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Stage name: El Rico
Birth name: Avelino Lescot

DOB: 29. September 1968, Paris, France
Star sign: Libra
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 96kg
Hair: black
Eyes: Noisette
Skin: Olive

Languages: English, French, Spanish, West Indies Creole, some Pacific Island languages incl. Maori, Tahitian
Interests: martial arts, Va'a, snowboarding, surfing, horse riding, swimming, diving, dancing, music, yoga, painting, poetry

Born as Avelino Lescot in Paris’ southern suburbs during the 1968 riots, which left France paralyzed for months, 'El Rico' spent his early childhood living out of a suitcase, following his parents Gypsy tradition as circus performers.

As he was growing up, while mum, dad and his uncle performed as 'Los Maxandres', thrilling circus audiences with their commands of contortion at dangerous heights, including acrobatics stunts, bike and hand to hand pass overs, 'El Rico' had his own dream to become an actor.

This early contact with international entertainment has provided him with the confidence and determination to carry on his passion for screen work, narration and martial arts. He also became a linguist and script writer in his later years while working in many countries.

'El Rico’s’ distinctive lingual attributes are being able to speak English, French and Spanish as well as a few Polynesian languages.

He also practices a wide range of sports besides martial arts, and has included a certain form of yoga for his spiritual meditation.

'El Rico' was also known in his teens as 'Rico El Dragon' or 'Le Gitan' and is sometimes credited in films as 'Rico Rameka Lescot'.

The nickname 'Rico El Dragon' was given to him in respect to his fast punches and elbow strikes while he was working as a doorman and fighting in underground dojo arenas. At some stage during this period he decided to pursue his passion to become an actor and stop working at night.

Nowadays, he only fights on screen and is an advocate of non-violence. He has an 'easy to get along' character and has been recently titled as 'Charles Bronson’s younger brother' by the Australian press.

El Rico filmography

    * Awards:

Action on Film International Film Festival, USA

2010 Won Action on Film Award  Most Ambitious Script for 'The Black Sun'
Shared with: Rene Perrin and Susan MacGillicuddy

2008     Won     Action on Film Award     Best Fight Choreography  for: Among Dead Men (2008)
Shared with: James Richards and Ron Vreeken

2007     Won     Action on Film Award     Best Foreign Film  for: El pistolero del diablo (2007)
Shared with: James Richards and Rene Perrin

    * Filmography

1. “Sea Patrol” …. Hire man / … (8 episodes, 2007-2010)
- Live Catch (2010) TV episode (as Avelino Lescot) …. Bambang
- Friends Close, Enemies Closer (2008) TV episode (as Rico Lescott) …. Attacker
- Hidden Agendas (2008) TV episode (as Rico Lescott) …. Hire Man
- The Dogs of War (2008) TV episode (as Rico Lescott) …. Islander
- Cometh the Hour (2007) TV episode (uncredited) …. Hire man
(3 more)
2. “The Strip” …. Biker (1 episode, 2008)
- Episode #1.9 (2008) TV episode …. Biker
3. Singh Is Kinng (2008) (as Rico Rameka Lescot) …. Moku Biker
… aka “S.I.K.” – India (English title) (promotional abbreviation)
4. Among Dead Men (2008) …. Bobby Delgado
5. El pistolero del diablo (2007) (as Rico Rameka Lescot) …. The Pistolero
6. “The Starter Wife” …. Hollywood celebrity (1 episode, 2007)
- Hour 4 (2007) TV episode (uncredited) …. Hollywood celebrity
7. The Condemned (2007) (uncredited) …. Salvadorian on death raw
8. Rapid Fear (2004) (as Rico Rameka Lescot) …. Smart
9. The Maori Merchant of Venice (2002) …. Morako’s Kai-Arahi
… aka “The Merchant of Venice” – New Zealand (English title)
10. Zenon: The Zequel (2001) (TV) (uncredited) …. Space engineer
11. “Street Legal” …. Bouncer at the Eager Beaver (1 episode, 2000)
- The Boxer (2000) TV episode (as Avelino Lescot) …. Bouncer at the Eager Beaver
12. Ready to Run (2000) (TV) …. Sonora horse trainer
13. “Cleopatra 2525″ …. Mutant Warlord / … (3 episodes, 2000)
- Last Stand (2000) TV episode (uncredited) …. Alien Character in a Night Club
- Run Cleo Run (2000) TV episode (uncredited) …. Mutant Warlord
- Rescue (2000) TV episode (uncredited) …. Mutant Warlord
14. “Young Hercules” …. Villager (1 episode, 1999)
- Under Siege (1999) TV episode …. Villager
15. “Jackson’s Wharf” …. Maori gang member (2 episodes, 1999)
- Jackson’s Return (1999) TV episode (uncredited) …. Maori gang member
- Jackson’s Return: Part 2 (1999) TV episode (uncredited) …. Maori gang member
16. Xena: Warrior Princess (1999) (VG) …. Warrior
17. “Shortland Street” …. Mr. Clarke (1 episode, 1998)
- Episode #15.61 (1998) TV episode …. Mr. Clarke
18. “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” …. Hangman (1 episode, 1996)
- Doomsday (1996) TV episode (uncredited) …. Hangman

    * Art Department:

1. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010) (post-production) (set maker)

2. El pistolero del diablo (2007) (props)
3. “Cleopatra 2525″ (carver) (14 episodes, 2000)
- Hel and Highwater: Part 2 (2000) TV episode (carver)
- Hel and Highwater: Part 1 (2000) TV episode (carver)
- Last Stand (2000) TV episode (carver)
- Double (2000) TV episode (carver)
- Trial and Error (2000) TV episode (carver)
(9 more)

4. Xena: Warrior Princess (1999) (VG) (carver)

    * Stunts:

1. “The Strip” (stunt performer) (1 episode, 2008)
- Episode #1.9 (2008) TV episode (stunt performer)
2. Among Dead Men (2008) (fight coordinator)
3. “Mataku” (stunt double) (1 episode, 2002)
- The Blue Line (2002) TV episode (stunt double) (as Rico Lescot)
4. Her Majesty (2001) (stunt double) (stunts) (as Rico Rameka Lescot)

    * Writer:

1. Among Dead Men (2008) (voiceovers and additional dialogue)
2. El pistolero del diablo (2007) (co-writer) (as Rico Rameka Lescot)
3. The Black Sun

    * Producer:

1. Among Dead Men (2008) (producer)
2. El pistolero del diablo (2007) (co-producer) (as Rico Rameka Lescot)

Video: El Pistolero del Diablo – Part 1

    * Production Manager:

1. Among Dead Men (2008) (executive in charge of production)
2. El pistolero del diablo (2007) (production manager)

    * Production Designer:

1. Among Dead Men (2008) (co-production designer)
2. El pistolero del diablo (2007) (as Rico Rameka Lescot)

    * Music Department:

1. Among Dead Men (2008) (composer: additional music) (music supervisor: lyrics)
2. El pistolero del diablo (2007) (composer: additional music)

Video: El Pistolero del Diablo – Part 2

    * Composer:

1. Among Dead Men (2008) (co-composer)

    * Set Decorator:

1. Among Dead Men (2008)

    * Miscellaneous Crew:

1. El pistolero del diablo (2007) (production boy)

    * Costume and Wardrobe Department:

1. El pistolero del diablo (2007) (costume supervisor)

    * Casting Director:

1. El pistolero del diablo (2007)

    * Casting Department:

1. El pistolero del diablo (2007) (casting associate)

    * Art Director:

1. El pistolero del diablo (2007) (original art director)

    * Self:

1. The Commuter Talk Show (2008) (as El Rico) …. Himself

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El Rico @ Facebook

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Damn, he's such a fine man! And very talented too! Excellent bio you posted there, Sil, I hope the list of his films will soon be twice as long.  

Furyan Goddess:
That is one big motherfucker!

Actually with of all of the tv series episodes the list would be way longer. *lol* ;)

an interesting life!


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