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[HP]Untitled [PG-13] ONG
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Author, Nafur15
Title, Untitled (Don't have any ideas for a title yet, suggestions welcomed)
Rating, PG-13
Fandom - Harry Potter... kind of
Disclaimer, I do not own anything from the Realm of Harry Potter, but everything else is mine and mine alone.
Summery, Pre-Harry Potter, beginning of Voldermorts rise to power and infamy
Pairing, Many
Archive, No - please treat this as a read only story.
Feedback, Constructive criticism is most welcomed, any and all help is welcomed.

I've been working on this story for quite sometime.  I've gone through and change things many times.  So if there are any flow issues let me know.  Please give me your feedback whether one word or a hundred... anything to let me know what you think is most appreciated.

Oh yeah,  I copy and pasted this from Word... so there may be some weird spacing and whatnot.  If you see anything out of wack, PM me and let me know... thanks... based on your reviews and input, I will decided whether to continue this or not... if I do I will need a beta or two... let me know if you are interested.  Thanks again.


Duncan Mulqueen walked through Hogwarts, it was his sixth year.  It was dark and dank, but he was quite chipper.  He saw someone ahead, hiding in the shadows; it took but a moment for him to realize that it was Kal-El McFannin, his cousin and blood brother.  Upon seeing his brother, for Duncan considered him so, he grinned, his usual smile.  Duncan was a happy young man.  Sixteen, and powerful, the very thing that all young man strive to be, he was.  

Duncan and his cousin were trybids, another form of humanity.  Trybids had powers beyond the normal wizarding prowess.  They are born with a power, though not developed; a normal trybid has power over an elemental force, such as fire, water, earth, or ice.  There are more, like those who are born special, with a mental ability.  They are rare, but rarer are those with multiple powers, such as two elemental skills; the rarest, are those who control opposites.  Kal was one of those rare wizards.  He controlled fire and ice, an ability that is unknown to his peers.   Many things about the pair were unknown, not a small number of them illegal.

As Kal was getting closer Duncan started to smile more, it was their monthly outing.  Once a month they snuck out of the castle and escaped to the Forbidden Forest.  There the morphed into wolves and ran through the night.  This was their most unlawful act, as they were not registered animagus’.


   Duncan neared his brother, who looked more than a bit nervous.  Kal-El was a prefect and a good student, nobody knew of his indiscretions and one of his biggest fears was that someone would learn about him and the Headmaster will expel him.

“Bloody hell, come on boyo, let’s go.  I thought that I heard someone earlier.  I don’t need to get detention; we have Quidditch practice tomorrow,” Kal whispered, “even though he whispered it still seemed to carry down the hall.

“Oi, oo’s there…” emanated a voice from down the dark corridor.  There were only a few torches burning, the shadows danced.  The old and gangly caretaker, McNaby, came gimping from around a corner holding a torch, peering here and there.  He swung his torch back and forth making a whoosh sound.  The flame of his torch dimmed every time he swung making the shadows grow, but when he stopped the flame roared again and the shadows shrank back down.  “Ai, I said who is there.” He tried to use more authority in his voice, which made the two boys nearly laugh.  They had snuck behind one of the many statues that lined the wall.

“Do you think the old codger will ever catch us?” Duncan whispered coolly.  Kal shrunk to the statue more when the old caretaker looked there way, as if hearing Duncan’s crack.  The torch’s revealing light crawled around the statue, seemingly grabbing for the boys, they tried to stay away from it like it was acid.

‘You fool, why won’t you be quiet?  If we get caught I swear…’  Kal spoke into his brother’s mind.  This skill manifested itself
 when they transformed together for the first time.  They have cast the spell on themselves at the same time, exactly; the effect was a constant mind link.

McNaby backed off, apparently believing that the noise was nothing but his imagination.  “Hmph…”  His disappointment was apparent.  He missed being able to torture students for their transgressions.  Something that he thought detentions seriously lacked today.  He walked back to the adjoining corridor, hoping that the house elves still had leftovers from dinner.

Duncan looked to his companion and grinned again. “No sweat… never even got close.  Come on the night is on in full.”  Duncan didn’t care about getting in trouble, as long as he had fun.  Duncan was a smart student; he just didn’t put forth enough time and energy into his studies.  Ever looking for the next adventure, the next risk was his goal.

“Right… not even close huh?  Let’s go…”  Kal made his way off down the corridor, steps practiced and quiet, he could hear Duncan clopping along after him.  Kal turned with a stern look, it was his seventh year, he should be studying for his finals, but no he was out playing wolf with Duncan.  A fool…

They reached the secret passage and went through, the tunnel wound under the castle, with secret openings and doors all over, reaching classrooms, common rooms, and teacher’s quarters.  But most important, it reached to an opening outside, about fifty meters from the castle walls.  It was easy to transform there and move off to the forest.  They walked and talked, mostly about the girls and recent pranks they had pulled or heard about.  They reached the end of the tunnel in a few minutes time.  Kal looked to Duncan with an excited grin, no matter how much he complained or worried, there was no where else he would rather be than beside Duncan.

“Ready Kal?  It is a beautiful night, full moon.  Lots of stars.”  Duncan smiled to his best friend and started to change before Kal answered him.  He was in wolf form in less than half a minute.  Kal was right behind him, their mind link still holding firm.  Duncan looked to his brother and Kal swore he smiled, but Duncan never bought it.

‘Off we go,’ Kal spoke to Duncan, and Kal sprinted for the tree line, Duncan on his heels.  They were in the forest inside a minute and they ran, jumped and rolled.  The air was cool and the ground firm.  A beautiful night indeed; they arrived in their favorite meadow and lay down in the tall grass.  They turned up to the moon and howled; the freedom was amazing to them.  A howl came back to them, Duncan stood with ears perked; he shot off before Kal could ask.  They ran together, hard, and found a wounded wolf being attacked by strange little creature that neither knew of.

‘What the hell are they?’  Duncan asked looking to Kal.

Hell if I know, whatever they are, they are not nice.’  Kal answered, and to accentuate that point a few of the little buggers turned and leapt at them.  Their sharp fingers and teeth dug into Kal’s flesh.  Duncan had the wits to leap out of the way; he charged the ones around the wounded and bleeding wolf ahead of him.  Duncan bowled a few over and scattered a group, the bit and scratched everyone he saw.  While Duncan was helping the downed animal, Kal dropped to the ground and rolled over and over, trying to get the evil critters off of him.  The things had brown and green skin with fangs and claws.  They were skinny and about six inches tall.  Kal finally got them off and he started to attack them.  He ran to and fro, biting and clawing, throwing the little things around.  It took about ten to fifteen minutes before the little imp-like creatures ran off.  The downed wolf still was on the ground, but licking its wounds.  After a minute it stood on shaky legs and walked off.  Kal and Duncan stood watching.

‘What the hell were they… I’ve never seen anything like em before’ Duncan looked to Kal and turned his head, like a curious dog does, to accentuate his curiosity.  Kal shook his head and body, as if trying to dry off.

‘I dunno, but I don’t like em,’ Kal responded.  He didn’t like the idea of fighting again.  He looked up and saw that it was getting early, ‘We should be getting back.’  They headed off, walking and enjoying the smells and sights of the night.  They made it back to the tunnel and into the corridor safely.  They worked their way towards their common room.

“Do you think we might get busted someday, I mean being animagus’ and all?  Think they’d throw us in Azkaban for it?”  Duncan was always thinking of things like that, things to get under Kal’s skin.  Most of the time it worked, Kal hated to think of possible consequences.

“Will you shut up about getting caught and freaking Azkaban.  I mean Azkaban, why would you even say something like that.  Come on man…”  They rounded the corner and came to the bottom of the stairs.  After a few turns and a few flights, they came to the bottom the staircase that led to the portrait of the fat lady.  The gateway to the Gryffindor common room, their common room; at the portrait, was a group of cloaked people in black waited.  Kal and Duncan looked at each other with worry.  Duncan grinned a bit.

“Busted,” he whispered.  Apparently they hadn’t noticed them yet, so the boys crept closer to listen to group’s conversation.  They got within twenty feet when they could hear what was being said…

“… the boys family is dead, we just need him.  Kill him and we are gone… the dark Lord…”  It was a woman’s voice.

“What was his name… Dylan?  Deacon?”  Another man spoke.

“Duncan, stupid… it’s Duncan Mulqueen… and he isn’t in the common room or dorm…”

“How do you know?”

“Because I looked, now shut up…”  The woman was the obvious leader of their group.

Kal looked to Duncan with wide eyes, his family… dead… Dark Lord… Duncan Mulqueen.  These were a few words that he picked up on.  But he understood them, and he knew that Duncan did as well.  Duncan looked back at him, with tears in his eyes.  They stopped flowing and his eyes were gone.  They were replaced with fire, Duncan was angry, something that never ended well, and Kal-El knew it.  But he also knew that it was necessary, he nodded and they stood slowly and got ready, Kal felt the heat rising inside him and he opened the link to Duncan.  He heard him crying.

‘Three… two… one…  NOW!!!’  Kal yelled into his mind.  It was almost as if the Death Eaters heard to for they started to move.

“There!!”  One of them yelled, for his sudden outburst though, he received a fireball to the face.  Duncan was cursing and throwing fire, but they were aware now and proving more than prepared.  They started to hurl spells and more than a few nearly missed.  Kal knew they had to leave, and they needed to leave now.  He grabbed Duncan by the neck of his robes and yanked him back.

“RUN, we have to GO NOW,” he yelled.  Duncan was still throwing fire, but nothing hit its mark.  He final turned and headed down the stairs with Kal.  They had to dodge and slide, just hoping not to get hit be curses.  There were a few cruciotus curses, but most were the killing curse.  Every time they turned a corner there was an impact from behind as a curse hit the wall or ground.  They kept running, they turned a lot, but kept moving.  Pretty soon they saw the great front doors, their portal to freedom and safety, but a man stood there barring their way, wand leveled.  He launched an assault, but he didn’t count on the pain and anger they felt.  As the curse neared, the boys dropped to their knees and slid across the floor, and launched a furious onslaught of fire.  They didn’t stop until they were back on their feet and near the man.  They heard hollers and screams of students and teachers, but the group was closing again, throwing spells and curses every which way.   Kal looked down at the charred remains of their most current attacker and grimaced.  He looked to Duncan who was standing, waiting for their attackers to come.  Kal had other ideas; he grabbed Duncan and ran with him out the doors and onto the cool grass.  They transformed and ran into the woods, escaped.

Chapter One
Mischa Adams walked into her new office, she had been recently been elected into the Ministry of Magic’s Minister Position.  She was still a young woman and very beautiful.  She had been head Auror until she was elected to her new position.  She had an impressive record for Death Eaters caught and imprisoned.  But now she entered another form of fighting, the political form.  Her enemies were no longer visible and solid; her fights would now be made over the phone or in letters.  She stood just beyond her doorway, peering into the office, and for some reason it looked more intimidating that any dark wizard ever had. The big desk, already heavily laden with paperwork, the two big and comfy chairs sitting opposite of her own, she grimaced at the thought of prolonged imprisonment.

Mischa hung her head and walked to her seat; pulled the top folder of the pile and opened it in front of her.  As her eyes scanned the papers a frown found a way to her face, there was an incident in Romania and a dragon had escaped the quarantine and destroyed a Muggle suburb, and killed a dozen plus Muggles.  She imagined herself chasing after the dragon, the wind whipping her hair about, the adrenaline pumping in her veins, and the fierceness of the dragon’s presence and its prowess.

A knock at her door made her wake from her dreams.  She shook her head, clearing the lingering images of dragons and fire.  She ran a hand through her hair and down her skirt; she straightened her shirt and opened the door with a wave of her hand.  A woman entered and smiled at her.  Mischa smiled back and stood.
“What can I do for you?”

“Hello Miss Minister.  My name is Amarisa Ortaz, Deputy Headmistress at Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  I was sent on the behalf of the Headmaster to congratulate you on your successful campaign,” Ms. Ortaz was quite nice, and the two became fast friends.  They spent much of their time together, charming, consoling and coercing each other into one activity or another.

Eight Months Later
Amarisa ran up the three flights of stairs, she was so excited about what had just happened, that she didn’t even think to just apparate to Mischa’s office.  Up the stairs she went two by two.  In a matter of moments she was at Mischa’s door, knocking loudly and urgently.  Mischa looked up from a draft of a speech she was supposed to give to all the Department Heads.  He stood at the urgency of the knocks and flicked her wrist, the door swung wide and almost smacked into the wall.  Amarisa nearly ran into the office and smiled broadly.  Mischa shook her head, obviously nothing wrong had happened, or else Amarisa would be in a far angrier mood.  She looked almost euphoric.  Mischa smiled back to her best friend.

“What is it?”  Mischa asked simply.

“Jonny just proposed,” Amarisa lifted her hand and spun it around to reveal the diamond engagement ring.  “We’re getting married.”

“AHHH!!!”  Mischa screamed and ran over to her friend and held he bride-to-be’s hand in her own.  “Congratulations.  That’s amazing.  Oh my goodness.

“Be my Maid of Honor?”  Amarisa asked, as she was nearly jumping up and down in excitement, she was so happy; it was seeping out her pores.  “Mrs. Callaway.  Mrs. Amarisa Callaway.  I like it.”

“Of course; I’d love to.”  Mischa was so happy for her best friend, she didn’t know how this day could get better, “and it sounds lovely.”

Amarisa looked to Mischa with an even bigger smile, if that was possible.  “Guess what else?”

“There’s more.”

“Uh huh.  The Headmaster decided to retire.  I’m going to be the new Headmistress at Hogwarts.  Isn’t that amazing?”

“No way, is there anything better than this, could your day get any better?”

“I doubt it.”  Amarisa smiled at her best friend, her day was indeed perfect.


   Priam Haden made his way along a dark alleyway.  He was about to close the door on a couple of Death Eaters.  He had infiltrated their ranks and discovered that a few upper level members were out on a mission of sorts tonight.  It was a great night for the Second Assembly to make their grand entrance into the Magical Community.  Priam was a trybid, a wizard with control over an element, in his case, earth.  The very foundation of the world would answer Priam’s call.  The young wizard found his targets, they where a hundred or so yards ahead of him.  He smiled and nearly laughed at their ignorance to their own incoming doom.  There were three of them.  Two were long time losers, and one newer, and yet seemingly important man, John Callaway, Jonny for short.

Priam had been tailing this group for a while now, and he was used to their preferred stops and paths.  He smiled to himself as they took a predictable left turn down an alley.  Smiling, Priam used his powers and brought a slab of rock up from the ground and stood on it.  Once his stance was secure, he launched himself into the air; he was a good distance over-head, but he could still see his prey, walking along obliviously.

“Almost there…”  Priam quipped.  And it was true; they were but a block and a half away from his intended ambush point.  It was a one way only turn and a bottle neck into another alleyway.  Mr. Haden nearly laughed at they way they were confident and yet trying to move with stealth and silence.  They had no clue of the death that was closing in about them.  Not but a few more minutes and it would begin.

Rain, the water began to fall and so Priam had to move closer to his targets.  It wasn’t very large drops, but it was coming down fast.  Visibility was down a lot and now sounds were distorted and a bit of a blur.  Priam welcomed it; he liked the idea of the rain adding confusion.  Priam could feel the temperature change; the rain was cooling everything off and making the rain more annoying by the second.  They were almost there, so Priam sailed through the air and landed on a roof overlooking the junction.  The quietly raised a massive stone to block the end of the bottlenecked junction.  The rain allowed him to do this without alerting the walking Death Eaters.  They entered the junction, it was go-time.  Priam erected another blocking stone; it went up quickly and therefore very loudly.  Priam concentrated and a grin spread across his face.

“What the hell?”

“What’s going on?”

“What the shit?  Where the hell did that come from?  Jonny… you’re the boss… what the hell are we supposed to do?”

Jonny looked to his two companions and shrugged.  “Destroy the stone I guess.”

“Alright then...”  One of the men raised their wands and began to cast a spell, but all of the sudden his mouth was full of coarse sand and dust, suffocation him.  He fell to the ground, clutching his throat in pain.  Jonny ran over and removed the earth from the man’s mouth.
   “Better,” smirked Jonny.
“Thanks…” coughed his relieved friend.  “What the bloody hell is going on here?”
   Priam yelled to them in response to the man’s query.  “You’re all dead… DEATH to the followers of Voldemort.”  With that the trybid sent a furious assault of stone spikes and rock hail down at the men below him.  One of the men through his arms up to protect himself from coming death, but all that his arms provided more flesh for the spikes to bite into.  The man fell to the ground, his once proud body reduced to a bloody pin-cushion.  Jonny leapt to the side just in time to be missed by a few of the missiles, as he rolled on his side he saw his companion fall to the ground dead, with several rock spikes protruding from his body.  It was just Jonny and the other man.

“Jake… you okay?”

“Technically?  Yes… you?”

“Okay… for now.  Do you know where that came from?”

“Up and to our left I think.”

Jonny spit a curse.  What the hell was he supposed to do?  He wasn’t a true Death Eater, he was a plant, a spy for the Order of The Phoenix.  But what the hell was he to do?  “Jake… can you see him?”
There was a pause followed by more spikes shooting at them, but mostly in Jake’s direction.  “PISS OFF!”  Jake yelled at their attacker.  “Or you’ll be sorry!”  An empty threat… but the attacker might not know that.
Priam grinned wickedly.  “Fine, I’ll leave.”

He through a small boulder down the alley to crash down and fade away.  And just like he had hoped, the man who yelled, Jake, stood stupidly, scanning to see if Priam actually let.  He didn’t even see the pebble flying at his head, nor did he see the small hole where it entered his forehead.  But Jonny did, what’s more, he saw the exit wound, the hole that was the size of a melon.  The gore and brain matter smeared the wall that Jake had been against.  Jonny swore again and gagged at the sight.  He was still safe behind part of the boulder that was concealing him.  He needed to stop this now… before he joined his friends in endless slumber.

“What do you want?!”  Jonny yelled into the gloom.  He knelt out to side, slowly peering around the side of the boulder, hoping so glimpse his opponent.

What he didn’t know was that Priam had flew on a flat piece of shale, and found his way to be behind Jonny.  So when he spoke again, it made Jonny leap.

“I want to see what you’re insides look like.”  Priam crooned menacingly.


“Hush now…”  Priam pressed a finger against his lips, silencing Jonny’s forthcoming remark.

“But I’m not a Death Eat…

“I SAID SILENCE!”  Priam snapped, launching a fist into Jonny’s eye.  The man collapsed at Priam feet, where he was then kicked and stomped on.  After a minute or two Priam stopped and looked down and the weeping man, bleeding from many places, at his feet.  “Now… Death Eater… it is time to die.”

Through the tears and sobs Jonny croaked, “No… please… I’m part of the Ord…”

That was all that escaped his lips as a pike made from stone burst from the ground in a flourish, impaling and silencing Jonny forever.  The last sounds were a bloody gurgle and then that was it.  Priam lowered the spike into the ground and brandished his wand.  He muttered a few words and his wands point began to glow white hot.  He pressed it against Jonny’s forehead and branded him with SA.  It would become the calling card of the Second Assembly.  The smell of burnt flesh permeated the air, and with that Priam willed all the rock that had been launched through the air to meld once again into the ground from whence it came.  After all signs where gone, he disappeared, just in time too, for no more than thirty seconds later a woman walked by and spotted the dead men and let out a shriek.  Within  twenty minutes, the place was cordoned off and Auror’s where on scene.  It would be just in time for the morning edition of The Daily Prophet, the wizarding community’s newspaper.


Priam apperated back to the Second Assembly’s HQ which was shabbier and more disgusting than Priam thought possible.  The two leaders had just opened it up; he was probably the third member inside, and what a sight it was to see.  Dirt, dust, grime, and more dirt were all over.  There were more than a few holes in the walls, indicating that a variety of beasts had made their home in the obviously deserted house.  Pretty soon the rest of the Assembly would be here for the first official meeting.  Priam ticked off the roster on one of his hands.

“Let’s see, me,”

He flicked out a finger from his balled fist.

He flicked out another.

“Hmm… Jezebel,”
That was three.

Four, this was not very impressive.

Five… five… that’s all… five?

“I’m not sure… I think that’s it actually.”

Not really one to truly care whether or not he was accurate in his memory of people that weren’t important.  And in the twisted mind of Priam, nobody other than himself was important enough to remember.  Making exceptions for very few, Priam’s memory was like an etch-a-sketch; meaning that once he no longer needed the information, he could just shake his head and it would all disappear.  And so it was with most things, this among others, but instead of dwelling on the pointless matter, he instead focused his will on his trybid power, and thereby tapping into the earth around him.  By earth, it was the sand, grim, dust and all the other filth that littered the floor, walls, and ceiling.  Once he was sure that he had everything grain of dirt within focus, he pushed outwards, extending his arms out in front of him, as he did this, all the laden earth flew off of their surfaces and launched out of windows and doors.

Within minutes, Priam had cleared the first floor of all the residual filth that time had left behind.
Always preferring to use his trybid powers over his normal magical skills, Priam couldn’t even remember the last time he used his wand.  Knowing that it wasn’t even within that last month, it might even be that he hadn’t used it in the last two months… with the slight possibility of more than that.

Priam had been standing there for about ten minutes, just trying to figure out exactly how many members they presently had.  He was almost surprised when he checked his watch and found that he had been standing idle for so long.  Hearing a light scuffling outside, Priam put his back to the wall and listened, not that he really needed too, this place was hidden well.  The enchantments and spells laid down on their Headquarters made it so that it was hidden from anyone’s eye who didn’t know that it was already there, and you couldn’t find it if you didn’t know where it was.  “Hidden to all except for those know where it is”.  So he was fairly sure that he was more or less safe, but Priam had always preferred to be safe rather than dead.  So there he stood in the dark hallways, the dusk and filth no longer coving the floor, waiting for the noise to either sound farther away, or for someone to enter the HQ.

The squeak of floor boards told Priam that someone was in the room behind him, the thin wall didn’t insulate sound, but besides the hard wood creaking, no other sound emanated from the room.  A small drop of sweat plopped from his tangled matte of hair onto his stubby nose.  His shallow, dark brown eyes quickly scanned the hallway, there wasn’t any one at either end, but Priam knew that there was someone within the house other than himself, and he didn’t like it.  More paranoid than cautious, the earth trybid wanted to make sure that the intruder was either friend, or a doomed foe.  It wouldn’t be the first time that a death eater had tried to attack them and assassinate one of the members of the Second Assembly.

A Reunion
The scrubby looking wizard listened intently for any sound, but there was nothing other than his own soft breathing.  He had almost began to think that he had imagined the sound, but then he heard someone settle down into one of the older, but still plush, armchair.

“This place is bloody filthy; I can’t believe this place is… eww… I can’t believe this is our Head Quarters.”  The feminine voice was melodic and sweet, not really a match for the fire that burned within the voice’s owner.  “This… hole… needs a face lift, and then some really.  But whatever… soon we’ll be back in action and this place will reflect our activity.”  The woman was speaking to herself, she was the only other person in the house other than Priam, but he didn’t know that.  But soon he expected it to be true, because for the length of time that she spoke, there was no response to her light ranting.

Priam shuffled along the wall of the hallway, making his way towards the room from which the voice was coming from.  Soon he reached the tall doorframe and peered in, and sure enough, there was a striking beauty sitting in a plush, though dirty, armchair.  In that armchair, was a five foot eight, fair skinned, black haired lovely; her hair was black and sleek, her face beautiful.  She looked rather like a simple and almost frail woman, but it was far from the truth.  Jezebel McCoy, for that was who it was, was a strong, independent, and ferocious woman.  She was a dangerous enemy, and an unequalled ally, something that the members of the Second Assembly would need dearly.  A gaze that could either melt a heart, or instill great fear, it looked over room with extreme detail, taking in every small thing.  Looking from the candle holders on the mantle place, to the small tear in the armchair across from her current seat, Jez took it all in.  The raven haired beauties eyes soon wandered over every square inch of the room, and soon found themselves looking upon her hands.

“I feel dirty just from sitting in this house.  It’s just… eww…”  Jez looked at the underside of her forearms, they were covered with dust.  Her near skintight black suit hugged ever subtle curve of her body, and now it showed that accumulated dust quite well.  Priam stifled a laugh as she stared in disgust as she looked down at her own cloth covered arms.  Once his stomach stopped spasming from suppressed mirth, he stood up straight and stepped into the doorway, looking at Jez with a crooked smile.

“Well, if you don’t like it… change it.”  Priam laughed lightly as Jez’s head jerked up in surprise and then lit up in joy.  Her sweet smile made Priam grin all the more, his smile mirroring her own.  She stood up quickly and nearly ran over to him with arms open to embrace him like a long lost brother or dear friend.  In truth, he was more like both than just a single one, at times he was like her brother, and other times a friend.

“Priam… how are you?”  She put her arms around him, embracing him as family.  Returning the hug, Priam smiled and held her for a moment before pushing her out to arms length and looked at her with a strong smile.
“Jez… you’re acting like we haven’t seen each other in years.  We were together just a few days ago, having drinks and joking.”

“I know, but it seems longer,” she spoke with a serene smile and a twinkle in her eyes.  It did, for some reason that she couldn’t really put her finger on, it seemed like they’d been away from one another for a long time.  Being friends for a long time had created a strong bond between the two of them.  So it was even more interesting when they had discovered that they’d be part of the Second Assembly.  This organization aimed to direct fear back into the hearts of those who were the very embodiment of evil.  Death Eaters were the chosen prey for the SA and they did their jobs well.  “Is it done?”

Her question made him step back and gaze at her.  She wasn’t one to really enjoy hearing of other people’s torment.  But then again, Death Eaters weren’t really considered to be actual people around the Second Assembly.  Nodding, Priam gave her a small smile.  “It is.  And it went a lot easier than I had thought possible.  They idiots put up little to no fight, and they didn’t die well.  His smile held, and he noticed that Jez returned it slightly.
“Good.”  Jez turned away and went to sit down on a newly cleaned armchair.  “Good…”  Her voice faded away, and her mind turned to a few memories from what seemed like an age ago.  The smiling face of her friends, and then a bright green flash and then a searing pain; and then she remembered the rage.  She had lost those closest to her a long time ago, and had made a point to remember that pain and rage; it made it easier to kill.  The beautiful woman ran her hands through her black hair, down her neck, across her shoulders, and down her arms.  From there they wound along her sides and then to her hips, the end of her fingers brushed across the edge of the scars that marred her once flawless skin.

The day that her best and closest friends had died, Jezebel had been captured by the very Death Eaters that had done it, and they had treated her like a toy.  They had run the tip of their wands across her back, and had seared her skin.  Not only that, but they wanted to leave a lasting memory of them.  Wishing this, they had placed a curse on those scars, and anytime anyone touched them other than herself, a searing pain ran through those scars.  Her curse now was nearly a constant reminder of her vendetta against the followers of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.
Leaning against a cleaned wall, Priam left a dirt splotch as he looked upon Jezebel with understanding.  Everyone within the Second Assembly had lost someone; that was the biggest thing in their group.

Only someone that has felt the complex and excruciating pain of lose, can inflict it back.  It was the easiest way to explain it and it was all Priam needed… an excuse.  All he wanted, everything that drove him to get back at the Death Eaters was born within the desire to cause so much pain.  The once wholesome man had long ago discovered that if he caused someone enough pain, his own would lessen slightly.  And in hopes of ending his own pain and anguish, Priam hurt as many people as he could, sometimes to those who didn’t really deserve his wrath.

There they stood, two friends staring blankly at each other, both lost in their own thoughts and memories.  Particles of dust shown in the beams of light that were cast by the sun through the couple slits at the boarded windows.  Two minutes turned to ten, which soon turned to twenty, and both man and woman stood there, lost in remembrances.  After forty-six minutes, the dust had all but finally settled down, when Priam came out of the daze and looked at Ms. McCoy.  He watched her for a while before walking towards her, stirring up the very dust that had just settled.  It was less bright in the room; it seemed that the sun had sunk behind some clouds.  The darkened room felt more fitting for the somber mood that both of them were in.

“Jez… Jez come on.” Priam tried to stir her with his whispers.  But she did not move, or even acknowledge that he was even standing there, right in front of her. Never a patient man, Priam planted his hands on her, one for each shoulder.  “Jez!”

Shaking her head violently, Jez came out of her coma like state and looked at her dirty, unshaven friend with a curious stare.

“What?  I was only thinking about someone there’s no need to shake me.  I’m perfectly…”

“Perfectly fine my arse.”  Priam cut her off and gave her a serious look.  “You’re not fine, and I know this.  But its okay, none of us are fine.  If we were… we wouldn’t be here.”  He took his hands off of her and stepped back, raising his arms and turning in a slow circle as he spoke.  Indicating that he was taking about their location as much as their situation.

Jez hung her head and nodded slightly, “I know.”
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Re: [ORIG]Untitled [PG-13] ONG
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WOWSERS!!! N oyu have quite a story going here. I really like the story line, the only suggestion i would make would be to go back and space out your paragraphs. it will make it easer to read. but other then that, this is great and  i look forward to more.  :hugs

A big thanks to Evilgrin for the Rocken sig!!

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Re: [HP]Untitled [PG-13] ONG
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great start, Nafur!
I think I must be one of the few people in the world that's never read Harry Potter, so this stuff is always fresh to me :)

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Re: [HP]Untitled [PG-13] ONG
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WOWSERS!!! N oyu have quite a story going here. I really like the story line, the only suggestion i would make would be to go back and space out your paragraphs. it will make it easer to read. but other then that, this is great and i look forward to more.

Thanks luv... you know that your oppinion means a lot to me... Thanks for the suggestion.

great start, Nafur!
I think I must be one of the few people in the world that's never read Harry Potter, so this stuff is always fresh to me

EG... thanks for the kind words... but don't take my writting as a bases to opinion yourself about Harry Potter books.  The only thing I take from that stuff is the names of insitutions, few character references, places, and professions... otherwise it is all my own creation.

Thansk to the both of you for giving feeback... I know it must get kind of toiling after all the posts that happen constantly... but it does mean a lot to me that you took the time to read my work and deemed it worthy or response.

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Re: [HP]Untitled [PG-13] ONG
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