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[Important] Always credit your sources when you post news!

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Dear board members and site visitors,

VinXperience is a flourishing community thanks to you fabulous people who are relentlessly on the hunt for Vin pics, news mentions and other fun stuff everyone can discuss. Without your commitment and participation, VX would diminish to being a terribly boring place. Keep up the good work and make this board a lively place where everyone has plenty to chitchat about.

There is however a word of caution needed at this point. When you post images, articles or whatever else, please make sure you credit the site where you found it by posting a link to the original source. Itís only fair, and most importantly, an absolute must, to give credit for any material taken from another place to VX.

In the web world, we prove to be true in the way of giving credit to the original source. The original source is the webpage that posted the given info first. If you post news from the various movie sites, you give us a link to the original website. As an example: Vin Diesel interview from DDD magazine (

If you spot the news on another Vin fan page, the internet netiquette demands that you credit both the original source and the page you took the info from ( Providing backlinks is essential as you can see even though it may appear petty-minded to some. Of course it happens that you forget to post a link, in this case one of the staffers will give you a gentle reminder.

Sometimes it happens that you find translations of foreign languages articles about Vin on other fan sites and would like to post them here. In this case, please be courteous and get in touch with the person who has translated it to ask if (s)he is okay with it - and then add a proper credit/return links when you post. And if you run it through Google to get a translation please note that as well to avoid any kind of misunderstandings.

The same goes for news etc. you find here on VX and would like to post on another site you visit - with the exception of solely site related materials like the Spy Chix, Virtual Pleasures etc. It is in general advisable to not post fanfics of fellow writers on other websites without their permission. For crediting VinXperience please always use the main site link:

Also, if you post images make sure to upload them either to your own webserver or a free hosting service like Photobucket. Post thumbnail images with an embedded link to the bigger images, or post the links only if you have many to share. For single images the maximum size is 450x600 pixels. The staff members will gladly assist you if you encounter troubles posting images.

When posting news on VX it is likely that they will be posted as a news item with the main site update. It goes without saying that you will be properly credited unless you prefer not to be mentioned; in this case please get in touch with me or post an according note in the thread.

Lastly, if you happen to find out that someone took your stuff without giving proper credit: talk to me or any other staff member. We're only human, sometimes things slip our attention and we're not backtracking every bit of information to see if the credits are correct or which other boards the stuff's been posted on first. Bitching, venting and moaning elsewhere are highly immature and not at all helpful in solving the problem at hand - talking is the key.

Thank you very much for your co-operation!

Your Staffers


In my opinion all of this is a matter of common sense and courtesy. Sad to see that it is necessary to remind people over and over again of things as simple as this....

couldn't agree more, Sil



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