “Call Josh, we are coming with him.”
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Re: [ORG]Destiny:prophecies revealed (NC-17) ONG chp 1
« Reply #3 on: Sat, Apr 25, 2009, 09:30 AM »
OHhhhhhhhh definitely an awesome start!!! I have to say that normally I get confused when its a story like this but your descriptions were so clear and vivid that I could see all the characters in place. I also liked how you gave intro to them too, without getting all into every detail, which I'm sure will come later, but this was very well started.

I am glad they have the boy tho I'm intrigued to figure out what will happen next. Why do they need the boy and why did Hanna ask about what family he is from? I have a feeling well be seeing Charles again, I just don't think he is going to back down, not after Ben did that. I do think it wasn't the right place, especially with the boy not knowing whats what, and to see that... i don't think it would be wise. Plus the start of a war when they don't have the boy protected won't be good.

But simply awesome descriptions - I can't get believe that for once, I am not confused on this werewolf/human thing. Keep it up!!! You're doing a great job! :hugs
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Re: [ORG]Destiny:prophecies revealed (NC-17) ONG chp 3
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Thanks for the feedbacl msweetie!!!

here is the next one:

Chapter 3

Hanna sat reading the file of the boy when Alexandra walked in alone. “Hanna, we have to talk about Ben.” She sat on the chair opposite Hanna in the office.

A fire blazed beside them, softly crackling, Hanna looked up at her from her file and nodded her head. “In deed we do.”

“You can’t blame him for what happened in the alley. He was defending Josh and me. Please Hanna, talk to Josh.”

“You know how the boys feel about ranks in the pack. He was to obey Albert and Carl and he didn’t. It’s only normal that he is punished.” She placed the file on her lap and sighed. “I know why he did it and I am really proud of him. But the rules are the rules. Joshua cannot play favoritism. Everyone knows Ben has always been close with Josh.” She tried to explain.

“I know, but he doesn’t deserve the punishment.” She defended again. This was her mate that they were punishing. It was in her instincts to fight for him and defend him at any time.

“Alex, the ruling is final. I am not going against Josh in his decision. I understand your frustrations for I have been in the same position as you. But you have to move on and deal with it.” Hanna stood up and gave her the file she had been studying. “Now read the file on the boy, we are going to talk to him soon.”

Alexandra watched Hanna leave, deep inside she felt anger, how could they punish someone for defending the packs pride and hers as well, but she knew they were right. Ben could get out of hand at times. Taking a deep breath, she looked down at the file in her hands she opened it up and stared at the picture. “Bruce Florentine.” She mumbled as she continued to read the rest of the file.


“This isn’t fuckin’ fair Josh!” Ben growled as he shook the cage door that he had been forced into. “Let me out.”

“The more you bitch about it the more time you will remain in there.” Joshua growled back. “You know why you’re in there and there is no getting out of it.” Josh sat on the chair opposite the cage.

Carl joined them down stairs with a bottle of water and a snack. “Hungry.” He asked Ben.

Snorting at him Ben walked to the cot and sat down. “This is fuckin’ ridiculous. I am not a pup. You can’t do this to me.”

“I can and did. Now shut up you’re giving me a headache.” Joshua exclaimed as he rubbed his head.

“This is so dumb.” Ben mumbled under his breath as he leaned back to the wall. Crossing his ankles, he looked over at Carl.

“For someone who keeps saying ‘I am not a pup.’ You keep acting like one.” Carl smiled at him as he pulled himself a chair.

“Shut up!” Ben growled at him.

“Enough!” Joshua firmly yelled as he stood up. “We have more pressing issues to talk about.” He paused to look at Carl, “Where is Albert?”

“He left to get food.” Carl shrugged his shoulders. Taking a bite of his sandwich, he looked over at Ben and licked his lips. “You sure you don’t want any?” He teased.

“I don’t want your nasty sandwich, I’ll wait for real food.” Ben stood up off the cot, walked to the cage door, and tried shaking it again.

“Ben! Stop it.” Joshua sat back down and crossed his arms. “Now this boy, Bruce. What do we do with him?”

“Well first we have to see how he is going to take all of this. How he will react to being a werewolf but most of all, will he accept to be under our laws.” Carl said as he finished his sandwich.

“He is young and he did trust Alex.” Joshua pointed out.

“Who doesn’t trust a beautiful woman with calming eyes?” Carl looked over at Ben and smiled at him. “She does calm most beasts. Don’t know where you went wrong.”

“Carl, don’t push him.” Joshua warned.

Ben snarled at Carl, gripping the steel bars tight, “Old man if it wasn’t for Josh right now I would’ve beat you to a pulp!”

“You and what army?” Carl stood up and walked to the cage to stand face to face with him.

“Carl back down now!” a male voice boomed from behind them.

Carl turned to look at Albert standing beside a not so pleased Joshua. He backed away but turned to Ben once again. “One day, me and you will settle this.” He growled at him.

“Anytime!” Ben growled back through clenched teeth.

“Ok that’s it!” Joshua grabbed the cage key and opened the door. Looking at Carl, he pointed at the inside of the cage. “Get in and settle your differences!”

Ben instinctively backed away from the cage, cracked his knuckles, and popped his shoulders. “Come on baby!” he taunted Carl.

Carl looked from Joshua to Albert, looking for a slight look that they were joking. “But…”

“What are you waiting for? You both are always arguing on wanting to kill each other. Now is the time.” Albert said as he sat on the stairs. He placed his elbows on his knees and intertwined his fingers between his legs. “Well…come on.”

Ben sniffed the air and lowered his hands. “The boy is changing.”

Joshua looked up at the ceiling and sniffed the air. “Damn it.” He took off running up the stairs followed by all three men. They arrived at the boy’s room and barged in while he was half way through his change.

Bones cracking, loud snarls, human screams, fur flying around the room and the smell of human feces came slamming into their sensitive noses. They watched the boy struggle with his change, his humane side fighting his wolf side. His logical thinking telling him this is not to happen when his instincts are telling him to let it happen.

Joshua ran to the boy cautiously rounding him. He looked up at the other men and saw them approaching cautiously as well, their eyes never leaving the boy. They turned in a circle around him watching in slow calculated motions, waiting for him to complete his change.

“Let it happen, Bruce. Don’t be afraid.” Joshua whispered.

“We are here to help.” Albert in his turn whispered.

“We are a family.” Carl continued.

“We are a pack.” Ben added.

They stopped and continued to watch the boy relax with the presence of the pack. He settled on all fours when he let out a loud howl. His bones and skin did a final crack and shift, his fur covered his human skin and his tail grew in one swift movement.

The men backed away from the now very large white wolf. Joshua watched the wolf sniff the air and snort loudly. Lowering himself to the floor, he opened his mouth to pant. Tilting his head to the right the wolf snorted at him and lowered his head.

“Ben change and take him to the forest to run. Watch him, and see how he feels.” Joshua asked as he continued to watch the boy wolf named Bruce.

Ben nodded and walked to the corner of the room. Removed his clothes he placed them neatly on a chair. He stretched his long body and dropped to his hands and knees. After a few seconds of growling he was his wolf self. Stretching his paws in front of him he yawned and looked up at Joshua then the boy.

Bruce stood up and sniffed, tail instinctively went between his legs and his head hung low below his shoulders, a sign of submission. Ben walked to him cautiously and sniffed every inch of him. Reaching his neck Ben opened his mouth; grabbing the back of Bruce’s neck he pushed him to the ground.

“Not so rough Ben, he is still new to all of this.” Carl warned as he watched both wolf’s getting to know each other.

Ben released the fur, looked up at them, and then back at Bruce. He walked to the door and looked back at Bruce. Tilting his head to the other side of the door he took a step letting him know its time to go.

Bruce stood up and happily, tongue hanging out, followed him through the house to the back yard and to the forest.

Joshua looked at the other two men and nodded his head. “Let’s go see what the girls got out of him.”
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Re: [ORG]Destiny:prophecies revealed (NC-17) ONG chp 3
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Just found this one and loving the first few chapters!   :rule

Something tells me that Charles and his mutt group will show up again not being the friendly sort  :evillol

Interesting the way you have the pack with everyday jobs that folks would have no idea that they were werewolves.  

Didn't mention how long they have been werewolves other than
In all they did not need to work, the family had a lot of money after years of collecting from all families and smart investments.

Hope you continue with more soon

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Re: [ORG]Destiny:prophecies revealed (NC-17) ONG chp 4
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Chapter 4

They sat around in the study beside the on going fire. They watched the fire crackle and burn through four large logs of the birch tree that they chopped down last summer. The winter was dying down now outside. Living in the north of the US let them experience all four seasons, as they should be experienced.

“What does this mean?” Albert asked, cutting the silence amongst the adults.

“Well, this could be an old prophecy coming true or just a coincidence.” Alex answered as she placed the family history book on the ottoman in the middle of them.

“So one wolf to bring all wolfs together?” Carl said sarcastically. “Please!”

“Carl, this is something we have to take seriously. If he is what that book says, we need to teach and train him.” Joshua looked over at him. Picking up the book he flipped to the page that everyone had been skeptical about. Clearing his throat he read the passage.

“Winter 1679,

The king is dead tonight after a long battle with a lung disease. He died with no heir to the werewolf kingdom.

My mother went to a seer in town to know what our pack’s future would be. Not knowing that betrayal was to come while she was gone.

The seer told her that the pack would divide, each separating, wanting freedom. That night Rafael, Michael, Sarah and Sebastian each left our home with their followers to make their own packs. We tried to stop them, tried to reason with them. But their minds were made up; they were going to be their own pack of Alphas.

This was blasphemy, how can they betray our pack, our home!

Mother returned that night, not surprised by the events that had taken place. She did mention that the seer spoke of a new king, to come in the future. One wolf who will be crowned as king, the rightful heir to all wolf packs. Who will bring harmony to the one and true wolf packs. A child that will be born from a royal gypsy and an Alpha male.

I didn’t believe my mother or the seer. All hope has gone! We are no longer the great Werewolf pack! How will we survive?

Thomas Crawford”

“So the king died without and heir? What happened to his Alpha female?” Hanna asked as she looked at her mate.

“Well she was pregnant but died with the baby during labor. Back then it was one mate for life. If she died he would never marry or have another woman by his side. Thus having no heir.” Albert remembered an old story his father had told him.

“Wow!” Alex couldn’t believe how much life had changed since those days.

Joshua closed the book and placed it on the ottoman once again. “Are you sure Bruce’s mother is a gypsy and his father is Richard Lefoure?”

“Yes, I checked twice.” Hanna informed him.

Nodding Joshua leaned back and watched the fire once again. “Then we must train him and not let anyone know who he is just yet.”

“Agreed.” Everyone said.

“Now where are Ben and Bruce?” Carl stood up and stretched his body.

“Go find out. Maybe both of you can burn all that pent up aggression.” Albert told him as he too stood up and stretched.

“Ha, ha.” Carl smirked as he walked to the door. “I will go see if Ben left him alive.” With that Carl exited the study in search of the two other pack mates.


Leaves and branches shuffled through out the forest. Three large wolfs ran with all their might through the dense foliage. They kept a tight line as they made their way to a clear pasture in the middle of the forest.

Stopping at the edge, Carl the leader and highest-ranking wolf sniffed the air. Advancing cautiously he lowered his head and sniffed around his feet. Looking back at Ben he nodded his wolf head for him to advance. Ben took two steps but was surprised when he saw Bruce run pass him into the pasture. Looking back at Carl he snorted and ran after him.

Catching up to him Ben jumped on him and pinned him to the floor. Biting his neck he pinned his head down as well. Carl rounded them and shoved Ben off with his snout. Looking down at Bruce he waited patiently. Ben sat patiently as well watching what Carl would do.

Bruce raised his head but Carl slammed his paw over his head. He could feel Bruce trying to get out from under him. Carl stepped over him and pressed down with his body, showing how he was dominating the situation. Bruce calmed himself and let Carl be the leader. Let him be the dominating wolf.

Ben’s ears twitched, nose in the air as he looked to the right of them. Whining and running to the noise he heard and continued to whine, his tail tucked between his leg.

“Carl, get off him.” Joshua ordered as he advanced into the clearing.

Carl looked over at Joshua and removed himself from on top of Bruce. He remained at his side making sure he did not run once again.

Joshua walked to them and knelt down to pet Bruce’s head. Ben rubbed his head along Joshua’s leg while Carl sniffed Joshua’s other leg. “Come on let’s go back to the mansion.” He ordered all wolves.

He stood up and watched his wolves running around him as he walked through the forest to the mansion.


“They are coming.” Hanna informed Kay and Alexandra.

“Do you think he is really the king?” Kay asked as she watched her pack brother’s coming from the forest.

“I doubt it.” Lawrence shook his head.

Hanna turned her head to Lawrence and narrowed her eyes at him. “Being skeptical is not helping Lawrence.”

“Never said I was helping with this either.” He countered. Standing up he towered one foot over her.

“Lawrence!” Reuben warned as he lowered his newspaper and stared at both of them.

Lawrence looked at him and nodded. “I’ll be in the kitchen making dinner.”

“I’ll go help him.” Kay went after him.

Joshua and the wolves finally made it to the house. Joshua climbed the stairs and kissed Hanna on her lips. Looking back at the wolves he pointed at the shed “Change in there, Alex will bring your clothes. Help him change.”
Nudging Bruce they made their way to the shed as ordered. Joshua and the rest of the pack entered the Mansion to help prepare dinner for a family dinner.
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Re: [ORG]Destiny:prophecies revealed (NC-17) ONG chp 4
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Re: [ORG]Destiny:prophecies revealed (NC-17) ONG chp 4
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Hi everyone,
I am back... will be updating on this one soon...working on getting the next chapter edited!
Stay tuned.
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Re: [ORG]Destiny:prophecies revealed (NC-17) ONG chp 4
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Re: [ORG]Destiny:prophecies revealed (NC-17) ONG chp 4
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Chapter 5

The room was dark, silent as Bruce sat on the edge of the bed, his hands fisting the comforter that lined his bed. Sighing he looked up at the door and saw two shadows in the light under his closed door.

Standing up he walked to the door and grabbed the doorknob. Twisting his wrist, he opened the door gently. He saw Kay standing at his door about to knock. “Oh, umm, hi. Hungry?”

Bruce blushed, “Ummm sure.” He shrugged as he kept his gaze on her eyes. ‘Man she is pretty.’ He thought to himself. He felt a jolt and a strong pull to her, but before he could do anything, she had already turned and ran down the stairs yelling that he was coming for dinner.

Blinking rapidly he shook, his head and took another deep breath. “Hormones. Get use to it.” Came a deep voice from beside him. Turning around he saw Ben leaning on the wall smiling at him.

He pushed himself off the wall and uncrossed his arms. “Come on lets go eat. We’ll talk later.” Ben placed his hand on the boys shoulder and led him down stairs.


Joshua watched the interaction between his pack and it pleased him to see them all together. He was happy they decided to buy a long table that 20 people could fit comfortably.

“So Bruce, where you from originally?” Lawrence asked. He was the skeptical of the bunch and it showed in his question.

“New Orleans. My mom was from there.” He answered as he played with his dish.

“Food not to your liking Bruce?” Hanna asked as she looked over at Lawrence who had prepared their dinner. She could see his snarl beginning to show as he waited for the boy to answer.

“No, it is. I am just…” He looked up and blushed. “Still queasy.”

Kayla laughed and shook her head. “Kinda normal, you had your second change a few hours ago.” She chuckled.

“Kayla, be nice.” Peter warned. “He is new to this pack and you will treat him as one of us.”

“I was being nice dad.” She protested. She looked over at her mother “Mom I was being nice.”

Christine shook her head and placed her finger on her own lips silencing her. “Bruce, if you want to go back to your room you can.” She said sweetly.

“No, I am ok. And she wasn’t being mean sir. She is right.” Bruce defended Kayla.

“Seeeeeee…” Kayla pointed at Bruce emphasizing that he was defending her.

“Kayla Harmony!” Peter growled as he lowered his utensils.

Everyone became silent waiting for someone to change subject. “What school are you in?” Joshua finally broke the silence getting a thank you look from Peter.

“I don’t have one.” Bruce said calmly as he took a bite of his bread.

“What do you mean you don’t have one?”  Hanna and Alexandra asked at once. Both looked at each other and then back at Bruce.

“When my mother died I had no home left to do homework and then I had no money left to pay for the school books so I just stayed with my cousins.” He shrugged as if it was a normal situation.

“And they never told you to go to school?” Carl asked as he finished his drink.

Shaking his head Bruce took a sip of his drink as well and looked up at Joshua. “They said that school never got them anywhere so it was useless for me to try.” He shrugged again.

Joshua pushed his dish away from him and looked at Hanna, “Tomorrow when you go back to school I need you to pull some strings and get him instated.” He looked back at Bruce. “Once she gets you in you will go to school every weekday with Kayla and you will do your studies. It’s a rule in this house; there is no getting out of it. Understood?” He asked.

“Yes sir.” He nodded and smiled.

“Until then, you will learn your normal studies with me to catch you up to where Kayla is.” He looked at Kayla. “Can you bring some more books home tomorrow?”

“Yes I can.” She smiled, as she felt important to have been given a task. It was something any pack member craved for. To contribute into the family, this was her time, even if the task was small.

“What about me being a…were…werewolf?” Bruce asked.

“We will all teach you certain things. But for now, Joshua will be training you with that as well.” Richard smiled at the boy. “You have much to learn, but we will not overwhelm you.”

“Ok.” Bruce smiled back at the old man.

Standing up Joshua stretched his body and bid goodnight to his pack. Looking down at Hanna, he gave her a nod and walked to the stairs. “Kayla?” Hanna called to her.

“Yes Hanna.”

“Since you didn’t listen today in class and tonight at the dinner table, you get to the lovely task of washing the dishes.” She stood and smiled at her.

“But…” Kayla looked around the table but got no support. “Fine.” Standing up she began to pick up the dirty dishes and bringing them to the kitchen.

Bruce stood up as everyone else did and began to move from his chair when Ben held his shoulder and smirked. “Since you defended her, it’s only fair you get to help her.”

Carl and Lawrence chuckled while Peter and Albert snickered as they exited the room.

“But…” Bruce objected but caught the stern look Ben gave him through his smirk. “Ok I will help her.”

“Lesson one; if you defend a pack mate be prepared to defend them to the end.” He patted his back hard and walked away leaving Bruce to his thoughts.

Carl waited for Ben in the hallway “I am getting a strange vibe from Lawrence.” He whispered.

Ben nodded as he began to walk to the back yard of the mansion. “I know I am getting that too.”

“Should we talk to Josh about it?” Carl asked as he took a seat on the porch steps. Looking out to the woods, he took a deep breath and sighed.

“No, we shouldn’t, not yet. He will dismiss it as jealousy. We know Lawrence wants to be second in command after Hanna. So having this kid who may or may not be the king, well…he feels like his dreams are going up in smokes.” Ben looked over at him. He noticed Carl staring back but with a strange confused look on his face. “What?”

“When did you grow a brain?” He laughed as he ran off the steps into the open field.

Ben stood waiting to pounce when he heard the door open “Ben?”

Turning around he saw Alexandra in her white tight tank with her short boy shorts. A low growl escaped his throat as he walked to the door. “I am coming baby.” Turning his head, he pointed his finger at Carl. “Tomorrow.”

“Broken promises.” He laughed as he watched Alexandra hold Ben by his shirt. “Go inside wuss.” Just as the words came out of his mouth he saw Alexandra let go of Ben. “Shit!”

“Oh were not so big and tough huh?” Ben yelled from the porch stairs as he watched Carl run into the forest.

Laughing Alexandra stepped outside and wrapped her arms around her mate. “Come on lover, I am getting tired.”

Turning around in her arms, he kissed her forehead and smiled down at her. “I hope not too tired ‘cause you know how you get me when wearing those shorts.” His hands caressed her firm round ass.

“I know!” She winked and pulled him inside the house.
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Re: [ORG]Destiny:prophecies revealed (NC-17) ONG chp 5 (08-02-2014)
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Hi, Just wanted to know if anyone is still interested in this story?
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