Below is a list of the smileys available on this forum. Note that smileys may differ from forum to forum.

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Name Image (click to insert) Code (type to insert)
fallenangel :fallenangel :fallenangel
back2topic :back2topic :back2topic
groupdance :groupdance :groupdance
eviltongue :eviltongue :eviltongue
droolblush :droolblush :droolblush
mothership :mothership :mothership
happydance :happydance :happydance
:meditation :meditation :meditation
yieppiehh :yieppiehh :yieppiehh
happykiss :happykiss :happykiss
topsecret :topsecret :topsecret
deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse
embarrass :embarrass :embarrass
surrender :surrender :surrender
yesmaster :yesmaster :yesmaster
coolbeans :coolbeans :coolbeans
wolverine :wolverine :wolverine
laughter :laughter :laughter
confused :confused :confused
purplele :purplele :purplele
crylaugh :crylaugh :crylaugh
purhappy :purhappy :purhappy
surprise :surprise :surprise
tilt\par :tilt\par :tilt\par
thankyou :thankyou :thankyou
atomrofl :atomrofl :atomrofl
deserted :deserted :deserted
headbang :headbang :headbang
sherlock :sherlock :sherlock
applause :applause :applause
headache :headache :headache
mistress :mistress :mistress
elfdance :elfdance :elfdance
:highfive :highfive :highfive
evillol :evillol :evillol
getwell :getwell :getwell
havefun :havefun :havefun
verymad :verymad :verymad
whisper :whisper :whisper
redback :redback :redback
welcome :welcome :welcome
popcorn :popcorn :popcorn
oldsoon :oldsoon :oldsoon
bigeyes :bigeyes :bigeyes
rubeyes :rubeyes :rubeyes
crystal :crystal :crystal
noangel :noangel :noangel
perfect :perfect :perfect
zombie :zombie2 :zombie2
Tongue :tongue :tongue
lolmao :lolmao :lolmao
nowhat :nowhat :nowhat
oldman :oldman :oldman
ddance :ddance :ddance
flower :flower :flower
hammer :hammer :hammer
candle :candle :candle
couple :couple :couple
angel2 :angel2 :angel2
boxing :boxing :boxing
uboard :uboard :uboard
glasses :brille :brille
clover :clover :clover
pdance :pdance :pdance
coffee :coffee :coffee
giggle :giggle :giggle
wicked :wicked :wicked
pirate :pirate :pirate
prayer :prayer :prayer
devil1 :devil1 :devil1
devil2 :devil2 :devil2
shower :shower :shower
iagree :iagree :iagree
shutup :shutup :shutup
zombie :zombie :zombie
dream :dream :dream
think :think :think
goofy :goofy :goofy
lol :lolol :lolol
anger :anger :anger
write :write :write
brain :brain :brain
sorry :sorry :sorry
shoot :shoot :shoot
dance :dance :dance
love2 :love2 :love2
shock :shock :shock
laugh :laugh :laugh
sword :sword :sword
crack :crack :crack
cheer :cheer :cheer
tthud :tthud :tthud
ggrin :ggrin :ggrin
phone :phone :phone
drink :drink :drink
riddy :riddy :riddy
river :river :river
rules :rules :rules
tired :tired :tired
above :above :above
drool :drool :drool
blech :blech :blech
witch :witch :witch
freak :freak :freak
crazy :crazy :crazy
nurse :nurse :nurse
bunny :bunny :bunny
panic :panic :panic
couch :couch :couch
mwaha :mwaha :mwaha
ninja :ninja :ninja
jump4 :jump4 :jump4
hugs :hugs :hugs
hhah :hhah :hhah
love :love :love
rule :rule :rule
evil :evil :evil
hit_bat :hit2 :hit2
wife :wife :wife
done :done :done
Cool :cool :cool
wall :wall :wall
ouch :ouch :ouch
rotf :rotf :rotf
sand :sand :sand
soon :soon :soon
help :help :help
rock :rock :rock
fish :fish :fish
frog :frog :frog
icks :icks :icks
hiya :hiya :hiya
Roll Eyes :roll :roll
thud :thud :thud
hit :hitt :hitt
oops :oops :oops
comp :comp :comp
bday :bday :bday
gift :gift :gift
ehrm :ehrm :ehrm
shiv :shiv :shiv
whip :whip :whip
cake :cake :cake
sing :sing :sing
baby :baby :baby
clap :clap :clap
jump :jump :jump
haha :haha :haha
amen :amen :amen
bobo :bobo :bobo
fear :fear :fear
bbow :bbow :bbow
anon :anon :anon
chat :chat :chat
eyes :eyes :eyes
grin :grin :grin
read :read :read
puss :puss :puss
idea :idea :idea
head :head :head
bang :bang :bang
xmas :xmas :xmas
nono :nono :nono
hide :hide :hide
puke :puke :puke
sick :sick :sick
hush :hush :hush
lick :lick :lick
club :club :club
soap :soap :soap
gran :gran :gran
duck :duck :duck
bump :bump :bump
:kiss :kiss :kiss
:lmao :lmao :lmao
stfu :stfu :stfu
Cry :cry :cry
mad :mad :mad
bow :bow :bow
eek :eek :eek
grouphug :hug :hug
ele :ele :ele
alcohol :alc :alc
bye :bye :bye
red :red :red
cya :cya :cya
wed :wed :wed
hit2 :hit :hit
dog :dog :dog
cat :cat :cat
zzz :zzz :zzz
hmm :hmm :hmm
yep :yep :yep
sweat :wet :wet
fyi :fyi :fyi
wtf :wtf :wtf
rip :rip :rip
thanks :ty :ty
Azn ^-^ ^-^
Evil >:D >:D
Angry >:( >:(
Undecided :-\ :-\
Embarrassed :-[ :-[
Lips Sealed :-X :-X
Kiss :-* :-*
faint :up :up
hm :hm :hm
t? :t? :t?
Huh? :? :?
Afro O0 O0
Grin ;D ;D
Wink ;) ;)
Cheesy :D :D
Smiley :) :)
Sad :( :(
:b :b :b
indifferent :| :|